Job Hunting : 10 Best Job Hunting Strategies

Best Job Hunting Strategies

Job hunting strategies can help you to find jobs near you quickly and easily. Job hunting is the toughest job there is. Whether you’re an experienced professional wanting a move or a graduate fresh out of college, the market is extremely competitive these days. There are a lot of job seekers searching for jobs all around the world. Take the number of unemployed engineers in the country. With the engineering trend on the rise, new engineers are being spewed out of the system by the thousands and even with the rate of advancements in technology and industry there aren’t enough jobs for them all. But there are some job hunting strategies that makes the job hunting process easier.

10 Best Job Hunting strategies

Here are some job hunting strategies that can help you in finding a job as well as cracking a job interview and get selected for a job easily.

1. Job Application should look attractive

When applying for a job, a resume or CV is the first look that you offer a potential employer. Careers are made an destroyed with that single document. When in doubt use professional formats. Use popular resume building sites and apps to help you but add something of yours to stick out from the crowd. If you’re confident enough, go a little wild. Out of the box and creative resumes re the trend nowadays. Especially if you’re looking for a job in a field that gives priority to creativity. It depends on the situation. For example if you’re applying for a job in a bank, then obviously stick to a traditional professional format showcasing your qualifications. But if you’re applying for a job as a graphic designer, you can design the resume itself to display your skills.

2. Keep Confidence Higher

When you’re applying for a job, what you need to do is sell yourself. Cast yourself in the best line possible. Don’t be humble, be confident but not arrogant. Do not downplay your skills and talents. Be confident when you create your resume, be confident in your application, be confident in your interview and be confident with the follow up. The interview, of course is the key part of getting any job. The application gets you in the door, the interview gets you the job. The key to acing an interview acting like your confident even when you’re not. Truth is if you the skills and qualifications but don’t know how to sell yourself, you’ll probably lose your job opportunity to some other who knew how to sell themselves, even if they had lesser qualifications. This is especially important if there is a lot of competition for a job. When there are two candidates who are equally qualified they will go for the one with more confidence and people skills.

3. Persistence

Do not let a rejection letter bring you down. The job market is extremely competitive these days and if you expect to get the first job you applied to you are very likely to be disappointed. Keep sending out resumes, keep calling up employers, till find another opening, then another and another. Keep trying until you finally get that offer letter. It doesn’t matter how many times you get rejected, all you need is one offer letter. Take failure in your stride.

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4. Keep doing Internships until you get a job

If you’re a fresh graduate without experience, or if you’re switching careers, it becomes especially difficult to get hired for a job. Internships are a great way to gain experience and expertise, and most internships do offer stipends. Even if it is an unpaid internship, the experience you gain is valuable. If you do an internship at a company, the chances of getting hired there for a permanent position increases considerably. You can even do internships while in college to set up for a job in the future. If you think you want to try a career in a different field, you can do an internship in that field to test the waters.

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5. Make connections during job hunting period

Connections are the currency of the job hunting world. When job listings and announcements aren’t enough, connections help you find jobs that are not public notice. It helps you to know what positions are available where. And how do you get connections? Through networking. LinkedIn is a must for any professional hunting for careers. Maintain an up to date profile on LinkedIn, follow Industry pages and groups, keep a look out for job listings. Go to job fairs, summits etc., make and maintain contacts. There are also personal contacts obtained through family and friends. Going abroad by help of personal contacts is a common thing. Don’t be embarrassed to utilize the resources you have.

6. Do research before interview

Whatever company you’re looking for a job in, do your research. Study their hiring patterns and history, understand what they look for in an employee. This is where contacts can help. Anyone you know inside the company could provide you with a lot of valuable information. Do a complete in depth research before reaching for an interview. Also look up interview tips and tactics, confidence tips, the whole deal. Be aware of the latest trends and technologies in your field.

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7. Decision making is the key

Once you get selected for a job, it is not necessary that you accept. Don’t be so quick to jump. If it is that dream job with the huge package that you’ve always wanted then of course go ahead and jump. But in most cases, there maybe elements to the job you’re not completely satisfied with and you may think that a better opportunity might come along soon. If you’ve been to a few interviews then wait for all the call backs to come in before you accept or reject anything. It’s always a gamble, but make an informed and smart decision. In some cases you might be able to negotiate for better pay or benefits. Analyze the decision based on comparison with other offers and make a good choice. Also consider how desperate you are for a job. Don’t take too many risks if you are in urgent need of a job

8. Prefer best job hunting sites and apps only

There are several job hunting sites and apps that you can use. It has job listings tailored specifically to your requirements. It is the 19th century equivalent of recruitment agencies although going to an actual recruitment agency might be a good idea too. The internet is a resource that you should not waste. Some of the popular career guidance sites include Monster and Glassdoor.

9. Cast a wide net

With the progression of society and the fast advancement of technology, jobs that are previously didn’t even exist are being created everyday. New jobs are being created meaning new paths are being created for you. There maybe an offshoot to your field of interest that you didn’t know existed. Or maybe you might even be interested in trying an entirely new kind of job, risky but adventurous, if you can afford it. These new fields have the advantage of being probably less competitive, but very high risk. Twenty years before YouTube didn’t even exist an now being a YouTuber is an actual, full-time job.

10. Entrepreneurship

If you feel you’re not suited to being a cog in the corporate machine anymore, and you have ideas that you’ve always carried around in your head, you can always decide to be your own boss. Startups are the trend today and so it is a competitive market. It’s a hit or miss risk really, but it is worth it. Like mentioned before, new niches are opening up everyday so if you can spin an idea about a here before unheard of area, or if you can address an existing problem with an innovative solution them there is going to be demand for your business.

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Job hunting requires patience and persistence and a mentality to not give into failure too easily. It is hard, but it doesn’t have to be that hard. Sometimes some level of compromise maybe required. If you stubbornly insist that you will only take a job befitting your qualifications you might find yourself out of a job for a while. Know the current market trends and be prepared for a little flexibility.

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