10 Benefits Of Being A Transparent Person

Benefits Of Being A Transparent Person

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 benefits of being a transparent person. The newspapers are brimming with news articles related to corruption, cheating, thefts and scandals. We see and read the unethical behavior of people and politicians. Politicians do not abide by their words. They use money from reserves under the pretext of development which can rarely be seen.

Even school syllabus now a days lack subjects related to ethical behavior from syllabus. This looks like a tiny issue but school syllabuses must include subjects related to ethics. In the rush to earn more and more money, people are neglecting the benefits they can have by being transparent and honest. This article will be focusing on the benefits of being a transparent person.

10 Benefits of Being a Transparent Person

Here are the benefits of being a transparent person listed below in detail:

1. It reflects honesty

It reflects honesty

Yes, being transparent reflects honesty. If you do not hide things from others you automatically become a transparent person. If you want people to know who you really are, it should be shown by you in your expression. You must see to it that you always display what you really feel and think. Only this will show that you are an honest being. Also, if you are honest, this honesty will attract other honest people towards you.

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2. Honesty fetches respect

Honesty fetches respect

Honesty and transparency not only attract honest people towards you, but also, they attract their honesty. If you are honest and transparent in your behavior, the people around you will also start being transparent towards you. These people will later be transparent with not only you but with everybody they come across. People will start respecting you. They will talk about how ideal you are. People will follow and respect you and your principles. You will be admired everywhere you go.

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3. You become courageous

You become courageous

When you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. Dishonest and false people always have something or the other to hide. They are under the constant fear of getting exposed. And the truth is that lies can never stay hidden. Because even they know Satyamev Jayate (Truth alone triumphs). But if you are transparent and true in your sayings then you need not fear from any judicial authorities. And this makes you strong and courageous. You become courageous because you know what has to be done and what you should do. You become courageous because you can differentiate between right and wrong. It makes you courageous because even if the truth takes efforts, hardships and pain, you are determined to follow the truth.

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4. Transparency shows your humanity

Transparency shows your humanity

Transparency and honesty that go hand in hand shows that you care for others. You care for others and others feelings. Transparency shows self-respect and respect for others too. It shows your humanity and caring nature because you do not hide issues from others. And always tell them the actual facts. Telling people the truth and nothing but the truth is always a gesture of good faith.

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5. It helps you become genuine

It helps you become genuine

Honesty makes you genuine. It makes you truthful not only in words but also in your actions and gestures. Transparent attitude makes you genuine in all of your relationships, personal and professional. Transparent nature assists you in speaking your mind out. In this way you do not hide things from the people engaged with you or your company.

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6. Keeps mind healthy

Keeps mind healthy

Lies leads to the fear of being exposed. This fear contributes in the growth of negative thoughts. And these negative thoughts make the brain and mind unhealthy. This is not the case with the brain and mind of a genuine and honest person. He is not afraid of being exposed or something like that. He has already spoken the truth and relieved himself from all the complexity.  This results in positive thinking and a fresh and healthy mind.

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7. Helps you learn and grow

Helps you learn and grow

A healthy and fresh mind results in a healthy body. And a healthy body helps you learn and grow. A person who is transparent and nothing to hide can focus completely on learning. Whereas a person who is dishonest, cannot focus completely on learning. Because in the back of his mind he is trying and thinking of ways to cover his tracks. A person who lies has to remember his spoken words in order to avoid being caught. All this makes his brain exhausted and causes resistance to learn and adapt new things. A transparent person can focus on learning new skills that help him grow and become a better person. Also a clear mind grasps things faster.

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8. Helps make friends

Helps make friends

Everybody likes to be in the company of an honest person. And if you are that honest person, everybody will like being with you and in your company. Transparency in your behavior will help you make more friends and bring you closer to people. When you show honesty people get attracted to you. It improves and strengthens you relationship with your friends.

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9. Makes you mature

Makes you mature

Only a mature person has the ability to practice transparency and honesty. Only a mature being has the courage to speak the truth irrespective of how difficult it is. Truth is not always sugar coated. Many a time truth can bring pain and cause damage too. But honesty makes you so strong and mature that it also gives you the ability to minimize the pain and damage caused. When others are hurt, you are hurt, you have the ability to stand up again and work to minimize the damage caused. Your self-acceptance ability helps you to accept the situation, the current scenario and work for the betterment of the situation.

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10. Keeps you away from trouble

Keeps you away from trouble

As you have done nothing wrong or unethical you need not be afraid of being in any kind of trouble. As you go on lying and cheating people you are unknowingly digging a hole for yourself. And the more lies you speak deeper the hole gets. And later it becomes really difficult to get out of that hole. But this hole doesn’t exist for the transparent and honest people. Always create a record of truthfulness and honesty. As we all are human beings, we are prone to make mistakes. But if you have a clean slate and positive record you may get away from a mistake you have made with very less or no punishment at all.

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Now that you all have read the benefits one has by being transparent and honest, we can expect you to follow honesty and goodwill. It takes time to speak the truth every time, but we must always choose the right path, the path that is ethical, true and fair. If everybody starts being transparent there will be drastic decline in criminal activities all over the world. And united we can make this world a better place to live. 

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