10 Best Advice for Job Interview

10 Best Advice for Job Interview

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 best advice for job interview. Interview, the most common thing one might face in their life. Interview is a way by which you know your employer for the first time. As we know, First impression is always the best impression, it is not only a place to know about your employer but also to impress them and make them know you might be a best option as an employee in their company. So there are some common points which everyone can follow to make their interview a good one and get opportunities.

10 Best Advice for Job Interview

Some of the best advice for job interview that one can follow while attending an interview are as listed below:

1. Have the right body language

Have the right body language

This is the first and foremost thing which everyone should be conscious of. Appropriate dress, decent and polite language, proper eye contact, firm handshakes, clear and appropriate speech and avoiding scents & perfumes are some of the body languages which everyone should have while attending their interview. Some of these signs would indirectly give indications to the interviewers that you are not confident and true with what you speak or it will make them think you are too nervous to attend that interview. Your confidence can make you score amongst the interviewers.

Some interviewers might ask about your previous experiences, this is only to check your performance and your behavior aspects. For these questions please answer all the positive things you’ve done with your previous employer. Your interviewers would observe this keenly and come to a conclusion in a positive way. The positive things you have told about yourself will make you score amongst the interviewers. Remember, First impression is the best impression.

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2. Know about the organization

Know about the organization

This is also one of the major things you should look up to. You should know about the company in which you have applied for. Sometimes, the interviewers might also question you about their organization. Yeah, this might be surprising but this is a way by which they can know how well you have understood their company and its requirements from you as an employee. So do some research like how old is the company, what kind of services they are offering, how many clients they have dealt with as of now, what are the areas the company is focussed in, how many outlets do they have, what are the places of operation for your company etc…

Some interviewers might be keen and see if you are correct about their company and some might not even ask questions of this sort, anyhow even if they ask you should be in a position to answer these questions. So better be prepared for it.

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3. Be clear with why you want the job

Be clear with why you want the job

The interviewers will ask questions like “Why are you so keen in applying for this job?” or “What makes you think that you are better for this role?”. Questions of this sort must be answered keenly. You will be offered with the job only if the interviewers comes to know that you are really, really interested with the job. Tell them about what interests you about the job you’ve applied for or what skills do you really possess to make you suitable for the job you’ve applied. An answer of this sort is going to make them think that you’ve applied for this job only out of interest and you might be suitable for this job. If you fail to score in this part, you’ll not be offered with that job, no matter how good are you.

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4. Be active throughout the interview

Be active throughout the interview

People sometimes confuse between being polite and being passive as if they both are the same. Being polite doesn’t mean you should not be active. A healthy interview depends only on the conversation which you have with your interviewers. Your answers should be in such a way that even if it is short, it must be explanatory enough for the interviewers to know about you. Only if the interviewers find it good and interesting, they will be interested to speak with you more and more. If you give an answer which is not explanatory enough, they’ll think that you aren’t really interested for the job. So be careful with the answers which you give and try to be active with the interviewer.

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5. Be clear with your selling points

Be clear with your selling points

Selling points of yourself are one of the most important things which you should explain properly to the interviewer. Have a list of selling points to say. Only if you convey it properly, they’ll be able to know about you and your characteristic points. If you aren’t clear enough, it will make them think you will be an inappropriate person for that position.

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6. Be ready to handle inappropriate questions

Be ready to handle inappropriate questions

Questions of this type are quite common. Any questions about your race, age, religion, marital status and sexual orientation are inappropriate. But even if the interviewers ask questions of this sort, it is important that you should answer these or should be able to refuse this in a polite manner. Questions like “I’m not sure how it is relevant to my application” will be a better option if you choose to refuse to answer. These questions can also be a way to check your level of patience and spontaneity to either answer or refuse it.

This is one of the areas in which you should be more careful while you answer. You should not lose your cool or point your fingers or either move your hands more in front of your interviewers while answering these questions. These might affect all the good impressions which you might have gained from the beginning of the interview. Be careful with how you react.

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7. Be on Time

. Be on Time

Most important thing in every interview you attend is to be on time for your interview. If you fail at this, it will create an impression that you aren’t really interested to attend this and hence you are late for the interview. Make sure you are a bit early than the time slot or the time mentioned for you to attend that interview. Also, if there is any delay from the interviewers’ side you should be patient. This also shows your level of patience. If you are nervous are restless because of their delay, it means you are in urge do to something else other than this and hence the interviewers will come to a conclusion that you patience level is less than expected. You should got give even a single chance for them to think negative things about you.

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8. Be careful with what you say

Be careful with what you say

Most of the times questions from the interviewers will be based on what you tell about yourself or what you mention in your resume. In order to prove yourself the best, if you mention things which you haven’t done ever, know that you will be in a big trouble. This is because; you will not be able to answer cohesively for the things you haven’t done. This inconsistency in your speech will make them know that you haven’t done many things in that field or you have less knowledge in the things which you’ve mentioned. So be careful with what you say or mention. Think it in this way, if they ask a question in which you are expert you will have an advantage. So be honest and let them know only about the things which you have done really.

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9. Score in the first few minutes

Score in the first few minutes

This is so common in every interview. The first few minutes are the time where you can explain about yourself much to the interviewers. After this time, the interviewers might be interested in asking you questions technically based on the post which you’ve applied for. In the first few minutes be extensively cohesive and tell all the plus points which you have. Doing this could sometimes impress the interviewer and drag him to topics and make him ask questions on the topics which you had mentioned while you were speaking in the beginning. If that happens, as mentioned earlier your chance of scoring will be higher. Make Hay while the sun shines.

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10. Be prepared a day before

Be prepared a day before

Just prepare yourself before attending any interview. Sometimes you might get nervous at that point where you attend interview. So to avoid that, rehearsal for one or two times before interview is a best way.  Also be technically prepared, don’t allow them to think that you are weak technically. So better revise about the technical aspects once or twice before your interview.

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These are some of the basic steps and things which every interviewer will look for so be prepared and confident enough to face even the extreme situations. Be positive and prepare yourself based on the points listed above. Know this; your opportunity in an organization purely depends on how you perform in your interview. Nothing comes out without practice and experience so does this. This approach has worked on numerous occasions. So we encourage you to give this method a shot. All the best…

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