Advantages of Forest Conservation

What are the advantages of Forest Conservation

The advantages of forest conservation are described here in this article. As we all know that there is decrement in number of forests. So now it’s a sincere topic to discuss. First of all a general question arises in our mind that, what is forest? Forest is a natural gift given by god to all of us. Forest is an area totally covered by trees, herbs, shrubs and grasses. We are dependent on trees for oxygen, food and many other natural products as latex, wood, medicines etc. Overall forest has a great role in human’s life. So we have to take this topic seriously and discuss the advantages of forest in our life. We should enhance forestation.

Forest protects us from many natural disasters as flood, drought etc. The forest provides us many natural products as tasty fruits, beautiful flowers, medicinal plants, bark for paper etc. Forest provides shelter for many wild animals and birds, reptiles etc. Forestation reduces soil erosion, green house effect, global warming etc. Forest enhances soil formation. There are so many advantages of forest. We will discuss some of them.

What are the advantages of forest conservation?

Here are the ten advantages of forest conservation, which are very common but we don’t think about it, so now here we shall discuss about ten advantages of forest. Forest has a great role in our life.

1. Gives us many natural products

As we know that we are dependent on forest for various products, but we don’t think that we are too much dependent on forest for living a healthy life. First of all trees release oxygen and we need it most. We are dependent on oxygen gas for living because it is the only gas in the earth which is responsible for living of all animals. Trees release oxygen gas and we take it in our lungs for the respiration and other metabolic processes of the body. So it is most common advantage of forest. We use many other products of trees as latex, resins, wood and medicinal products. We are dependent on trees for food because human is a heterotrophic organism, who cannot make their own food by self while plants and trees are autotrophic so they can make their own food by self.

Overall we are dependent on trees and forest for food also. We use the bark of trees for manufacturing paper in industries. We use wood of trees for furniture etc. Trees are not only which are present in forest, there are plants, herbs, shrubs and grasses also in the forest. Mostly herbs have many medicinal uses so herbs are used in pharmaceutical industries for manufacturing medicines and drugs. Trees release resins which has many uses in daily life. Latex is also released by leaves of plants and trees which are mostly used in medicines and drugs. That’s how forest gives us natural products so it is an advantage of forest.

2. Provides shelter

As we already know that forest is a dense area totally covered by trees, plants, herbs, shrubs and grass. Forest provides shelter for many wild animals as lion, tiger, leopard etc. Forest is house for wild animals. Wild animals cannot live in human colonies; in fact they cannot live near human colonies because people harm wild animals. So they live in forest. They get their sufficient food easily in forest. Because there are every type of animals as reptiles, mammal, birds etc. So we can say that forest provides shelter for many wild animals. This advantage of forest enhances wildlife.

3. Regulates ecosystem

Forest is also an ecosystem. There are trees, plants, animals, herbs, shrubs, grasses, birds, reptiles etc. There is a food chain in every ecosystem. Forest provides shelter for various animals so there is good maintenance in forest ecosystem food chain. There is a great role of food chain in whole ecosystem. Because if there is no food chain then there will be exponential increment in any animal while the other animal will be in the stage of extinction. This will destroy whole ecosystem. So we can say that forest regulates whole ecosystem. Imagine if there is an exponential increment of carnivores. Then all carnivores will eat their prey as herbivores and if herbivores will be extinct then there will be an exponential increment in grasses and shrubs etc. So it will destroy whole food chain. That’s how forest regulates whole ecosystem.

4. Reduces pollution

Nowadays our environment is very polluting. Forest reduces pollution. There are different types of pollution as air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution, noise pollution etc. Forest has many trees, which refreshes air. Forestation have a great role for reducing pollution. Forest is a natural resource so they spread fresh air. They spread positivity. We always feel refresh near trees and natural resources. So we can say forest reduces pollution. These benefits of forest conservation makes people aware about the importance of forest.

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5. Regulates climatic changes

Forest regulates climatic changes. Plants and trees have a great role in evaporation of water and minerals. Evaporation of water is responsible for rainfall. So now we can say that forest regulates climatic changes. Rainfall is also indirectly due to plants and trees. So forest has a great role in regulation of climatic changes. The type of vegetation present in a particular area defines the climate of that area. As northern area have gymnosperms as pines, deodar etc. That’s how forest regulates climatic changes.

6. Reduces global warming

Global warming is a critical condition due to increment in temperature of earth Global warming causes depletion of ozone layer which causes many lethal diseases as skin cancer, eye disorders, change in genome and decreases reproductive capacity. Forest can reduce temperature of earth. Forest can reduce warming of earth. Forest has a great role in reduction of global warming. Forest maintains the temperature of earth. Global warming causes permanent climatic change. Forest can reduce that effect of global warming by maintaining temperature. Forest has a great role in reducing global warming and maintaining temperature.

7. Reduces green house effect

Green house effect is also a serious topic for all of us. There are many gases in our environment which are causes of green house effect. Trees absorb few of them. That’s how forest reduces green house effect. Carbon dioxide is also responsible for green house effect. Trees absorb carbon dioxide gas, so that’s how forest reduces green house effect. Methane gas is also cause of green house effect. Green house effect is indirectly connected with global warming effect. These all effects are caused due to destruction of natural resources etc. Forest can reduce those harmful effects. It is one among the top advantages of forest conservation.

8. Reduces soil erosion

Forest reduces soil erosion. Soil is a main component of our ecosystem. Soil has many layers and types. The removal of upper layer of soil on land is known as soil erosion. Trees can reduce soil erosion. Soil erosion is low in forest than road side soil. Forest soil has cover of decaying leaves, insects and animals. Forest reduces soil erosion.

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9. Soil formation

There are many plants and animals in forest. Every living organism has a life span. Generally trees have long life span. Banyan tree has lifespan of 200 – 300 years. When insects and plants die then they decay and convert into humus etc. This increases the fertility of soil and formation of soil. That’s how forest has a great role in soil formation. Forest has a great role in enhancing fertility of soil by formation of humus due to decaying plants, insects and other animals.

10. Prevents natural disasters

There is increment in natural disasters due to increase in pollution and changing of climate. Forest has a great role in prevention and reduction of natural calamities and disasters. Forestation reduces efficiency of flood. Forest reduces draught by evaporation of water. Evaporation causes rainfall, so forest reduces natural disasters. Forest prevents soil erosion. There is increment in disasters due to destroying natural resources and pollution. People are destroying natural resources and this is the big reason of natural disaster. There is increment in population of human, which is the reason of destruction of natural resources as forest, lakes etc. Forest reduces natural disasters. We should enhance forestation. This is also an advantage of forest. So, the above mentioned are some advantages of forest conservation. I hope you liked our essay on it.

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