Advantages and Disadvantages of having a Boyfriend

Advantages and disadvantages of having a boyfriend

This article is all about the advantages and disadvantages of having a boyfriend. Lots of questions come in your mind before accepting a proposal. It is not surprising to know that you think a lot before say ‘yes!’ to a person.

Whether you’ve a boyfriend or not, you’ll know both advantages and disadvantages of dating a guy in this article. Having a boyfriend can be both, bliss and a woe. Actually, you cannot come to a conclusion at the end even if you debate.

Downthrows, you’ll know some major advantages and disadvantages of having a boyfriend. They are the ones which you usually experience while dating a guy.

5 Advantages of having a Boyfriend

Everyone deserves to be loved and to be admired. Having a boyfriend brings you happiness and sense of security. You always have someone one you can talk to. Listed below are some advantages of dating a guy of your choice.

1. You will have a companion

Whether you wanna go and rock the music concert or just spend your night watching Netflix in those snuggy payjamas, he is gonna stick around you for both. He’ll listen to all your problems and try to come up with best solution available. You can never find a better counselor than him. Moreover, doing those household chores will never be boring. He’ll accompany you their too. And guess what? Whenever you can’t finish that big fat pizza, he’ll provide you with his clearance services (simply he’s your personal trash can). He’ll also be there for you to discuss shoes and cloths, make fancy plans, and blah blah blah.  Well, what’s better than that?

2. He can be your mood booster

You can simply find a cheerleader in him. Whenever you’re down because of your monthly cramps or tired of listening those daily rants of your boss, he is there to make it through. His hearty words and contented gestures will make your day. Just by thinking of him will boost you up. You need not to worry about your mood swings, he’ll be there to cope up with that too. Your smile is his priority. Trust me, he’ll do all possible things to maintain that beautiful smile on your face.

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3. His physical strength is a boon

Providing you all physical benefits, from that shoulder massage to back rubs, to picking all your shopping bags, to reaching the jar kept on the top shelf, to opening that bottle, to being your durable chest pillow, to those make out sessions, to all manner of sexual favors, all with zero financing required. He’ll also give you his jacket when it’s raining, all that bollywood style (even if he’s freezing). He can even wrap you up in those macho arms when its 3 degree outside. No worries about those other creepy boys. He’ll make sure no one comes near you. You’re always secure when you’re with him.

Advantages of having a boyfriend

4. He will understand you like no one else

He’s the one who knows you better then you know yourself.  He’ll believe you, trust you, understand you, support you and love you in all possible ways.  The reasons behind your smile or you tears, he knows it all. You’ll have someone to hold your hand through all the bad times. From listening all your inside jocks to those crazy nightmares, he’ll lend his ears to you.  Even after listening all your blabber and watching you doing some real weird stuff around, he’ll accept you the way you are. You can be your stupid self around him. No judgments!

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5. You got a source of joy

His name is enough to make you smile. Amirite?  He’ll love you in all your ugliness. Hairy legs, no problem. No makeup, not a concern. Why? How? Don’t know, maybe they like the real you.  You can be a sleepy panda or hot party chick, he’s gonna admire you anyway. You’ll have someone to snuggle with or someone who’ll play with your hair. Also, he’s your 3:00 am friend and you can also expect some morning hugs and good night kissies from him. It’s fun when he’s around. Right? 

5 Disadvantages of having a Boyfriend

Being in a relationship has never been easier. Since dating a guy brings you hell lot of advantages and happiness, one should think of the disadvantages too. Here are some points that can make you think before dating someone.

1. Food choice is issue

You can never decide the menu when you go out. You want chicken nuggets and he wants Italian. You may like burger king and says dominos. Well, there’s when the fight starts. You cannot come to a conclusion and ends up making Maggie instead. This may turn you off and after a time being you may start loosing interest in him.

2. You lose your self reliance

When you’re dating a guy, you tend to be dependent on him in some way. You can no longer do things on your own. You always have to revert back to him. This affects your overall personality.  His mood surely affects yours. This might hold you back from being happy because you’re so concerned of his happiness. You might lose that care free independent girl in you. Girl always have to take all the decision considering his point of view even if you don’t want to.  You cannot go on a party alone to chill with your school buddies. You’re always bound to seek permissions. This can turn really exhausting with time being. Make sure your boyfriend understands enough to know all this.

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3. Major insecurities trust issues

Why did you talk to that guy? Why didn’t you pick my calls up? Where were you at that time? These will be some major questions asked by you. Trust can take years to be build yet t can be destroyed in a second. Trust issues are a result of lack of transparency or traumatic experience, which leads to stress and insecurities.  Eventually, it affects your mental health and can prevent you from socializing due to mistrust. Not all relationships are worth keeping. If your partner is finding hard to trust you, and only gets insecure, then may it would be better to think about it once.

Disadvantages of having a boyfriend

4. Absolutely no time for yourself

Eventually, being in a relationship leads to spending all your precious time with your boyfriend. Not to be misunderstood, it’s good to make memories and understand each other, but in a while you may miss to do some things for yourself. You completely forget your hobbies and skills and are too busy worrying about someone else. You tend to be too busy taking care of him that your personal care gets affected. Girls forget all their personal commitments by fulfilling their partner’s. You don’t give  time to your own health.

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5. You get distracted

Imagine having boards/college selection the next day and you gotten into a fight with your boyfriend? Isn’t it impossible to focus on such important day? You can’t focus on your own goals and aspirations because you’re too busy thinking about him. It’s actually not his fault but even if you’re trying to focus on something, he’s always at the back of your mind which actually distracts you from giving your 100%.  Also, a relationship that has fights and rants on daily basis can stress you out which leads to distraction.

 Having said, having a boyfriend can be both beautiful and dangerous as well. It all depends on how healthy your relationship is. Trust and conversation are two main elements of a healthy relationship to gloom. That vibe you get after meeting him that decides everything. You can enjoy those cuddly days being in each other arms but you need to be ready for those nasty days too. However, That doesn’t mean that you should not date,. If you are in love with that guy with whom you can see your future and both are willing to commit to each other, then it is worth the risk. So, these were some major advantages and disadvantages of having a boyfriend. Just follow your heart and choose your better half wisely.

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