Advantages and Disadvantages of being a Barber

Advantages and disadvantages of being a Barber

This article pivots on the advantages and disadvantages of being a barber. Chopping hairs with accurate movement of scissors is not an easy job. It takes years for recognition. Responsibilities of a barber are not only giving a haircut, trimming, hair color but also welcoming the customers, discussing the requirements, giving wise advice any much more. Along with this, you have to make sure that all your instruments are sanitized and cleaned properly. Your salon should look clean and tidy so that clients get assured about choosing the right place for a haircut. With an official degree, a barber should have discipline and attitude which mesmerizing.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a Barber?

Every coin has two sides, so does this job; it has some benefits and some drawbacks. Let’s sit back and comprehend the advantages and the disadvantages of being a barber.

5 Advantages of being a barber

Here are 5 advantages of being a barber listed below:

1. Showcase skills

Simply cutting down the unwanted hairs does not mean you are a hairstylist. But with that, changing the style, volume and look, which is pre-determined, does make you a hairstylist. Always listen to the requirements of the client, give your suggestions about what you think would look better. It is a vast platform to use your skills and art. A single scissors can change the entire personality, you have to be attentive and put your whole heart while styling a person’s personality and look. 

2. Promoting products

 In this new era of getting quick results, people trust chemical-based products over natural ayurvedic products. Hair products like serums, conditioners, shampoos, oils made from natural ingredients helps in repairing damaged hair, bring out the shine and smoothness with the time. It’s time to trust natural products, also raw amlas (gooseberry), aloe veras, shikakai (acacia concinna), reetha (soap nut) are rich source antioxidants, vitamin C which helps to grow healthy hair.

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3. Offering vocational courses

Imparting knowledge you already have acquired helps others to grow and learn new techniques, styles which the students/interns can add up to their list. In this way, students/interns will learn and work at the same time which helps us in peak times, during vacations.

4. Evergreen job

This is the oldest occupation practised till date. This occupation will never die as everyone needs a haircut at some point of time. New services can be added along with this like make-up, tattoo, massage etc. This increases footfalls and earnings. Hair-cutting is flexible as there are artists who are hair-dressers of animals (mostly dog, horses). 

5. Widespread your talent using most powerful weapon called Social Media

We all have access to social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Posting makeover videos, before-after transformation, using different hashtags helps viewers to visit your page/account/channel and explore your talent. You can become an influencer to thousands of people. You can post short videos showing tips for keeping hair healthy, hair hacks, experimentation of natural ingredients on scalp, myth vs. Truth etc. This will give an exposure to you and your salon.

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5 Disadvantages of being a barber

The disadvantages of being a Barber are listed below:

1. Income

The first reason that comes as a barrier to opt this profession is income. Who much will you earn by hair-dressing? This is the most frequent question heard. Barbers earn money but not as much as a salon owner earns. The small shops suffer because of big salons. Everything should be kept in mind like space for building a salon, new pieces of equipment, insurance, supplies, staff, and for all these, the foremost factor required is capital. It becomes fatiguing to ensure these things done.

2. Accountability

 You are accountable for what you do. In such professions, some injury might take place such as cut, scratch, patches, and even bruises. A second of distraction and you will hurt your client. This might lead to adding up your name in ‘worst barber’s’ list. And you will lose the client. Even if it is your staff’s mistake, you will be held accountable for it. Not only clients but you can even hurt yourself. You have to be careful with yourself and extra careful with customers.

3. Scope is limited

Scope is limited in the sense, if you are not performing well as a barber, it will be difficult for you to jump to another job. You will have struggle and work hard for the other job which has nothing to do with hair-dressing. There can be various reasons for leaving this profession such as low income, health issues as you have to stand for long(especially knee pain), high competition in the neighbourhood etc.

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4. High competition

 Every barbershop has competition in the market. It becomes hard for those who are the only one to work and earn in the shop. Big salons have their competition with other salons and people prefer salons because of their facilities. They provide facilities like, fully air-conditioned salon, online payments, shampooing, blow-drying, etc. which alone barber offer to the clients. High neck challenges are faced by every barber.

5. Long hours of working

You might have never thought that long hours of working has disadvantages, but it does. It is one of the busiest jobs. One goes and in no time the other comes. From hair cutting to shaving, hair colouring, massages, trimming, has to be done without a break. Barbers works for 8-11 hours, including weekends. And sometimes, despite of being occupied, you can’t say no to your client just because he/she is your routine customer. In such times, barbers get tired and exhaust. During occasions, the barber shops and salons are full of customers waiting for their turn. You are in state of chaos which may lead to health issues.

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