Best Educational Blogs For Students

Best Educational Blogs For Students

In this article we are going to talk about the Best Educational Blogs for Students. In the era where the internet has taken over all the conventional methods of learning for students all across the world. Internet has something for learners of every age from toddlers to PHD Scholars there are numerous articles, blogs, video tutorials and so on for everyone’s needs to sit back in their own room and make the learning process barrier-free and highly efficient. An educational blog or edublog is a blog, which is created for the purpose of imparting knowledge and education to masses. These blogs are not only for students but also for faculties who can involve themselves in discussions or question-answer sessions and learn or enhance their skill set with an online classroom feel.

10 Best Educational Blogs For Students

Here are the best educational blogs for students listed below in detail:

 1. Education

The Learning Network

The Learning Network is a blog, which works under the New York Times, which targets the faculties, students along with their parents. Who does not like learning with fun and entertainment? This blog is the right destination for students who want to learn to write articles, solve quizzes and crosswords and explore varieties of multimedia and special contests with people from various countries at the global level. The blog not only provides information and guidelines for faculties and students but also a platform to share your own views and thoughts in the discussion forums.

The platform provides articles for students on a daily basis based on a number of categories like sports, world issues, latest news etc. and bring such important information in the form of the classroom to the students. A lesson plan for the major content being taught in the schools in the form of a library. A student not only requires knowledge of the books but also practical and communicational knowledge to present themselves in front of the world. It also takes into consideration the professional who can be a part of the webinars, which are conducted by the blog for no cost. Every learner must reach out for their grooming a highly efficient and attractive blog.

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 2. Edutopia


Edutopia is a part of The George Lucas Educational Foundation, which has a focus to increase the collaboration of students with researchers, teachers and curriculum experts to increase the efficiency of project-based learning. The blog focuses that not only learning and assessing of the facts and figures or any other learning-based content is necessary but one should also know the physical implementation and the real-life use of the concept being learnt to achieve some goals.

This educational blog provides an attractive learning environment for the visitors with blogs as well as videos, which are interesting as well as knowledgeable. The blog also facilitates the role of teachers, administrators and parents who can be very crucial in the overall development of a student. Learning should cover an entire range of capabilities of a student including social, emotional and academic excellence with various activities and mediums to efficiently impart knowledge and make this world a better place with their actions.

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3. Classroom 2.0

Classroom 2.0

Classroom 2.0 is a free and community-supported network for learners and especially targeting the beginners who aim to begin as a digital learner. A visitor needs to register himself or herself to make use of the blog and you are ready to start using this vast self- learning platform to enhance your skills and knowledge. The blog has a number of categories filtered by subdivision for everyone’s interests and desired passion. One can make use of this blog to follow his or her hobby and passion apart from the basic classroom learning.

Categories like blogging, gaming, mapping, microblogging and what not; you can interact with the experts and fellow learners from all across the world and seek for the advice of the experts at the same time. It gives you a chance to learn from the experiences of other people and your favourite influencers and leaders. Modern learning not only includes the ancient history or maths but also the ever-developing technologies and mastering in extracurricular activities, which are a special trait of your personality.

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4. Learning Revolution

Learning Revolution

Have you ever attended a paper presentation conference? Conventionally conferences were conducted physically but this is a platform where all like-minded people can come together without facing the barriers of traveling and expenses associated with the same. Learning Revolution is an initiative by Steve Hargadon, which was built as a social networking platform for the faculties and began to use live, online or digital and peer-to-peer education conferences. The blog provides a platform to present and host conferences for a number of knowledgeable scholars who can share their knowledge with the people spread all across the world. The website not only facilitates the learners to listen to such global learned leaders but also provides video recording as well to avoid time barriers. The website displays a calendar, which lists all the upcoming and scheduled sessions and learners, and visitors can analyse and make selection as per their interests and choice.

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5. The Learning Librarian

The Learning Librarian

The Daring Librarian is a blog by Ms Gwyneth A. Jones who is a librarian speaker, meme archivist, content creator and many more titles added with her name. We always enjoy reading content with a personal touch and some attractive and catchy images, which makes it more convenient for the learner to co-relate and the learning process becomes highly efficient and interesting. Learning or studying has always been the most difficult part for everyone and the most boring one too but going through articles you can connect with makes it more engaging.

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The learning phase of life never ends. KQED is an online website, which aims to take into consideration diversity, innovation and the importance of lifelong learning. The blog like any other education blog not only provides interesting and educational articles but also an entertainment medium for watching TV, being a part of some intriguing events like cooking, nature exploring and whatnot. It aids students as well as teachers to expose themselves to the latest trends of technology and the most recent innovations and developments and ideas. It also provides podcasts, which are accessible by people worldwide.

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7. India Didactics Association

India Didactics Association

How about a blog, which aids only the trainers or the teacher or faculties? Each one of us is in the ever learning phase including the mentors and teachers. India Didactics Association is a platform, which aims to groom the stakeholders of both the state and national governments. They provide training, educational resources, solutions of improvised and better learning methods, supplying resources and fruitful training to the educators. It not only trains the school or college teachers and professors but also imparts knowledge to the corporates and the government. It has a collaboration with expert international partners to develop global standards.

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8. Teachthought


Teachthough is one more online platform to groom the knowledge bearers developed by a team of Indian brains. The goal of the blog is to innovate education with the increase in creative teachers. The blog develops blog posts, eBooks, eCourses, videos, podcasts etc. The platform is an excellent source for learning definitions of the technical jargons being used these days, how teaching a particular topic in a subject can be more intriguing and what all fields it can be implemented. It also organizes workshops to improve the skills, literacy and entrepreneurship capabilities to grow themselves always.

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9. Teacherscast


Technology is the latest trend. Everything is evolving and changing due to the execution of technology, which changes every single second. Learning and exploring new technologies is confusing as well as difficult. Teachercast is an online platform, which is developed with an aim to help teachers to help other teachers and how knowledge and lessons can be imparted with integration with technology. It has a  number of blogs or articles, podcasts and eBooks where the owner shares his experiences with the collaboration of technology and the knowledge imparting process with other teachers and how they can learn from them.

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10. India Education Diary

 India Education Diary

How do you find news and relevant information related to the upcoming exams or explore the job opportunities for the field you are most interested in? The basic objective is to cover all the education-related queries in their mind. It focuses on the concern of youth, faculty, the decision-makers, students and parents at the same time. It brings all the educational platforms together at one single spot. Education can help you get a scholarship or come to know about the necessary exams or their results and the important competitions happening across the country of India. It can be of great help if you plan to seek admission in a college after your secondary degree and opt for some really interesting books and scholarly literature articles.

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Educational blogs are not only for students but also for everyone who aims to learn and develop better skills and do some wonders in their lifetime. Technology, books, music, photography and counting everything can be learnt through these blogs and the tools provided by the. You get to interact with a wide range of like-minded individuals from across the globe and an opportunity to learn from the experiences of your role model or the favourite experts in the same field as yours. Engage yourself in the world of learning and make the society feel proud of your innovations and knowledge.

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