Advantages and Disadvantages of being a Chef

advantages and disadvantages of being a chef

The advantages and disadvantages of being a Chef are discussed here in this article. A chef is a professional cook, who works specially in a restaurant or a hotel. They are responsible for deciding the cuisine, preparing menus, cooking special food, ordering food stuff, overseeing the preparation of food and many more works. Becoming a chef is a dream for lot of people, may be you have too, but may be you are unaware of what it takes to being a chef and what you get as a chef.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a Chef?

There are lots of advantages as well as disadvantages of being a chef, you can work in different environments but it can be stressful for you too, you can enjoy your heavy salary but may be you are not able to spend enough time with your friends and families. People have different perspective about a chef, few think that they have the most comfortable lives, whereas few find it is the toughest job and leads to a hectic and busy life. In this article we are going to solve your confusion and discuss some facts about the life of a chef in the form of advantages and disadvantages of being a chef and then you are going to decide whether it is good to be a chef or it is tough to be a chef.

Advantages of being a Chef

Now here we are going to discuss the five advantages of being a chef. And here are the advantages:-

1. You can show your creativity

After becoming a chef you can express your creativity in the form of your cooked food. You can cook food in your own style and can make new dishes and can impress your customers with your unique style. Trying new dishes making new combinations of food, experimenting with new cooking styles, creating different and new cuisines and serving them to people in your own decorative manner is the most interesting part of being a chef. And when people love your experiment and efforts with food then that is the most soul satisfying time of your day or job. Now not only your family but the whole world is tasting your food and appreciating you for it.

2. Working in various environment

Being a chef makes you happier, when it provides you the opportunity to travel and explore different places and their culture and cuisines. It’s a job which demands for good cooking skills and if you are good in it then you are going to get a job in different parts of the world, and you can also explore the world with your family and friends. Working in different places and countries provide you the opportunity to learn about new food, new culture, new lifestyles and you will also learn to make new dishes and make other people happy with your food too. Some hotels or restaurant also provide this type of opportunity and transfers you to different places.

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3. You can open your own startup

As you get experienced in this field and assure about that, that people love what you cook and have enough money. Then you can open your own food van, restaurant or hotel whatever you want and can run your own food business. If you have the skills then you can use them in right place. For increasing your business, you can also assign new chefs in your business and teach them too and can share your talent with many other ones.

4. Respect and Paparazzi

In today’s social media and mass media world it’s become easy to be famous. There are lots of cooking shows and channels which teach to cook different styles of food. And if you have talent which make you different from others, then you can be a celebrity chef too. Hosting your own program on television and becoming famous is everybody’s dream and as a chef you can achieve it very easily. This will provide you the opportunity to be famous and you also receive lot of respect as well.

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5. Good income

For becoming a chef you just need to be good at your cooking skills. As good as your skills are as good as is your salary. There are lots of chefs out there who are earning huge amount of money and living a luxurious life. Celebrity chefs are earning money as well as earing fame too. Also many restaurants and hotels provide their chefs with more benefits like, free food and beverages too. Along with that some chefs open there own business and earning huge amount of profit.

Disadvantages of being a chef

Now here we are going to discuss the five disadvantages of being a chef. And here are the disadvantages:-

1. Huge competition

It’s true that becoming a chef can give you a good life’ but it is also true that becoming a good and recognized chef is a quite tough task. There is huge competition in this field and everyone who want to become a chef, working hard to show their talent. In this tough competition it’s become harder for you to showcase your talent and stand different from rest of your competitors.

2. Money issues

Yes it’s true that chef have good salaries and get lot of benefits from there hotels and restaurant, where they are working, but being a good chef take time and patient and your need to work hard for a long period of time to be recognized as good chef. Till that you need to do lot of struggles and may be not get good salary according to your hard work. The long term of struggles may lead you to frustrations and make you depressing.

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3. Long working hours

The main task of a chef is to cook good food in new and different styles, which is loved by their customers and guest. They put every single effort to make their customer happy with their cooking and by the presentation of their food, but working in hotels and restaurants and serving food to customers is a long working hour job, where you need to work on holidays too, as people love to go to restaurants with their family and friends on a holiday. You also need to do late night duties that make your job hectic and stressful too.

4. Physically and mentally stressful job

As we discussed above that chefs have to work for long hours, which make their lives tough and stressful. They need to work in standing positions for a long period of time which need lot of physical strength. They need to work in stressful environment, where they have to serve food on time without any delay with best taste and perfect presentation. They have to meet all the expectations of their customer. As well as they have to work in hot temperatures in kitchen, where there is a lot of risk of burning, injuries and other major and minor accidents.

5. Less time with their families

Chefs get very less time to spend with their families as they are work for long hours and late nights. Late night duties make them apart from their families and may cause family issues as they are not able to give enough time to their parents and children. They are totally far away from social life just stuck in their long hour’s jobs. Making there life more stressful and hectic. Just to being a smile on other people face with their tasty and beautiful cuisines chef need to sacrifices their quality time with their family and friends. Thus, being a chef has its own advantages and disadvantages as well.

Few chefs find it the way of showing their creativity, exploring new places, working in different environment, starting their own businesses but few find it a stressful and hectic job, where they don’t get enough time to spend with their family and friends, which make their social life nil and make them too busy. Some chefs get fame, publicity, huge money and luxurious life and some are still struggling to get it, they are still working hard to archive that place. So, there are both things, you can enjoy your life as a chef or you can also regret to be a chef, it is all about how you understand the job.

Every job has their own advantages and disadvantages, being a chef have too. But at the end the most important thing is what you love, if you love to cook food, entertain people, and love to share your creativity with them than you will definitely going to enjoy your job.

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