10 Benefits Of Reading Comics

Benefits Of Reading Comics

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Benefits of reading comics. It cannot be denied that reading is one of the best habits one can develop. It is a habit that comes with so many benefits and very little disadvantages. A deal no one should let go of. Readers find solace in books and its pages. The smell of a new book is no less than an addiction. But nowadays, people have started to take this activity for granted. No one wants to sit and read for hours on end. No one has that kind of time and nor does anyone have that kind of patience to go through with an entire novel. So for those people, who find reading a hard task but still want to start reading, comics have come to their rescue.

10 Benefits of reading comics

When people hear the word “comic books”, they make a judgemental face and jump to the conclusion that comics are only for kids. No doubt it was idea initiated for kids only, but with time and evolvement, many comic books have been published which are meant for adults. It has different benefits for kids and different for adults. Both would be highlighted in this article as you go on reading further.

1. Start reading

Start reading

Many people nowadays have this problem of concentration where they cannot read or those people who do not like reading but would like to develop this amazing habit then comic book are the way to go. Once you have started reading comic books, you would find the whole reading process a little easier and you would have your reading habit developed in no time. If you find reading thick novels or just novels in general then you can start by reading comic books and then when it has been a little while since you have started reading then you can go ahead with reading whatever you like. Once you have developed the habit of reading, you would have it with you throughout your life and also try to pass on this habit to more and more people around you.

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2. Genres


If you think that you cannot read comic books because the comic books you have only ever heard about are superhero ones, then you might be wrong in this aspect. There are comic books available in every genre and you can pick anything that interests you and start reading. Nowadays, like there are reading apps for reading novels, there are also apps where you can read comic books of any genre that suits your taste. It is not necessary that everyone likes the superhero comics; people have different tastes especially when it comes to reading books or watching movies. There are many movies as well based on comic books, this shows just how popular they have become.

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3. Vocabulary


Even though you might think that comic books are not real books that are meant to be read by a wide population, but let it be known to you that comic books are just like short story books. It is just that there is pictorial representation along with words which makes them all the more interesting to read. But the point is, that it has text in proper English language and just like the simple reading habit, your vocabulary would improve without a doubt. Reading is such an activity that it would improve your vocabulary; no matter what you are reading. Even when you are just reading a post on social media, you might come across a new word that you start using in your daily life. So do not miss any chance of reading, even comic books.

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4. Develops imagination

Develops imagination

When you were a kid, your parents brought books for you which had more pictures than words so that it boosts your imagination and you get to know the meaning of more and more things that are going on in this world around you. Those books were picture books, and comic books are just an evolved, grown-up version of those picture books where you have just as many words along with graphics. The author of comics put all their imagination into the stories and graphics. It is only fair that readers take maximum advantage for this availability and use these comic books to boost their imagination.

It definitely helps kids to develop their vocabulary as well as imagination, but it also helps adults as well. Sometimes you get stuck in your work not getting ideas to move forward, pick up a comic and start reading, you would definitely get some inspiration or idea because of wide range of colourful graphics in there.

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5. Readers’ confidence

Readers’ confidence

There are people who read on a daily basis or even just regularly whenever they get time. These people have a different kind of confidence while reading. Now you would think that what kind of confidence does one need just for reading. But even takes a lot confidence in oneself. When we were kids and just started getting the idea of actually reading books, there might have been a time when you weren’t confident enough to pick a book and start reading it because you felt if you would be able to complete it or not. Some people never even started reading because the content they read on one day, they would forget all of it when they sit again the next day and start reading further.

This forgetfulness also goes away with time if you are determined and never give up on trying reading. This is called readers’ confidence and you can definitely develop it with the help of comic books.

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6. Ethics


Now if you are a person who thought that reading comic books is childish and never gave it a try, you wouldn’t know how comic books are written. So basically, comic books are written on different genres and you can pick whatever you want. But the stories portrayed in these comics are not just meaningless or irrelevant stories. They have meaning and some or the other moral lesson at the end of it. Even if it is funny or romantic, you would learn something from it before finally closing the book.

Also, when you are reading comics, you would finish them off sooner than you would finish a novel, so it would also give you a sense of accomplishment that you finished reading a whole book and you would not like to stop feeling that way. This gives rise to the desire of reading more and more and you would never be able to stop. From comics to short story books to full-fledged novels, you’d finish them all.

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7. Interpretation


This is something that is more for kids than adults. But it does not mean that adults cannot take advantage of this benefit. Comic books help us develop our imagination but it also helps us read within the lines. Like when you are reading, you also get to see the similar graphics as your imagination, so you know what you were imagining was actually right and the interpretation of words you had in mind were right all along. After some time you would get perfect of interpreting words and lines and till then you would also have developed the habit of reading and then you can finally start reading novels or any other books you like.

This benefit is more for kids because they’re just starting their process of growing up and they wouldn’t have read anything else. But grown-ups, even those who do not like reading, would have read at least something, even if it is just school textbooks, so they already know how this process of interpreting words go.

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8. Art with reading

Art with reading

This benefit is almost the same as developing your imagination with the help of comic books. But the thing about comic books is, it not only promotes reading and improving your vocabulary, it also promotes art. Many children have wanted and succeeded in drawing whatever they had in mind on a piece of paper. Some liked it so much that they took up painting or sketching as a serious hobby or even turned it into a passionate profession.

So this shows that not only your reading would improve after you start reading comic books but also your interpretation of art and you might find your interest resting in those graphics. If you can start reading novels after some time of reading comics then you can also take up as your side-hobby or even profession after a while of reading comics. You might be the one authoring and drafting those comic books in future.

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9. Save your eyes

Save your eyes

The main reason of reading as a hobby taking a back seat in our lives is that we have a lot of other stuff to pass our time. Most of these other things we have by our side is based off technology, such as video games, scrolling social media or watching movies. All these things require you to sit in front of your devices like laptop or mobile phones that end up damaging our eyes in the process of entertaining us.

Nowadays, in the current situation of pandemic, we already have to spend more than necessary time on our laptops and phones as even our education and work related things have become enclosed in these devices, so it would be good that whatever time we get to do those things we like doing, are the things that do not require straining our eyes more than necessary. So you can save your eyes by reading comic books, if not novels.

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10. They’re cool

 They’re cool

Many people read comic books by coming under the influence of peer pressure. That’s how cool are comic books. They are popularized a lot these days and you should also not let go of this amazing opportunity of start reading or taking interest in art. This does not mean that you do all those things that peer pressure tells you to do, but you should be smart enough to tell the difference between things that are good for you and which are not. And reading comic books comes under the good ones. It might seem childish at first but you would realize its benefits after you have started reading them.

These were just some of the benefits of reading comic books. What are you waiting for? Go on! Pick one and start reading!

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