Benefits of getting married

benefits of getting married

The benefits of getting married are discussed here in this article. Aren’t we all looking for a happy ever after for ourselves? Stories convince us to believe so as well. Rapunzel waited for many years, locked away in a tower in a deserted place. She awaited the day when she would be set free by the love of her life, her prince charming. One day she heard a sound coming from the bottom of the tower. Thinking it’s the evil witch who visits her regularly, she lets her hair down. Using her long and beautiful locks the passerby climbed the tall tower. As soon as Rapunzel realized what she had done it was too late. She was mesmerized to see a man, for she had only seen the witch in her entire life. The prince introduced himself and vowed to help her out of this predicament. Not only that, in the meanwhile they fell in love with each other. The story ended with a happily ever after as the prince rescued Rapunzel from that tower. That was how she got her happy ending but everyone does not live in a fairy tail. There might not be a prince charming either who will save you and take you away. But that doesn’t mean everyone can’t have their own version of the story. Happiness comes in all sizes and forms. 

Getting married let’s you experience different seasons, foods, places and much more with someone else. It can be your reality version of happily ever after.

Top 10 Benefits of getting married

Here areĀ 10 benefits of getting married:

1. Life long companions

We are brought into this world by our parents. They are the ones who feed us, look after us and cater for all our needs. But there comes a time when we need to put some distance between our family, either for gaining higher education or a better job. At some point in life we have to even say our final goodbyes to them as they part from this world. They are our first companions in life. The next are our siblings who stay together until they find their own paths to walk on. There are also pets, who love us unconditionally and even protect us. However it feels heartbreaking when we have to part with them because of their short life. Must we keep looking for someone different to rely on? That’s not necessary, marriage can provide us with a life long companion. Once you are legally bound with each other, you can stay together and grow old with your better half. Doesn’t life seem more like a fairy tail that way?

2. Financial Upliftment

Marriage directly may not entail to financial upliftment, but it does happen. When we marry someone else, the scenario of your household changes. There will be two people who earn, two people who will be wiling to support each other financially. Don’t we go to our dear ones first in times of need? A partner can help their counterpart in times of trouble. Not only that, once a person gets married he is more likely to work. Once marriage comes into the mix, it’s not about the individual itself anymore. You have to be a bread winner and provide for your family financially.

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3. Children

Children are said to be a gift from God, they light up every place that they’re in. Having children also means endless responsibilities. Many people have children out of wedlock. Especially in today’s generation, women who get pregnant before or without getting married are not respected. Also for a child to properly grow up, it is necessary that it is brought up in an family environment. When a child grows up with both his parents, staying together with love and harmony then it impacts his mental state positively. Many kids are bullied at school when they have single parents. For the child to have a cohesive life it’s important to build on a healthy family environment as well.

4. Reduces risk

We all have a conscience which tells us when we’re doing something wrong, reminding us to step back. Also, whenever we start moving towards the wrong driection we are reminded of our family. Once a person gets married he/she remembers their better half. They know that if they do something wrong it will affect their loved one. Many married couples experience a lower level of alcohol and drug addiction. You have something stopping you from going astray, when you think about the person waiting for you at home.

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5. Legal benefits

You don’t only get a husband and wife from a marriage but you also get various legal benefits. You have the right to take various decisions. If your spouse dies then you have the right to decide whether they will be buried or cremated and also where they would be buried. Even in hospitals you get the privilege of the next of kin and can make decisions on the behalf of your counter part incase they get sick. Not only that, if you are married there are no issues in inheritance, that is, you won’t have to pay taxes for the same. Incase you are unmarried then a couple has to pay for taxes. Also, you can get onto your spouse’s insurance and healthcare policy incase you don’t have one or you don’t earn.

advantages of getting married

6. Life span

Don’t we pick up on the vocabulary of our close friends ? We tend to use the same words if we stay longer together. This is because of the influence. Haven’t we all heard of the example of the apples. If you keep one bad apple in a basket full of good apples then a day later you’ll find that all of them have rotten. Similarly the habits of our close ones tend to rub off on us as well. As for a married couple, they stay together with each other and know each other better.

If your spouse has healthy habits then you tend to follow as well which makes you life healthier. As a couple, they also encourage their better half to improve their life style. Who wants to see their loved one suffer and have an unhealthy life? Our family truly cares for us but after them the same loving and caring role is played by our spouse.

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7. Emotional Support

Science students note, whenever we add voltage to any appliance one end is connected to the point where voltage needs to be provided and the other one to ground or zero. Just like the ‘ground’ prevents the current from overflowing similarly all of us require a ground in life.

We all need someone to go home to and bring yourself to normal. We all need an anchor that stabilizes us and stops us from drifting away. When any person marries he/she is required to take a vow. This vow states that both the people will always be there for each other in times of happiness as well as sorrow.

We can depend on our friends to hang out with us and have a fun time but when it comes to sharing the ‘rock bottom’ moments in your life then they can’t be your best confidant. Through a life time, a married couple pledges to be a needle and thread in each others life, making beautiful master piece as well as sewing up any holes in between.

8. Social Stigma

The importance that our society gives to marriage is tremendous. When you go to any place and have your rings to prove your marital status, you get to gain a completely different experience. A couple who is living together after getting married is respected however at the same time two people living together without doing so are looked at with contempt. The idea of live ins are slowly becoming accepted but still the social stigma related to it is present.

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9. Responsibility

Getting drunk every night without thinking about tomorrow might seem cool but is actually toxic for you. Many are able to do that because they have no person to go home to, no one to guide them. When someone gets married they become responsible for another person in their life, it is no longer okay to party till late anymore. You start making conscious and better decisions after marriage since you don’t just have yourself to think about, you life now consists of someone else as well. You start thinking about your work and life more seriously. When a child is added to that combination, the responsibilities add up futher. It isn’t okay to behave like a child anymore when you have your own child in your hands and it demands for protection. You become more inclined towards making your family’s future safe. 

10. A Mirror

The world is moving constantly, the Earth continues its rotations and revolutions, the light from the Sun and Moon continues to reach us. Similarly our life is constantly moving without a halt. There also exists the policy of moving to the top. Everyone wants to be successful, reach the top and thus the competition keeps increasing. No one wants their competitor to benefit thus they will never tell you about your flaws and qualities. You might always be in the dark because of that one strength that you have but never really polished.

Similarly mostly we only have one critical flaw which is stopping us from achieving our goals. But who is there to tell us about this? Introspection can lead you to great places in life but sometimes we need a shoulder to depend on, another person’s perspective to help us. Married couples support each other and encourage them to grow. They will be honest about the strengths and weaknesses about their counterpart. This can help you analyze yourself and truly grow. Your lover might praise you but that doesn’t mean they won’t tell you where you’re lacking somewhere either.

It is important to remember that when you marry, don’t do that out of compulsion. Marriage is a decision that affects your life makes sure to make it a happy one.

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