10 Best Handwriting Tips

10 Best Handwriting Tips

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 best handwriting tips. Writing is a skill that everyone develops from their childhood itself, be it any language. Writing is a way of expression, it’s a skill. It is a skill everyone can develop through practice and a lot of reading. The conventional way of writing, as we all know, is using a pen and a paper. Nowadays writing is through typing as everything is being digitalised. Well writing in its very essence feels complete only when it’s done by hand and our handwriting is what makes it look appealing.

A good handwriting can be developed by constant practice. In every language there is way to writing each letter beautifully. One has to just learn the right way to write it. Every person’s handwriting is unique and different, and it can be beautiful too. There are many factors to how one’s handwriting looks, although it is not always intentional. But one can alter these factors intentionally through practice, at least to a certain extend.

10 Best Handwriting Tips

Here we will be mainly discussing handwriting with respect to English language since it’s the most widely used language, a global language. But most of it can be applied to other languages as well.  Here are the best handwriting tips mentioned below in detail:

1. Do Some Warming Up

Do Some Warming Up

Before practicing writing the letters, one can practice drawing simple curves and patterns to ease your hands into writing. Here we are mainly discussing about writing in English, both print and cursive. This is just like doodling, and it helps to maintain the flow while writing and to help even out the pressure exerted on the paper.  This can be done on blank papers and also on lined ones.

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2. The Right Pen And Paper

The Right Pen And Paper

The pen we use plays a major role in how our handwriting looks. One should use what works for him\ her best. There are a wide variety of pens available in the market. Gel pens give a smooth finish but all pens have their own advantage. Try out different pens and choose which best suits your writing style. 

The paper we write on can also to an extend determine how the writing comes out to be. Corse papers are not generally used for writing.

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3. Practice On Worksheets

Practice On Worksheets

Practice writing on worksheets. A lot of worksheets are available online. They have grid lines that helps write the letters better, both capital and small letters, in a certain size and orientation. It helps to develop the letters and also the joining of letters to form words. This is especially useful for cursive writing.

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4. Doodling


Give your hands constant exercises. Simple doodling will also help here. It can reduce the shaking of hands that one experiences while writing. It can also decrease the strain you experience in your arms and wrist while writing. Also simply practice writing letters whenever you get a chance, be it a boring lecture class or while watching television.

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5. Angle Of Paper

Angle Of Paper

Everyone needs to be made to feel comfortable to give the best results. So one has to work on how the paper to be oriented while writing. Some prefer keeping it straight while others find it more comfortable when it’s kept slightly tilted. There are also people who prefer keeping the writing material at 90 degrees angle. This can be different for different people and depends on which one they find more comfortable.

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6. Hold And Grip

Hold And Grip

Handwriting can largely depend on pressure exerted to the paper and this depends on the way one holds their pen and the grip. While holding of a pen can vary based on a person’s style of writing, it is always advised to have a relaxed grip. This will even out the pressure to the paper and give it a nice finish.

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7. Spacing And Size

Spacing And Size

For one’s handwriting to look good it should have proper spacing between words and even size to letters. Even the letters should not be too much scrambled together, there should be just the right amount of spacing. The size of letters should also be even, mainly the height of letters.

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8. Round Or Sharp

Round Or Sharp

The roundness and sharpness of the letters should be just enough. Too sharp or too round cannot give the expected good look. Also the lines or curves should be smooth and continuous, especially in case of cursive writing. Cursive writing requires the letters to be slightly slanting. Here all letters should be equally inclined.

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9. Have Patience

Have Patience

It takes time to develop every skill. Developing of one’s handwriting also takes time and a lot of practice. For some it may take longer than others but it’s never impossible. One might also feel there is no significance of a good handwriting in today’s digital world but it is not so.

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10. Have Your Own Style

Have Your Own Style

While trying to perfect your handwriting always remember to make it your own. Embrace your style and work on making that better.  There will be times when your handwriting just doesn’t look good, but that can be due to a lot of reasons and you should stress too much on it. Just keep working and you will get it one day. Also it takes a lot of effort to write beautifully, and so while writing casually one shouldn’t always expect to have the best handwriting.

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Always for being the best at anything it takes a lot of practice and patience. And so keep working till you perfect it. Nothing is the best, in the sense that there is always scope for improvement. Don’t compare your style to another’s and don’t let that demotivate you. The above mentioned tips are sure to help to have the best handwriting. A beautiful piece of writing is a work of art, and the writer an artist, so keep trying.

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