10 Benefits Of Reading Daily

Benefits Of Reading Daily

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Benefits of reading daily. What is the average attention span of this generation? A recent study shows that it is not more than 5 minutes every subsequent generation comes with a short attention span. This is definitely a point of concern. Apart from the textbooks, people , particularly students, do not even bother to read  anything at all.

While there are people who still read these long novels and are avid readers, it is remarkable how the most successful people read a lot. Warren buffet reads for about 4-5  hours a day. Bill Gates at one week during the year’s goes underground and reads he calls it the ‘think week’. Reading shouldn’t be a chore that people do just for the sake of it. It should be cultivated in the young minds as a hobby because it has numerous direct and indirect benefits.

Top 10 benefits of reading daily

In fact, prisoners are encouraged to read. They get time off their sentence in some countries per book report they  submit about a book they read.  Reading leads to positivity and constructive cultivation of mind due to an appropriate channelisation of mental energy. It is rather alarming how the status of reading has taken an enormous shift from reading actual books to reading social media posts that only lead to wastage of time and mental energy. Here are some benefits of reading daily mentioned below:

1. Expanded lexicon

Expanded lexicon

People who read a lot tend to have a larger vocabulary which benefits other areas of life as well. During the reading process, we are not only getting to know more things but at the same time we come across various new words. Which at first tend to be quite difficult to decipher but as one continues reading over time, you somehow build an intuition into it and start to understand what words are to be used to describe what actions.when one develops the ability to read more and build a larger vocabulary, it becomes easy to understand what one is reading.

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2. Mental stimulation

Mental stimulation

Reading helps in stimulating the mind as it opens new doors and helps to gain a plethora of knowledge in a realm they initially knew nothing about.Writer write to be able to connect with thor leaders and be able to import their knowledge, skill and expertise to someone whom it could be helpful. If someone gets bored of the degree for which they are studying because they have chosen it as their career path, one can always go to the library and get a book regarding whatever topic intrigues them. It opens up so many doors and makes one realize how much life actually has to offer only if you’re willing to learn.

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3. Increases creativity

Increases creativity

Various books have various opinions and visions to offer. By  reading books, one comes to a realization that that they think is not the only right way to do things and there can be many aspects to a single thing. That  there are many different approaches that could be exercised in order to solve a problem. There is no  right or wrong way to do anything and different people think differently. Due to the avalanche of knowledge and facts reading books gets a person acquainted to, when people know so much, they  are quickly and rapidly able to connect two completely different things together in order to solve a problem or come up with a creative vision.

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4. Prevents cognitive decline

Prevents cognitive decline

Since everyone is writing, and in different books leads to introduction to new concepts, ideas and schemas. These in turn help to constantly build up the cognition and metal  faculty. According to a study, our brain stops working once we stop learning. Books provide abundant opportunities to learn about various topics. Literally any topic someone can think about, a book is available for that. This helps in constantly building one;s mid and the brain does not die. Brain activity and exercise is carried out on a routine basis. Reading regularly helps in keeping the brain occupied and significantly improves brain health ensuring effective neural connections and pathways. 

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5. Works as a stress buster

Works as a stress buster

Reading has proven to reduce blood pressure, stress, and heart rate. This is because diving deep into the book and actually living through the text as you read it evokes happy feelings and endorphins which make the person feel good and produce a calming effect. Reading a book that you truly enjoy can  cause the same stress reduction as going for a walk or having a cup of tea or coffee does. Reading causes relaxation because it helps in calming the brain and reducing the tension in the body. It produces results faster than any other relaxation exercise and therefore, in this fast paced life, it is highly recommended to take out some of the time to take care of yourself and to read. 

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6. Positive use of time

Positive use of time

How many hours in a day do we all spend mindlessly scrolling through social media looking at pictures and lives of people we don’t even know. Or maybe how many times does it happen that you watch netflix  and the day goes by, you have gotten nothing done and then you feel really guilty about the time wasted and you know there is no point wallowing in the misery now because nothing can be done. However, how many of us feel the same feeling of having wasted the entire day when we spend the day reading  a book? Reading has so many combined benefits that time spent reading can  be nowhere linked to  the time wasted and therefore, serves  as a positive channelization of mental faculty.

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7. Helps build  strong self concept

Helps build  strong self concept

Having an increased knowledge in various fields due to reading books on the same, having read multiple perspectives on various topics build an openness and room for convergent thinking resuming in enhanced creativity. Gaining insight into various matters ability to draw associations between entities that are fundamentally distinct if taken at face value significantly helps in character development and identity formation. Having known various high and having a wide variety of options at the disposal helps o truly optimize and opt for views, ideals , mechanisms etc . that suit best and guide the individual in the direction of goal attainment, self fulfillment and self actualization that helps in building a high self esteem, strong sense of self and increased self awareness reading in high self efficacy.

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8. Increased concentration

Increased concentration

The practice of reading helps one develop a longer attention span, keen eye for detail, comprehension ability, analytical ability and cumulative thinking. Once someone reads enough, they get an insight into the structure of various kinds of text and as a result it is easy to decide what is to be actually read thoroughly and what has to be skimmed through to get the essence  of the entire text. This makes it easier to focus on smart and efficient fulfilling work as opposed to hard and lengthy work where one keeps reading for hours only to get an outcome that is much less than what it’s worth.

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9. Improved memory

Improved memory

When we read, a large amount of information gets stored in our head. Consciously as well as subconsciously the brain is storing everything and the brain can remember endlessly. Reading leads to an increased exposure to information that is being registered through all the three streams of consciousness, preconscious, conscious and subconscious to get assimilated and integrated into our system. Particularly, reading before bed leads to increased retention. A result, we have a lot of things stored in our system that come to aid when we are seeking a solution to a problem. That’s why some knowledge surfaces that we happened to have acquired a long time back to be recalled and put to effective use.

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10. Makes you a better writer

Makes you a better writer

Reading produces the best writing. Once you read, you gain the ability to be articulate and precise and get an increased flow of words in addition to a good command over language. By reading other people’s work, it is a form of learning through observation and you are able to deliver the best work possible. 

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