Advantages And Disadvantages Of Billboard Advertising

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Billboard Advertising

In this article we are going to talk about the Advantages And Disadvantages Of Billboard Advertising. As soon as we setup our own company, the very first question that comes to our mind is that, ‘ How do we let more and more people know about our work?’, or ‘How do we reach to the target audience/ consumers  for whom it is specifically intended?’, or ‘How would people from different sectors of the society know about our company?’. That is when advertising comes into  the picture. Advertising not only helps to make people aware  about the existing brand, products, companies etc but also helps to build a strong brand image among the consumers. If we talk about advertising, one of the most quick, easy and impactful ways of advertising is billboard advertising. It is a type of advertising in which a fraction of time can make a huge impact.

Considering advertising for major big companies, billboard advertising stands at the top most position for being the most popular means of outdoor advertising. It not only affects the subconscious mind of the people viewing it but it also forms an instant connection with the audience without realizing it which helps the companies to gain customers in the long run. It can be of varies types which includes static, Mobile, digital or interactive billboards and many more. But as everything has its own pros and cons, so does  billboard advertising and the question that we are left to ask ourselves, is that ‘is it enough?’. But  before we can answer that it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of billboard advertising which are listed below.

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5 Advantages Of Billboard Advertising

Here are the advantages of Billboard advertising discussed below:

1. Eye catchy

Eye catchy

Billboard advertising is said to be quiet effective as it is placed very  tactically in heavy traffic areas or  areas that are very frequently used by a large number of people for their everyday work like highways. It is placed at heights easily visible to the people coming  from a long distance as well. It is huge in size and uses big, bright photographic data to lure the customers and enhance visibility. People traveling the same route see these advertisements pretty much everyday and it becomes a part of their daily life which makes it difficult for them to get it out of their minds.

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2. Caters To a Large Audience

Caters To a Large Audience

A billboard advertisement once put up not only caters to a specific group of audience but to everyone passing by including pedestrians, drivers, bikers, passengers or travelers and it doesn’t discriminate. It targets people belonging to all the classes as the information is easy to understand, Interpret and remember. Also, amongst the huge crowd viewing the advertisement frequently, it is easy for the actual targeted audience to focus on areas of their concern.

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3. Visually Pleasing

Visually Pleasing

Billboard advertisements make greater use of colorful photographic data with less textual information and bigger, brighter pictures. It has unique designs which gives it a strong visual effect so that the consumers who need the product or items that are being advertised, can easily remember it and refer to the company to buy it. Once people register the product or the brand they  can also go online and search for it which helps in  increasing the sales of the company drastically.

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4. Good Consumer Exposure

Good Consumer Exposure

Due to the increase in frequency of the consumer exposure the sales of the company soar heights in very less time. There may be cases where the Audience passing by might be just exactly looking for the product being advertised and hence it gives them all the more chance to remember and revert back to the particular brand. It is a type of advertising in which not  only the brand is looking for customers  but  the customers also come  looking for the brand, which makes it easier for the brand to reach out to a greater audience.

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5. Builds Company Image

Builds Company Image

Billboard advertising does more than just one thing. It not only advertises the brand and the products but also helps in building reputation and  creating a strong brand image which guarantees audience and customers as people remember the brand quality and prefer them over others. Some of the passers by are able to identify the true potential of the brand and if they like it  they talk about it to their friends, family and acquaintances which helps the brand is so many ways as word of mouth really influences people into trying out new things.

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5 Disadvantages Of Billboard Advertising

Here are the disadvantages of Billboard advertising discussed below:

1. Huge Set Up Costs

Huge Set Up Costs

As fancy as the concept of billboard advertising may sound, there is definitely an underlying truth to it which needs to be uncovered. Considering the brief period of time for which the bill board advertisement is visible to the audience , it has pretty high set up costs as it requires huge amount of money being spent on it’s display. Not only that, it requires a contract to be signed with the owner of the space being used. Also, it has high post setting up costs that are being spent on it’s maintenance. If destroyed by any factor like rain, wind, birds or weather conditions or natural calamity, it requires it’s repairing costs as well. This makes the overall investment very high and only the companies that can afford to pay can put up these advertisements.

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2. Prone To Destruction

Prone To Destruction

One issue that cannot be resolved about the billboard advertisements is the fact that it is prone to destruction by any means like poor weather conditions, natural calamity or any unwanted casualties and hence, requires  repairing pretty often. Also, it is clearly visible from a specific distance only. Since it is stationary, audience can miss the chance to view it if something comes in between ( like a bigger vehicle or truck or a person) which blocks the view and they might not be able to take note of it. It cannot ever be immune to destruction hence, making it one of the major drawbacks of billboard advertisement.

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3. No Feedback Possible

No Feedback Possible

Since the advertisement is done on a platform which is very different from the usual advertising, it’s procedure also functions differently. Here, there are multiple ways in which the information can be passed on to the audience but none in which the audience can send back their feedback or opinion to the company instantly. The only way out they have is visiting their site or mailing them or contacting them via phone numbers, which is possible only for a specific duration of the day and not anytime because the audience can see the advertisement anytime they travel which may even lead to them forgetting about it. Also, there is lack of approach in the sense that if the audience have doubts they cannot clear it on an early basis or in a one on one approach, which makes it difficult for the buyer to stick to the same brand.

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4. Limited Information

Limited Information

Another major drawback of bill board advertising is the fact that it uses minimal textual data giving limited information to the interested customers which might lead to misconceptions or assumptions being made as the audience is not able to gather the full information and they are not able to understand and interpret the brand or the products or the purpose of the brand and it’s motive and potential in it’s true sense.

Also, the customers have to depend on their memory or recalling capacity to be able to go for that particular brand or company or product as the time of view is brief.  Since, they cannot put up nearly all the information possible, it might lead to chances of the brand or company or website missing out on it’s targeted audience as to  those whom it may concern are not paying much attention to the advertisement due to lack of proper information or inaccurate data.

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5. Cause Of Traffic And Accidents

Cause Of Traffic And  Accidents

One of the most popular tactics used by major big companies or brands for gaining popularity is using celebrity endorsers. Now, when these companies put up billboard advertisements, they make sure to use the images of these celebrities to lure the audience into believing and buying their product which can lead to various mishaps on the road.

The audience gets attracted to their favorite celebrity crush and get distracted on the road while driving or walking which can lead to various accidents if not taken care of. People may even stop in the middle of the road or park at no parking areas to have a better look at their celebrities which might lead to unwanted troubles for them. So, in a way the advertisements can also distract the audience from their main activity and lead to huge traffic lines or accidents which can prove to be harmful in the long run.

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With all things said and done, it is of prime importance that the companies or brands or websites advertising look into the various pros and cons, do’s and don’ts  of the billboard advertising and then carefully take a decision to enhance it’s advantages and suppress it’s disadvantages as much as possible.

 Hope you enjoyed reading it. 

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