Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using An Air Conditioner

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using An Air Conditioner

In this article we are going to talk about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using an Air Conditioner. Surviving peak summers in extreme conditions and weather such as that of India and other tropical countries without the help of artificial cooling is next to impossible. Even though fans help to a certain extent, most households are compelled by the hot and humid conditions to invest in a more advanced cooling system such as an air conditioner. The usage of air conditioners have increased at a rapid rate all across the globe especially in the tropical and humid states.

In today’s day, air conditioners are more of a necessity as opposed to a luxury. The temperature has been rising constantly and as a result, the need for air conditioners have also increased. The market has been developing newer and more advanced models of air conditioners so as to increase efficiency and functionality. Most new and upcoming models are programmed in such a manner so as to serve numerous functions apart from cooling such as air filtration and heating during winters, etc.

Using an air conditioner involves several advantages as well as disadvantages and before making a decision, it is important to weigh out both the pros and the cons so as to make an informed decision.

Advantages of Using an Air Conditioner

Here are the advantages of using an Air conditioner listed below in detail:

1. Lower the room temperature

Lower the room temperature

With the increase in the temperature in various countries, it is nearly impossible to survive without a systems that provide artificial cooling. Air conditioners allows the room temperature of a particular room to lower and maintain a cool and comfortable environment. By lowering the temperature and cooling, In severe heat and humid conditions, an air conditioner can really help create a cool and calm environment and makes the users feel at ease and comfortable and is a way to overcome the heat.

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2. User friendly and Convenient

User friendly and Convenient

Most air conditioners are very user friendly and convenient when it comes to usage. Simply at the click of a button, one can enjoy efficient cooling and a comfortable environment. Even when it comes to the cleaning and maintenance of the air conditioner, there are several models that are available that are designed in such a Manner that are self cleaning and self maintained. These models are programmed in such a manner that along with the cooling, it maintains itself and the owner does not have to put in much effort to use or to maintain an air conditioner as opposed to other cooling systems.

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3. A One Time Investment

A One Time Investment

Investing in an air conditioner is a one time investment. Once one invests in an air conditioner, it is a life time investment. If within the warranty period, major damages can be taken care of. And most air conditioners have certain maintenance requirements and repairs over a specific time period. However, most air conditioners last for a very long time and once installed, it is a life time investment to battle the unbearable heat for a long time.

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4. Elevates productivity

Elevates productivity

Air conditioners lowers temperature and creates a calmer and more comfortable environment. It elevates the mood of the people in the room and allows space for a greater level of productivity. Most brainstorming rooms or meeting rooms are air conditioned so as to increase the levels of productivity and intellectual functioning of the employees. If people work in uncomfortable, hot and uneasy environments, the level of productivity will decrease to a great extent. Thus, air conditioners can help create a good work environment in order to increase productivity and efficiency.

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5. Fresher air

Fresher air

A very high temperature allows for the growth and dwelling of certain disease causing bacteria, insects and parasites. A Lower temperature destroys these parasites, insects and bacteria thus allowing for a cleaner and fresher environment. There are several air conditioner models that are available that are designed and programmed in such a manner that along with the function of cooling, it provides the function of filtering and cleaning the air in the room. It cleans the air and destroys the parasites, bacteria and insects and allows for fresher, healthier air. This reduces the risk of diseases and problems caused by such bacteria. The lower temperature also reduces the risk of dehydration and as a result increases wellness and comfort for the consumer.

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Disadvantages of Using an Air Conditioner

Here are the disadvantages of using an Air conditioner listed below in detail:

1. Causes Pollution

Causes Pollution

Air Conditioners release certain harmful gases that cause severe pollution. Air Conditioners release immense amount of Carbon Dioxide which is the major cause of the green House effect. Sulphur dioxide is also emitted from Air Conditioners that severely damage the environment. Freons are also emitted from air conditioners that greatly contribute to pollution and environmental degradation. Thus to avoid the degradation of environment, it is better to purchase air conditioners that emit fewer poisonous gases so as to protect and conserve the environment.

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2. Energy Consumption

Energy Consumption

Air Conditioners consume large amounts of energy and electricity and as a result causes the depletion of major energy resources. The massive electricity consumption also results in a hike in the expenses of the consumer because of the high amount of electricity bills. The energy consumption depletes the environmental resources and over time, it eventually results in the depletion of the environment.

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3. Health problems

Health problems

There are several health problems that can occur if one is constantly in air conditioned environments. If there is a sudden change in the temperature or one makes a sudden change from an air conditioned environment to a humid environment, it results in several health problems and illnesses such as fever, headaches, cold etc. If there are certain allergens that are present in the room and the air conditioner does not filter it, the air remains indoors because when an air conditioner is functioning, all doors and windows are remained shut, these allergens dwell within the room and can cause allergies and colds. Thus this can cause a stuffy nose, sever headaches, itchiness in the eyes and the throat, etc.

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4. Expensive


Air Conditioners are extremely expensive and heavy on the pocket. Affording an air conditioner is not easy and at the same time, because air conditioners consume a lot of electricity and energy, the bills amount to a much larger cost. Therefore, paying off electricity bills may prove to be very expensive and at times unaffordable. Thus in order to save on massive electricity bills, it is important to keep in mind the level of electricity consumption of air conditioners. Besides, even if there are numerous models that maintain and clean itself, if there are certain problems with the air conditioner, it needs to be taken care of manually and thus increased service charges and maintenance charges can be a burden and if major damages are done than it can be very heavy on the pocket.

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5. Bad for Skin

Air Conditioners steal the moisture from the skin and causes it to become dry. It dries the skin and  removes the moisture from the skin. The human body contains certain mucous membranes that allow the skin to remain moisturised and healthy. However, remaining in an air conditioned environment for long periods of time severely dehydrates the skin and stale the moisture from the same by drying these mucous membranes. If these natural moisture retainers of the body are destroyed, over time, it can cause numerous health hazards and sever damage of the skin.

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There are numerous Advantages and Disadvantages of using an Air Conditioner. One must weigh out both and make an informed decision about investing in an air conditioner or not. The rise in the temperature is unbearable and there are several artificial cooling systems that are available in today’s day and age. But one must be properly informed about all the advantages, disadvantages, pros and cons as well as consider all possible options before making a decision. Even though air conditioners might seem like a necessity in today’s day and age, it is important to understand that there needs to be a balance.

Being in an air conditioned environment for large periods of time can prove to be detrimental to one’s health and the environment. Today, the environment is facing numerous dangers and is facing degradation at a rapid rate. Therefore, one must not only think about themselves and their own comforts and must make an effort to preserve and protect our environment and not contribute to its depletion.

Before investing in an air conditioner one must consider all options and ensure detailed research so as to make the right decision. There are several models of air conditioners today that not only filter the air of the room along with cooling so as to maintain optimal health and wellness of the user but also consumes less energy and does not release as much poisonous gases into the environment thus contributing to the pollution of the environment. Thus only after doing proper and complete research, one must make a decision so as to maintain a healthy and happy life for themselves and the wellness of the environment as well to ensure a better world for oneself and for the other people including the future generations for a happier, healthier life.

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