Top 10 Cheapest Flight Booking Websites

Top 10 Cheapest Flight Booking Websites

In this article we are going to discuss the best cheapest flight booking websites. In the present world, no one wants to be late and everyone are in hurry. Earlier, people travelled long distances by trains and cars. Thus, aircraft invention by Wright brothers on 1903 is considered to be one best invention in the history. Flight has become most preferred travel vehicle for long distances. International travelling is done mainly by airplanes and ships but many people opt for flights. Even many national trips are done through means of air by many people.

The biggest advantage of airplane is helps to reduce travel time between source and destination by much extent. Therefore, flight has become important way of travel for busy people. As the advantage of flight is good, the cost of flight is also high. Only the middle and higher section of society can afford it and poor people have to go through train as it is comparatively cheap. Many of the middle class also find it costly to travel through flights.

10 Best cheapest flight booking websites

Many of us search for cheaper flights for travelling and have a habit to compare prices through different sites to get cheapest fare. Hence many fare comparing websites have emerged to compare the prices and choose the optimum flight for you. The list of such websites is:

1. Smarter Travel

Best Cheapest Flight Booking Websites

This is well-designed website with good appearances. This site has the purpose of providing good deals to its customer. It helps you to book good and cheap hotels, make vacation trips, book cab and book flight online. It also has a section where we can compare the prices of flights. We just have to give our source and destination city with which it well shows the best flights suited to your comfort. Apart from this, it also has section for latest news happening all around the globe updated regularly. Expert tips are provided to users for travelling by this website too.

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2. Ixigo

Best Flight booking sites

This is a travelling best website. It tends to help us with all our travel tour from booking cab and hotel to booking the flights with the best price available in the market in the present moment. User have to type in their source and destination with the date of journey and website will do the remaining of work for them. The layout of this website has well defined sections for flights, trains, cab, hotels, etc. The website has a beautiful look which is a good example of user experience. Due to its good service, the customers of this site are increasing by the passage of time.

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3. Momondo

Top flight booking sites

This is another example of excellent website to compare the prices of flights. The dark blue shade of this website makes it look classic and clean. Similar to other sites, as we have told it our source and destination with our date of journey and it will show us the best available flights at that time. It also helps in booking of hotels, trains etc. The different feature from other sites is it also provide car rental services which most of the tourist prefer for while going to new cities.

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4. Yatra

Best websites to book flight tickets

This site is not so old but has gained popularity among the travellers because of its flight comparison and other features provided by it. Other features include hotel booking, cab booking, train booking etc. Flight price comparison feature in this site is said to best than other sites and it is due to its relation with tour and travel agency as well as cashbacks provided by it. It helps customers to get best price for themselves for travelling. It also has sections for monuments and activities which is good feature for any travelling website. Apart from this, website have nice and decent look.

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5. FareCompare

Best websites to book international flight tickets

This whole website is dedicated towards the comparison of fair of flights, hotels, cabs etc. The main page first feature shows option for comparing flight prices where we have to give our source and destination spot and the site will help us to get best flight value. The comparison algorithm of this website is very strong getting the best prices available in the market. It also has a blog section where we can find various travel blogs which can help us before travelling.

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6. Goomo

Best websites to book domestic flight tickets

This is another good site for booking and comparing prices of flights in online mode. The layout of this website is simple but catchy. Apart from this, it also helps us to compare the prices of hotels. Customers have reviewed this site and made one of the most searched sites for comparing the prices of flights. On the booking of flights, it gives us gift cards which can be redeemed during the next bookings of flight making it cheaper.

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7. MakeMyTrip

Best websites to book cheap flight tickets

MakeMyTrip provides services like flight reservation, hotel booking, planning vacations etc. As the flight reservations need to be cheap for customer attraction, it gives to discount on the prices of flights while booking. It compares the prices of different flights with given source and destination and then adds special discount for its loyal customers. Gift card facility is also available in website. The layout of website is clustered and clumsy but customer can find its desired features easily.

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8. EaseMyTrip

best websites to buy flight tickets

As the name suggests, the websites help to make its customers travel easy. For making the travel easy, it helps in booking flights, hotels, trains etc. Flight price comparison option is also provided by this site to help its customers to select best fare for them with desired source and destination. Deals are given by website through which discounts are added to specific flights making it cheaper for its user. The layout of this website is simple and classic.

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9. Goibibo

Top websites to buy flight tickets

Goibibo is an old travel agency website which helps its customer to plan their vacations properly and cheaply. To make the tours cheaper, it has a section of its main page dedicated towards comparing the prices of flights. With the click, we can find hundreds of flights at good price. Apart from this, it also gives cashbacks to its users making it more popular among users. The layout of this site is attractive as well as has a decent look.

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10. Expedia

Book flight tickets

Expedia is an international travel booking agency website. It helps its users to book flights as well as hotels, cab, trains etc.  It also has a car hiring facility which is not present in many websites making it different from others. As the part of booking, it also helps in comparison of prices of flights provided by different airlines. The layout of this website is very basic and simple with very less sections and varieties but the service provided by it is great according to many users.

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These were some of the websites where we can compare the fare of different flights efficiently.

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