Advantages and Disadvantages of Breastfeeding

Advantages and Disadvantages of Breastfeeding

The advantages and disadvantages of breastfeeding are discussed here in the article. So, that every mom can know about the merits and demerits of breastfeeding and can deal with that in a good manner.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Breastfeeding?

Here are couple of advantages and disadvantages of the breastfeeding, discussed elaborately to make you understand the impact the breastfeeding can have on both the mother and the infant. 

5 Advantages of breastfeeding

The advantages of breastfeeding are discussed below in details:

1. Best nutrition 

Breastfeeding your new born, could be the best nutrition you can provide your newborn with because it contains all the nutrients and the nutrition which nowadays watery milk packets can’t provide your infant with. Breastfeeding though a difficult option to be exercised by mothers who have also jobs to work for, but still your infant’s right growth is worth the trouble.

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2. Resistance to infection

Breast milk contains the components that the infant’s defense system needs to maintain their resistance against infection, it builds up the immune system strong from the very beginning you, have got to worry less about their defense mechanism, as the mother’s breastfeeding is a good serve of nutrition to the child.

Advantages of Breastfeeding

3. Decreased lactose intolerance issue

Lactose intolerance diseases, are some kind of issues that has become common in urban lively hood where the infant’s become intolerant to sachet milk, the components of milk don’t settle well with their metabolism and the infant’s are found to suffer from repeated diarrhea, the advantage of breastfeeding it doesn’t gives such options of trouble to the baby. 

Healthy weight gain

The breastfeeding advantage, is the baby’s get to have a healthy weight gain and helps in healthy weight loss too, 

Good digestion

The breastfeeding by the mother actually helps the baby to develop a good and effective digestive system and metabolism, the baby is found to pass good digestion and is not prone to constipation either. 

4. Lowers risk of asthma and allergies

Yes, infant’s given with the breastfeeding in their primitive period of nutrition suffer less from asthma and allergies, this is one of the best benefit of the breastfeeding as the child gets the immunoglobins needed for their resistance against infection allergies and asthma such as IgE and IgA (these are globular proteins, that are needed by the defense system of the human body for protection and can only be provided by the mother’s breast milk, colostrum). So, given the right breast milk during the initial period of baby’s nutrition can protect the child from acquiring resistance against asthma and allergies.

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5. Decreased hospitalization and trips to doctor

Breastfeeding is the best medicine your infant can need for right growth, and health, so the biggest advantages of breastfeeding is the infant provided with right food, has less ratio of falling sick which lowers the need for hospitalization and saves your time by decreasing your trip to the doctor. 

5 Disadvantages of breast feeding

The disadvantages of breastfeeding are discussed below in detail:

Like every coin has two sides, breastfeeding your infant has some cons to, which can’t be left unnoticed, it potentially had the ability to depress the mother too, on psychological aspect, but as said before when the priority focuses on the well growth and right nutrition of your infant, such sacrifices seems pretty and all worth the trouble. So here are some disadvantages you should note down, before you regret exercising the option of breastfeeding.

1. Uncomfortable and painful to some mother

Breastfeeding may actually seem uncomfortable to mother’s who are having their first delivery, as this might be very painful during the first month of lactation and you might also feel uncomfortable with the unfamiliar and unknown feeding pattern of the child, but with given ample time, everything will fall into place with right practice and patience. 

2. Needs more feeding rounds

One difficulty is, actually the mother had to breast feed the child many times as you don’t actually know how much colostrum the baby has consumed and if it’s hunger has been satiated, so you have got to feel the baby number of times, which is not so happy news, during the initial days, and Moreover some women also worry if breastfeeding the infant regularly can take a toll on their physique and they might have sagging breasts, which actually doesn’t happens. So don’t worry. 

And another disadvantage which is actually what makes your relation with the child more special and unique is there is no substitute for you, only you can breast feed your child, in normal feeding of the child even the nanny can make the infant drink milk from its milk can, but in case of breastfeeding, only the mother can feed the child, this makes their connection between the mother and the baby strong.

Disadvantages of Breastfeeding

3. Need special clothing and also reduces sexual desire

To feed the child, regularly and couple of times, requires you to dress aptly, so that you won’t have to face discomfort or trouble feeding the child anytime and anywhere, yes, it’s not so comfortable to unbutton the tops, to feed the child at public places, but there have come many specially designed clothes for breastfeeding mothers,, so you have got nothing to worry about. There are researches confirming the fact, that breastfeeding can actually reduce the sexual desire of the mother, due to the interplay of sexual hormones level in the mother’s body, which actually retrieved back to normal level after few months of breastfeeding.

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 4. More stool cleaning

As the baby is provided with good digestive food, through breastfeeding, that makes the metabolism easy and quick, the baby has to be fed many times and this also increases the number of times of feeding so this also increases the number of times the baby passes stool and it can be hectic for the mother too, in repeated cleaning and washing the baby, changing the napkins, etc.

5. Mastitis

Mastitis is a kind of disorder affecting the breast, during first three months of parturition and results in inflammation and swelling the breast, this can be due to bacteria invading the breast tissue or blocked milk duct, the bacteria which may be present in the infants mouth can actually invade the mother’s breast tissue through the crack in the nipple and enter the mammary gland of the mother, thereby resulting in inflammation and swelling, this symptom of swelling and inflammation can be noticed within two hours of breastfeeding, this can actually  be subsided by using the pump, to feed the child, when the infant is not able to suck as much milk as the mother is able to secrete. 

Usually the mastitis can be treated by administration of antibiotics and pump usage during breastfeeding relived the pain. 

So hope the advantages and disadvantages of breastfeeding enlightened your mind, in choosing which option to exercise whether to breast feed your child or prefer to normal and other mode of nutrition for the baby.

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