Advantages and Disadvantages of CCTV Cameras at Public Places

advantages and disadvantages of cctv cameras at public places

The advantages and disadvantages of CCTV cameras at public places are mentioned here in this article. Have you ever been to any place and you have felt someone is out there keeping an eye on? It is most certain to feel not that you area all alone in that place because you have the CCTV camera looking at you. This is surely an experience of everyone out there who has faced CCTV cameras everywhere in a public place.

A CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a kind of system that allows all of the users to use that of the videos cameras that are already installed will monitor both the interior as well as exterior of a property. It also transmits the signal to a monitor or a set of more than one monitor. Studies have found out saying that these CCTV cameras should be installed by every homeowner as well as the businesses that would help them to detect and solve crimes.

Advantages of CCTV cameras at Public Places

So let us look into the advantages of having the CCTV mounted at the public places:

1. You feel safe and secure even out there

If you have ever been to a place just too just unsafe because of various reasons, may be the place is empty and isolated and very few people are out there walking beside you.  So it is good to have a CCTV, at least you would know that you are under a specific surveillance and nobody could actually attack on you for that purpose. So it makes you feel safe and secure even if you are in any public place.

2. Detect criminal activities

It is important to know what are the things that are going on around your house or at your business place. So if there is an intruder trying to do some mischief or if something wrong had happened around. The CCTV helps to detect the criminal activities or even at times prevent from doing any kind of these activities and protect your house or your valuable things. It also helps to detect the criminal, who has tried to do the crime and somehow escaped from the scene. The CCTV will detect the footage and trace the person immediately.

3. Lower criminal activities

As it has already mentioned that if a person who has the idea to do some mischief with your house or any of your valuable possessions around your work place would surely take a look around if he or she is having an intention to do something wrong, if there is the CCTV that he or she can notice, will refrain themselves from doing so. It is how the CCTV would help you lower the criminal activities.

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4. Peace of mind

When you know that there is someone keeping an eye on your property or business and also they are monitoring over that all the 24 hours a day, then it becomes easier for you to sleep in peace. You get the peace of mind and not the anxiety of what would happen if the security guard sleeps at the middle of the night. Therefore installing a CCTV at the place where you feel might get any criminal activity will not hamper or distract you away from other things that you have been doing. Therefore just to keep going the security while you sleep in peace with CCTV around.

5. Cost effective

Installing a CCTV camera is a better way to stay protected as well as connected with the area all the time. It is a one time instalment that you need to invest than on a security guard which is readily there to get remuneration every month. Therefore, it is an easy a cost effective way to protect your valuables at a lower cost.

Disadvantages of CCTV cameras at public places

One of the disadvantages for CCTV cameras is that they are capable of monitoring only a limited area. Whereas the criminals can easily vandalize the CCTV cameras in various ways. Let us get deep into the facts that how it is a disadvantage to have CCTV cameras at the public places.

1. Only a limited area is covered

The CCTV cameras are only liable to check in and keep an eye on only a restricted area. It cannot cover the area as a whole. The CCTV camera can only monitor and is unable to protect the crime being taken place. It is not always equipped with sound system which creates a problem in detecting the crime in a proper way.

2. Needs too many at a time

One CCTV at a time is only capable of detecting and covering the place at a time. It needs too many CCTV cameras to cover the entire place. If you have a big property or business you may need 3-4 cameras to cover. If you have more than one floor then each floor needs to have 3-4 cameras installed in proper places only if you want to get full protection. Otherwise criminal activities will easy happen and often would lead to destruction of your property.

3. Depends upon the electricity connection

The connectivity is highly dependent on the electricity connection of the place where it was installed into. The electricity is the only option by which it can act properly in an effective way. If there is any short circuit or any other issues with the electricity line, it is obvious to get interruption or even it can lead to the CCTV camera getting struck at a point and not work properly.

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4. Can be hacked

The CCTV camera is an electronic system that can easily be hacked by any intruder who is smart enough to do a mischief in a way that no one would notice unless the crime has happened. Therefore it is always a risk to implant a CCTV camera which can be hacked or stolen at a point where it will not be connected to the server or the point. Also the evidences are easily removed to delete the proofs against the person or organization is case of any intentional fraud.

5. Other systems can interrupt

The presence of other systems such as Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Television or any other electronic gadget that is connected to the same board or even the same point, it might create interruption and can cause heavy damage to the system of the CCTV or the other gadgets that you are using around.

So you need to be very careful about how and where you are using the CCTV camera because it comes with both the pros and cons with it! Now I hope all advantages and disadvantages of CCTV Cameras at public places are clear to you.

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