Advantages of Inter Caste Marriage

Advantages of Inter Caste Marriage

Advantages of inter caste marriage are discussed here in this article. Marriage is considered to be of immense importance guarded by sacred vows as the beginning of a new life and is a matter of immense social and religious respect. Often the newly wed are ridiculed on the basic of caste distinctions, however, inter-caste marriages, just like intra-caste are an important part of the proceedings in life.

What are the advantages of inter caste marriage?

Here are 10 advantages of inter caste marriage discussed below:

1. Positive mixing of cultures

The country is known for its vast arenas of diversity. People with differences in caste, creed, race, religion, region and gender inhabit the various parts of the subcontinent. Each of these different groups of people, also known as castes, have their own set of culture and traditions. This diversity is the one that uniquely identifies the people of one caste among the others. In case of inter-caste marriages, the man gets to know of the cultures of the caste which the woman belongs to. Sharing of ideas leads to flow of thoughts and there is a blend of thoughts and ideas between the two people about each other’s culture and traditions. As it is often a saying in India, marriage binds not just two individuals but two families together. Thus, the mixing of culture takes place on the part of both the families.

2. Promotion of social harmony

Marriage, as a happy occasion of love, peace and joy brings people from different communities closer. They gather together during each other’s occasions which they might not have celebrated as a different caste before marriage. The families get to see each other during social gatherings or even during various religious festivals at each other’s place. This promotes maintaining proper relationships among families as well as promotes harmony among people from different castes.

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3. Smarter kids

Inter-caste marriages provide a wonderful opportunity for mixing of two kinds of genes which are quite different from each other. Biologically, this phenomenon is quite significant as it leads to blending of characters. Blending of traits between two individuals leads to the adding up of all superior qualities of both the parents in the children. Also, they get the better characteristic traits of both their parents. This makes the kids of the next generation stronger, smarter and more advanced than both the parents. These kids will be more accepting and receptive towards differences in the society and will be

4. Enhancement of acceptance and adjustment

When a member from another family with varied caste, culture and religion becomes a new member to the family, a sense of mutual acceptance comes into play. The man learns or at least tries to abide by the culture and traditions of the woman’s family and vice versa. They learn to adjust with each other’s difference in the way of living and celebrating different occasions. Living in the same house with two different castes and cultures helps learn the adjustment factor. It is a wrong perception that inter- caste marriages lead to quarrels or they don’t work out well for both. Infact, caste, religion and culture has got nothing to do with the misunderstandings or incompatibility among the members. Moreover, India needs more cases of inter-caste marriages so that people learn to adjust against the most favourable circumstances as well promote a mutual and peaceful co-existence.

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5. Generates a sense of equality

It often happens amongst the orthodox families that they consider themselves either superior or inferior to the other castes and even prohibit their children to have friendship with the ones of other castes. However, its simply a thought that pushes us decades backward. Inter-caste marriages sow seeds to sense of equality and treat members of all other castes with respect and love. The man and wife treat each other with ideals of equality and hence there is a positive growth

6. Concludes inter caste discrimination

Inter-caste marriages help reducing the practice of discriminating others on the basis of religion or caste. When people from two different castes come together, discriminating factor gets nullified. They form a strong marital bond and behave as a  single family unit where unity and integrity prevails.

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7. Better Compatibility

Most of the inter-caste marriages are as a result of love-relationships. Cases of arranged inter-caste marriages are rarer. In these types of marriages, the husband and wife have better compatibility and understanding which helps a great deal in the long run.

8. Learning new things

In case of an inter-caste marriage, you get to learn different ways of life. You get to learn how the new culture is, the origin, history and the spread of that particular community and their cuisine. You might even find their ways of life simpler and better than how the other people perceive them to be.

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9. Broader Perspective

When someone marries another irrespective of her caste or religion, it could work as a step further to the way to progress. It can act like an eye- opener to the orthodox and superstitious people and might help them to look at different things at a broader perspective .Often, the families, at an initial stage, have a narrower approach to these marriages, however, a happy life for both their children eventually help them to get easy with the marriage. It works as an initiation to make people adapt to all kinds of castes and cultures.

10. Better Parenting

The couple having an inter-caste marriage turn out to be having a modern outlook to life and possess liberal ideologies in every aspect of life. They do not judge people on the basis of their birth or race and hence the children are also brought up under the same broad- minded and unconventional ways of life. As a result, their parenthood have a better chance of becoming a success as the children learn respecting decisions and perspectives of all others.

The parents have their own independent thoughts and are more free and adaptable in various manners and this fact is very beneficial for the children of the upcoming generation. They are able to teach their kids to make choices of their own and would also be able to respect their choices, whatsoever. Parents belonging to different faiths will have a perfect blend of traditional and modern outlook. So, these were some advantages of inter caste marriage discussed above.

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