Advantages and disadvantages of traveling by Bus

advantages and disadvantages of traveling by bus

The advantages and disadvantages of traveling by bus are discussed here in this article. Travel is something that each person love to do as a passion, on purpose or to rejuvenate oneself from daily routine. Passion is by love towards travel whereas purpose can be for requirement basis like for job, relatives, daily works, etc. Travel just revolves around them. It can be done by many ways depending upon the aim of travel, time management, cost management, quality of travel via road, air and water ways.

Roadways is opted for people who want to manage costs or people who want to travel with their own means of transport, within the city/town, or people who want to observe and experience inch by inch of the travel. As our topic revolves around roadways means of transportation, let’s go peep into it.

As the growing trends people opted two wheeler for easy and convenient travel. But due to increased pollution and to protect from such pollution, people are slowly switching over to four wheeler for more comfort travel. Traveling by owned vehicles is a way different feeling providing independent traveling with respect to it’s time and comfort and more of individuality. The convenience that an owned vehicle or self driven, provides more than any other.

merits and demerits of traveling by bus

This type of individuality is actually and presently increasing the pollution and thereby increased global warming. We people are actually indirectly affecting the economy hugely due to the emission of carbon dioxide. We usually see and can observe many women of middle aged and more travel through two wheeler and four. It is really surprising to see that they are able to come out of their comfort zone and live their lives independently and makes us feel happy isn’t it? So these are the people who own vehicles, who can afford buying vehicles.

For the people who do not have vehicles to travel for any million reasons it may be or believe in cost management or the people who are habituated to travel by bus from the very beginning, usually travel through local buses or trains to reach their respective destinations. It can be said that it is the one of the cheapest means of transportation to support in controlling the pollution, can’t say eradicate. If people opt for public transport, the travel through private vehicles can be reduced leading to less emission of carbon dioxide.

Yes, there can be some discomfort to travel by buses when the population is huge like us, where people are more and buses are not sufficient to cater the people needs. People tend to board buses irrespective of the place to board a bus to reach their respective destinations. Usually middle or lower sections of the society travel by the buses. They enjoy to travel and have the health to get accustomed to travel by bus. It seems very humorous when people traveling by bus get overwhelmed when they get a seat to sit irrespective of their destinations are near or far. When they acquire seat in whatever way it may be, it is some kind of achievement seen on their faces or they feel it is a luck of chance, whatever.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of traveling by Bus?

One more thing to observe is the passengers have the ailment of urgency to get down the bus even before the destined stop of the passenger arrives, in a thought that bus may pass by the respective destination. Our travel of bus becomes more interesting and humourous when we observe such things.we tend to meet different people with different mindsets and moods, therby travelling by bus, many memories can be added up whether small/big, sad/happy to our list of memories. Some usually try to find their comfort places in buses may be due to not passengers, clear vision of the road without any disturbance. This sometime causes trouble to the chauffeurs of the bus to drive it. So, here we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of traveling by bus.

Travel by bus to inter cities, districts, states, where usually seats would be allocated to them if purchased. These buses are one of its kind different from local buses with respect to their structure, seating, comfort, etc. To travel far off places it is one of the easiest and least cost transport after railways.

benefits of traveling by bus

People usually feel secured traveling through bus especially ladies at late times. The system of separate seating for ladies and gents makes many people to travel by public transport like buses. It is a kind of transport to have consistent performance, exceptions can be there like the present situation of TSRTC strikes, where it not only caused harm to it’s employees but also to the general public. Let’s list out some of the advantages and disadvantages of bus travel.

Likely, travel by bus has its own pros and cons, any aspect has its own POS and cons.

Advantages of traveling by Bus

The advantages of traveling by bus are discussed below:


Bus is a kind of transport which has minimal cost of transport after railways. It is the best way to reach your destination with optimum cost. Bus is opted by majority of the people who are accustomed to such travel and give some time to travel to minimize the cost. To go for far off place people opt for bus travel to convenience travel. When people go on groups, they usually opt for a bus to travel.


As it is a public transport, it becomes a safer and secured ways to travel for people, especially women.

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It is the most accessible means of transport which provides travel from place to the other irrespective of wherever we are. It usually covers most of the place in the city for intra travel, whereas for inter travel, it is covered to an extent. It can reach the people easily to their destination due to it’s accessibility in place, time, etc.

advantages of traveling by bus


If the people travel by bus or in any other public transport, the pollution emitted by number of vehicles reduces. If the people become more vigilant and responsible to our nation, make it their own country to live, will opt for public transport. Least contribution can be to at least travel by public transport maximum possible. This does not mean to not use any private vehicles, but be diligent enough to make decisions precisely for yourself and for the nation of ours.

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Disadvantages of traveling by Bus

The disadvantages of traveling by bus are discussed below:


Buses travel in a prestructured routes designed by their respective companies due to which we cannot change our route of bus. In order to reach a destination we tend to take short routes to reach faster. But here we are forced to go through those routes irrespective of our known routes. This applies to buses that travel far off places too.

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As there are routes prestructured, the passenger who has to reach a particular destination may have to take more than one bus rather than direct or single bus due to which there can be some inconvenience. People need to check out before boarding a bus as to where, how and what way we will be going to reach out destination. Prior and planned travel is comfortable when we travel by bus. If we are new to it, it really gets messed up.

disadvantages of traveling by bus


People have to give more time to reach their destination compared to other transport as the timings vary sometimes regarding the arrival of bus due to traffic issues or the passenger reaching his start point. Any matter for that case, people to save some cost, opt for buses and waste their precious time. If the passenger reaches in odd timings, the frequency of the buses can be very low and have to wait and wait. In private buses, they may start late due to anonymous reasons, traffic issues, etc affect the time of passengers.

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If the services are not provided by the respective bus companies, the general public and their working gets into trouble that is happening now in Telangana due to strikes by the employees. Though the buses are kept for public, we would not be getting the quality as before as the services given by such employees. It affects the people with inconvenience, inconsistency, etc.


There may be inconvenience anywhere where there is huge population and less transport means or insufficient as the case may be. People tend to reach their destinations as soon as possible irrespective of the place, time, cost etc.

There are both advantages and disadvantages for traveling through bus. For any travel there is always a threat of danger to death. It is upon our travelers how we travel and the means we opt, also including the time of travel, place of travel, people with whom we travel, etc. All these factors affects directly or indirectly for any travel experience.

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Everyone has their own perception to travel. So use your intelligence with diligence and travel safely, securely, joyfully, with optimistic mind to explore new challenges or events in the mere future.

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