Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Shopping

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Shopping

In this article we are going to talk about the Advantages and disadvantages of online shopping. Here is our new topic which is based on online shopping that why is it important? What are the benefits? And what is the drawback? Online shopping is nowadays more preferable than offline shopping. Earlier online shopping is not in trend before eBay originate it. eBay was the first who identified the need of customers after that Amazon and Flipkart originate and make some innovation.

The online platform is a boom in the digitalization market. Nowadays most of the people prefer online shopping platform because it is time-consuming and can be operated from anywhere. For example, if you have a workload and have less time then by just one click you can operate these sites and get your desired product.

Online shopping has everything under one roof like you can get clothing, accessories, makeup, etc. in one place.  Generally in offline shopping, you have to roam market to market for getting a product. And it will be very tiring and stressful.

But the question is why prefer online? So online will be more favorable in term of convenient because nowadays everyone is busy in office and work etc so they don’t have that much time to roam in the market and get their desired product so for them online is very fruitful because it can be operated anywhere, by anyone and it is also easy to understand.

Online shopping now becomes more popular and also improving day by day by providing effective services. Earlier they only work through the website but now they are working on app which is very easy to operate. So online shopping is important in terms of time-saving, cost-saving because every site provides some vouchers and discounts on their product.

Online Shopping has its own benefits which are enlisted below where one can easily get to know that why online shopping is so much in trend and there are some drawbacks also because everything has it’s own thick and thin.

5 Advantages of online shopping

Here are some advantages that why should we prefer online shopping.

 1. It saves time

It saves time

Online shopping saves our time because if we want to buy something then there is two option that travels to market and then purchases it or sits at home and does some online shopping and gets the product at your place. Like you are busy with some stuff and can’t go outside than online shopping will help you in that.

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2. It saves cost

It saves cost

Traveling bears some cost whether it is of a short or long journey. When we went to the market then we have to pay some amount in ride cost( if public transport used) and fuel cost (if personal vehicle used). But online shopping helps us to reduce all these costs because of the order above rs. 500 it will cost zero as delivery charges so in short we only have to pay the amount of the product and it will be delivered at our doorstep without efforts. Also, they provide coupons and offer so it will become very easy to purchase something at a low cost.

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3. Wide range of products 

Wide range of products

Online shopping will give a wide range of products like if you want to purchase clothes, shoes and other products then there you will get a number of options. Through offline we are restricted to choices since there are many websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. So there you will get a wide variety of products. There are many products which are available in online shopping like a wide range of clothes from children to old, wide collection of watches and electronics, etc. Suppose you want to purchase some western dress so in the online platform you can have many options in that particular category to explore.

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4. Convenient


Online shopping is more convenient than offline because you can operate these websites at any place like your workplace, at home, etc. But offline you have to go to the shop and then purchased it that time you have to invest your more time in offline shopping than online shopping, in fact, other than time, it will also bear some cost.

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5. Easy to return and replace

Easy to return and replace

Online shopping is improving day by day and work according to the customer’s demand but the major advantage of online is that the product is easy to return and replace. Once you purchased a product offline there is no guarantee that your product will be replaced or not. In fact, online you will get the chance to return that product easily. In online, there is a benefit that they can easily return the product.

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5 Disadvantages of online shopping

Everything has its pros and cons so if online shopping has some benefits then it is also not free from drawbacks.

1. Product may be fake

Product may be fake

Product online can vary in color. There are some possibilities that your product might vary. There are some websites that also provide a disclaimer that your product can vary in color don’t expect as per the image. It is possible that you will get different products, different designs, different colors, and different brands. It is more common in shoes, watch, bags, etc.

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2. We have to wait for the product about 2-3 days

We have to wait for the product about 2-3 days

The delivery time can be a delay. It is very common nowadays that they that your product will be delivered within 2-3 days but this can be extended sometimes. Online delivery is not that accurate in fact if a person wants a product for example shoes and it is urgent like for some occasion so this will be major disadvantages then the buyer will surely not repurchase it or might be possible that the person will not prefer online shopping. It will be a disadvantage for those who want to buy that product on some specific occasion or urgently.

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3. Size issues of product

Size issues of product

Online shopping will not be fruitful when you are not sure about the size. Because brand to brand size will differ. But this can be solved because they provide a size chart also. But sometimes the size chart won’t be able to help the person. For example, you prefer to have a medium size Kurti but some brand has the same size number in small size then you will get the wrong product.

You can easily return that product and get your amount back but this will be time-consuming and customers will not prefer it and avoid buying online.

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4. The brand may be differentiated that mean one will get the product from local brands

The brand may be differentiated that mean one will get the product from local brands

Some sites show brand differentiation like there are chances that the product that you will get is from fake brands like they assured you to get Nike shoes but there are chances that you will get some local product in the name of Nike. The online platform has all the brand under one roof but it becomes very difficult to analyze that your product is branded or it is some false one.

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5. Interaction of the customer with the owner is not possible

Interaction of the customer with the owner is not possible

Offline shopping is preferable than online because there the customer will get a hand on hand experience about the product like if a person wants to buy shoes then they can easily interact with the shopowner and also can check the color, design, and size of the product. Offline shopping is preferable because it has some physical evidence and you can directly interact with the seller and also now the seller also gives some discount on the product because they are also aware of the online shopping strategies.

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Because of these drawbacks, it is possible that people will avoid buying products online or there are some possibilities that they will not repurchase the product.

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