Advantages and Disadvantages of Automation

Advantages and disadvantages of automation

Advantages and disadvantages of automation are mentioned here in this article. Automation in simple terms means automatic machines, which are used for Packaging, technology domain, transport Utilities and many other places. But apart from these all things there are several disadvantages also for this. So here I’ll tell you about merits and demerits about automation.

Advantages of automation

Here are the advantages of automation written below:

1. Less Time

Machines makes the work easier, and in less time also. People in different factories generally package the material with machines only its a because it makes faster in comparing with a normal human being.

2. Production

Once you buy a machine it will give you a good productivity comparison to a  human being, because it takes less time and it makes the work faster so that you can get the more and more or output the less time.

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3. Human error

Human error means a mistake which is done by human being and it is quite common also because no one is perfect, but if you do that work with machine there will be no error at all,  all the products will be fully completed and furnished.

4. Safety

Machines also increases the safety of a  person, as most of the work is done by the machine only so less human work is there, so it increases the safety of a person.

5. Cheaper

Earlier when there was more human work so the production was less, and the products were also costlier. But when the system of machine came production increases day by day. And it also makes profit.

Disadvantages of automation

Here are the disadvantages of automation written below:

1. Pollution

Using machines will definitely increases pollution, it produces harmful gases which decreases air quality, and are harmful to nature also. Government has also closed some of the industries which produces harmful gases.

2. Unemployment

Machines are now taking place of humans, as it decrease the employment because machines do the work of several people in single time. So the most of the people are not able to get the work because of this.

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3. Laziness

When there is someone who is doing the work in less time so most of the people become lazy. And it affects the mentality of a person also. To not to do a work and this is only the reason that a person is not able to work.

4. Human Skill

Automation will reduce the skill of person, because than machines will only do the work people who were in that thing will have to do some low class work like packaging , shifting which low down their skills.

5. Investment

It requires a lot of investment to buy new equipment, it affect their capital expenditure also and when the expenditure will be more, less workers will be there, and following this one day will come  when unemployment will come to its peak.

So, these were some advantages and disadvantages of automation mentioned above. I hope you liked our article. Kindly share with your friends and family members too. So, they can also know about the advantages and disadvantages of automation.

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