Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Cat

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Cat

In this article we are going to talk about the Advantages and disadvantages of having a cat. Our topic of article is quiet simple and interesting. Everyone wants to have a pet at their home and belongings. But the question is which pet? Everyone is different in their own way. People have their choices, taste. Some might love dogs, some might like cats and some might like other pets or animal. When we decide to have a pet we often think that which will be the most preferable for us.

If we have dogs they have their own benefits but we can’t deny the fact that other animals or pet also have some benefits like CAT the most amazing, cutest, and beneficial pet. Cat is a carnivorous and domestic mammal which is having approximately forty four different species for example, Persian cat, Bengal cat, Scottish fold etc. Among these forty four species only few are wild species and others are domestic animal. If we carefully observe the cat the baby cat is the most desirable cat because it is the cutest among the entire adult cat.

We generally prefer baby cat because at that stage it is very easy to get friendly with cat. Generally we assume that having pet is the worst idea I person can have because we need do care of them. But this prediction is not good. Everything has their own benefits and flaws, but what matter is the need of having a cat.

If we found that the benefit is higher than the flaws we should consider to have cats. Everyone need care whether it’s a pet or things. We all love shopping and we usually purchase so many things but think for a while that they don’t need care? The answer is NO. So having a cat as a pet is not a bad idea.

Now let’s move on to some benefits and flaws which will help in decision whether to select cat or not.

5 Advantages of having a cat

Here are the advantages of having a cat discussed below:

1. Help in rat removal from the house

Help in rat removal from the house

Rat is the biggest enemy of the cat in the world. Like we all are aware about the show named, Tom and Jerry which clearly defined the relation of a cat and a mouse. If we select cat as our pet so it become very easy to avoid or just diminish the rat from our house. Rat is always been destroyers for our personal belonging at home like clothes. And this is the easiest way to remove rats from our house other than the traditional approach of trapping the rat in a rat trap.

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2. Stress relieving

Stress relieving

Cat has fur on their body and it works as a stress reliever. Generally when we are stressed or under work pressure then hugging the cat will release stress hormone in our body and reduce tension or stress. According to the survey cat have certain qualities or traits by which human can feel secure around them. Stress lead to heart diseases and blood pressure issues and having an adorable pet around us can help us to stay far away from these diseases. It was believed that cat owner will have a healthy heart and chances of getting sick are less in them.

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3. Need less space and can help when we are alone

Need less space and can help when we are alone

Cats are small and due to their low size they doesn’t need much space to get settle but other than this, they help us to fight loneliness. We can share our feeling to them. We can trust them. They can be our soft pillow on which we can rely on. They can help in heart breaking issue. We can talk to them, cry in front of them and they will never judge us. Pets are the best listeners in the world.

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4. Calm and silent animal

Calm and silent animal

Cats are not just cute they are silent also. They usually keep the environment calm and silent in which we can easily get comfortable or it will help in reducing blood pressure and heart attack risk. Cat provides a healthy environment and a silent place to rely on.

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5. Help when we are sick

Help when we are sick

We often need good care when we fall sick and cats become our good friend that time. They can take care of us when we are upset or stressed or sick. By holding cats or just by hugging them we feel better. Earlier it was believed that cats feel any negative around them and they will never leave us if we are sick. But the question is why did they do this? The answer is they care about us. For example, if we feel cold then by hugging they will help in relief from that cold because their fur can warm us.

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5 Disadvantages of having a cat

Here are the disadvantages of having a cat discussed below:

1. Shedding of fur

Shedding of fur

Cats have fur and this will create a problem if we have them at home because their fur shed day by day and it can harm us. Cats need good care and with this problem we generally avoiding having a cat as pet. As their fur will shed so it can be found in food, water or clothes in fact everywhere in the home. This will also lead to coaxing if we inhale a single fur and can caused diseases also. If we plan to have a cat as pet so we need to bear expense on vacuum cleaner and hair cleaner so that the fur can be removed from the entire house but again it is not a fruitful solution because for that we need to spend some time in cleaning.

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2. They smell bad

They smell bad

If we avoid the cats they will start stinking. We need to wash them frequently so that their fur will not stink. but other than fur their urine also create this problem as they cannot speak and sometimes we avoid them and they pee inside the house in fact we cannot take them outside regularly this problem will always occur. But not only cats this problem will be found with other animal also. We cannot tie our cat just at one place or in a room so that the damage will occur to that place only.

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3. They damaged our furniture

They damaged our furniture

Basically, cats are silent animal but sometimes they annoy us but damaging our furniture. Their nails generally scratch the furniture or walls or other things. Other than scratching, they may damage your furniture and clothes by peeing onto them which make the things smelly and the smell is hard to tolerate in fact hard to remove. If we left them alone at home they will make losses to us. Sometimes they can just jump on us and destroy our clothes with their sharp nails and also leave their fur on our clothes which are quite unbearable.

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4. Can disturb guests and us

Can disturb guests and us

If we have cat at our home it may disturb our guests especially who are allergic to cats and who cats phobic are. In this condition either we have to avoid having cats or we have to separate them from guests. Not only guests they can disturb us also when we are sleeping. It is found that cats can be our alarm clock. Sound interesting isn’t it?  Having waking alarm in home. They can annoy us by roaming here and there. They can make us awake at any time and sometime scared us if we are sleeping and they jumped on us.

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5. Cost high if get sick

Cost high if get sick

If our cat becomes injured or ill then the animal doctor will become expensive for us. The veterinary doctors are highly expenses and can charge high amount also. But chances of ill are quite low. But if they fall in any accident then the treatment will expense high. Moreover this, a pet owner should have spent a sum of amount in their yearly maintenance.

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Other than these pros and cons, cats have some more benefit which can help us. Like who doesn’t want a healthy life and for that if we need to spend some time of ours on taking care of cat so it is not a bad option.

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