10 Best Career Options After 12th Science With PCM

Best Career Options After 12th Science With PCM

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Best career options after 12th Science with PCM. Nowadays, the board exam of students of class 10th and 12th are going on and this can be noticed as we can see playgrounds empty, lonely roads etc. Students have lot of pressure to score in these examinations as it’s determines a small but essential part of their career. We all have gone through this examination pressure in our childhood. After some days, these board exams will be over and then students have to choose some career path. Many of them choose Engineering as their career line or compelled to do so by their parents or they don’t have idea about other career paths.

10 Best career options after 12th Science with PCM

It is very important to create awareness among the students and broaden their vision towards the opportunities these paths provide in the future. Thus this article has been written in context to give information about the best career options students after 12th Science with PCM can perceive.

1. Engineering


This is one of the best options a student passing class 12th can choose. The best colleges to do engineering are IITs and NITs. These are government funded colleges. Apart from these, some private universities have also gained fame namely VIT, BITs etc. The level of competition to get into these colleges are very high. Government funded colleges like IITs and NITs provide some quota for backward section of society and some quota for specially abled people.

In engineering, we have to choose streams like computer science, electronics, mechanical etc. The field of engineering is vast and has lot of scope.

Many students go for well-payed job after completing their graduation. Others go for higher studies like masters and specialization. Some of them choose to do MBA and go to some financial field. Thus they have a lot of options in front of us after graduation and these 4 years help us to get a perspective of what they are doing.

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2. Bachelor of science

Bachelor of science

This is an another option, students generally choose after completing their higher secondary examinations. The entries in these courses are through marks obtained in their board examination. Normally Government funded colleges provide these courses and nowadays private universities have also started providing BSc courses.

By choosing this type of course, we have to be more specific on what we are going to study. The courses are like BSc in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics etc.

The students doing BSc course mostly go for MSc courses too.

After completion of MSc course, they end up doing high-paying jobs in their respective fields.

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3. Hotel Management

Hotel Management

Many students take science after their senior secondary against will due to peer pressure or parental pressure. After completion of their higher secondary classes, they have an option to opt for hotel management. If they have to passion to cook or to host people, this can be the best option for them. Earlier there were no such colleges but recently colleges are coming up providing hotel management courses which is a 3 year course. After completing this course, the initial posts are low-paying but increases very quickly with time.

The best colleges for hotel managements are located at Bhopal and Kerala.

4. Psychology


This is one of the course, students have now started choosing on completion of their 12th class. The mental health of people all over the world is degrading and there is urgent need of counsellor and psychologists to prevent the situation from further degradation. Thus scope of this course is too high in coming days. It’s a 3 year degree where they teach to learn about emotions, activities etc of a normal healthy person. The famous colleges providing this course are located at Pune and Bengaluru.

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5. Finance


On finishing class 12th , many students have no idea about their future or are weak in some subjects. The students having a strong base in mathematics can go to finance related courses like BBA in finance. This can be best for some students as they just have to study one subject – Mathematics and pressure on them is low. This is a 3 year course after which they have complete their masters which may take another 2 years making it a total of 5 years. Many students take drop to go into IIMs which is a government funded best colleges for this course. Another best colleges are located in Mumbai and Delhi.

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6. Aviation


This is a totally different field a student can choose which can be one of the dream he dreamt of in childhood. It’s a 3 year course conducted  by only a very limited colleges. The colleges of this course is generally location specific like low lying areas. The cost of this degree is too high but once you get recruited by any airlines, the initial salary is also very high. The Airline companies Indigo and Jet Airways are even ready to offer more for good pilots.

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7. Law


Very few students study for Law examinations like CLAT after completion of higher secondary examination. On clearing this CLAT exams, students are selected for National Law Universities upon their ranking and marks scored. National Law Universities are government funded universities and student discovers a diverse type of students from all over the India.

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8. Media/Journalism


This type of courses have gained popularity recently and this is due to encouragement provided by parents towards their child to follow their passion. In this course, students are taught various types of media, their influence and its aftereffect.

They are made to activities involving general public. The name of the course is Bachelors of journalism and Mass Media. It is a 3 year course provided by universities located in Mumbai, Delhi and Vellore.

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9. Fashion Technology

Fashion Technology

This is one of the fastest emerging course in today’s generation. Fashion has become a part of our modern daily life. Many industries has been set up only on the basis of this Fashion and there is a great demand of fashion designer in today’s market. Every wedding, parties is filled with people trying to show their fashion senses.

This course pre-requisites are also not PCM and are creativity and knowledge of trend. The courses are 3 year course provided by private universities like VIT AP, Manipal University etc.

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10. Travel and tourism

Travel and tourism

This is also a career option which has emerged in this modern world. As the travel is becoming easier and comfortable, travel and tourism has grown substantially. The jobs in this field after the completion of course is adventurous and challenging and it involves to travel around the world. The skill required for this course is good communication skills, time managements skills and organizational skills. The courses vary from diploma to Bachelors course.

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Now, as we have discovered a variety of courses (some of them are unique) and their scope, location and pre-requisites, it’s your turn to go through these courses and find a suitable one for you.

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