10 Best Essay Writing Tips

Best Essay Writing Tips

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Best Essay Writing Tips. Essay is the best way to talk about a topic, its the way in which one can understand completely about an topic as it comprises of introduction paragraph, advantage, disadvantage ,its like a overview of a topic and its consequences. Writing a good essay is always important for a someone who is either preparing for academics or either for a scholarship. Its important for person to know about how to write an interesting essay in order to get good grades or getting good scholarship.

Its not so easy for everyone to write an interesting and proper idea. As there are so many parameters on which the reader choose to read the article like the heading, the body, the facts etc. To learn the best skills of writing a essay So now we will see how can one learn to write a good article.

10 Best Essay writing tips

The best essay writing tips are discussed below in detail:

1. Appropriate topic

So taking a scenario if one have a tittle on which  he/she have to discuss  then you have to think over only the overview but if you are the one who have to choose the topic then you have to more work, means there are numbers of topics to choose one have to think very hard in order to get a appropriate and interesting topic because topic is the first thing the reader will read or see so  that’s the important point on which one should take care. Topic must be of two to three words or maximum to maximum one line sentence. Appropriate topic is like a start to a building it must be good and proper so that one can express his/her idea and tell them to others by this.

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2. Make an overview

Make an overview

When one get a appropriate topic then the another task is to make the overview means then one have to think and make the list of his/her ideas and things. Then he/she have to think how the paragraph will look alike. Most basic idea of writing an article is writing down some points roughly and then start the article with a nice starting then the body and then as the flow goes. Means writing an interesting article is like making an house so for writing a good article one must make its outline so that no important point is out. One must make an outline by writhing down the tittle on a rough or blank page and then just point out some lines and the facts related to it. This way will help you to write an organised essay in easy way.

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3. Introduction paragraph

Introduction paragraph

Most of the readers see the introduction if the introduction is good then they go to the body. Its like “first impression is the last impression”. So one must start their article with quote or a fact in order to make their article look good. The way you choose to go must match with your facts and quotes mostly. In introduction you can tell the reader about the topic , explain it in brief and then can also compare history and present too. Means we can say a good start is the sign of a good writing. You must focus on the topic , topic must be introduce in a good manner either its for a student or a scholarship seeker. One can also start introduction with quotes as well as facts.

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4. Body of topic

Body of topic

The body contains all the main ideas, advantages disadvantages etc means overall its the explanation of the overview made by us. The body explain the topic more deeply. Here all the points and views will take their own section . Every article have mostly same structure means a good introduction then the main ideas consisting of explanation and information. For making our article look more good one must write it in paragraphs means take a point and make it a sub heading then explain it with good information .

The body of the article must be in a proper sequence never jump the headings or ideas go through the flow means if you are telling advantage then tell that don’t jump to the disadvantage this makes a bad impression he body of your essay argues, explains or describes your topic. Each main idea that.

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5. Be on the point

Be on the point

Never mix your ideas means be on the topic mixing topic can lead to divergence. In order to be on the point one must think before writing or must try to write it on a rough  page first. Never got deviated from the point because that can lead to deduct in marks or bad impression on the reader. Always use appropriate words and language too because sometimes words do also make the deviation of a person from the main point to the other point. Never go too far that there is no come back, think before you write a point and a fact. Use more precise words and Appropriate data. Use of sayings must be less as compared to the facts.

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6. Use facts and sayings

Use facts and sayings

In order to make the article one must use a proper pack consisting of proper language , proper sentences , proper overview etc but rather than this one must use facts, tables , reports and sayings in order to make it more attractive. Its like the beauty means when someone looks good he/she do catches the eyes of other so in same manner when our article looks good one will read it with more interest and pay more attention towards it. So its the important point one must keep in mind that every article must consist some facts and data to support the tittle and sub headings.

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7. Interaction with the reader

Interaction with the reader

One must use questions like do you know about the topic?, what’s your opinion etc. This makes the reader interested in reading the article because when you question anything from the reader then if he/she knows about the topic then they will recall the views or when do not know about the topic then they will get more curious to know the answer which will make them eager to read the paragraph with more attention. Use simple language and sometimes do touch the emotions of the reader that will make the article interactive and more impressive. Interaction will make the reader to understand the topic in a better way.

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8. Appropriate information

Appropriate information

As no one is so dumb that they can’t understand whether the written information is valuable or not. Means one must understand the basic meaning of the topic ,its never about the length always its also about the quality too. Just understand the topic correctly and write relevant information about it. Don’t just increase the length by writing in appropriate information. That can cause problems for the writer. Always think before you write don’t try to bluff the reader because that can leave a bad impression.

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9. Conclusion paragraph

Conclusion paragraph

The conclusion takes the topic to the end, means this is the paragraph which contains overall sum of the ideas while talking about the topic. Conclusion must consist a good quality of words as it’s the area which tells the reader about what the writer wants to say and what his/her view. Its just the overall sum of the sentences and main points. Here main points will get concluded. Here writer must not give a new idea or can question anything as its the closing of the article. So one must write a good quality ending and enforce the main points.

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10. Nice ending

Nice ending

Writing a conclusion paragraph is not the end of the paragraph but no its not there the work is not completed yet now you have to check you whole paragraph means you have to check the alignment of the paragraphs, sayings , records etc. You have to make sure that every paragraph is in a right order for an example if its a recipe of making pasta you must go in the order of making means step by step no jumping of paragraphs and no missing of steps dame it falls for the article it must be in a proper manner. Review all the statements used in the article. Check the mistakes.

Rereads your article and check whether its making sense or not. Check grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes.  Check the connectivity between the paragraphs and the main topic. You should check your overall structure Ensure that you have written the best knowledge you have about that topic.

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These are some of the best ways or we can say best tips to write an interesting and attractive article. From this whole article we can see there are so many parameters one must keep in mind before writing a essay like the overview, body, introduction etc from all this one can learn that knowing things is very important as its the most important part of writing an essay.

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