10 Best Mobile Photography Tips

10 Best Mobile Photography Tips

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Best Mobile Photography Tips. Mobile phones have travelled a long way from being an electronic device to make calls to a device with multiple purposes. Mobile cameras are one such application every user looks forward to. The advantage of using the same gadget for multiple purposes encourages more people to switch from cameras to smart phones to take photos. Low cost, the other applications for which mobile phones can be used, easy to handle and to transport, improving quality of mobile phone cameras are few of the attractions that draw people towards using mobile phones for photography.

10 Best Mobile Photography Tips

Even though capturing images using mobile phone cameras are easy and require not much expertise being aware of the best ways to click photos improve the photographic skill of the user and the quality of the Image. Here are few best mobile photography tips that would be useful while using mobile phone cameras.

1. Importance of Focus

 Importance of Focus

The primary thing to be done before capturing a shot is to set the focus. Setting a clear focus makes the subject look sharp. The theme to be captured should be decided before hand and the focus should be set accordingly. It would be appropriate to choose a single subject as the focus. Make that specific subject interesting in order to arrest the attention of the viewers. Care should be taken not to fill the subject of focus over the entire frame. It produces a clogged effect. Leave two-third of the frame as negative space.

Negative space refers to the space between and around the subject of an image. On doing so the subject stands out and it gets noticed easily.  A vast sky, a pool of water, a large building, a plain wall, an extended field etc are examples of negative space. The focus of the camera can be set by tapping the screen of the smartphone. It helps in focusing and to optimize the inflow of light.

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2. Light Matters

Light Matters

Light is an important aspect of photography. The perfect level of brightness improves the quality of the image. It can bring unexpected modifications to the photo. Natural light is preferable. No artificial lighting can produce the specificity and naturality as that produced by sun. This can be achieved by adjusting the exposure or brightness. It can be done by tapping the screen to adjust focus and then swipe up or swipe down the sun icon along the vertical scale to adjust the exposure level. Manually adjusting the exposure level would be more suitable as it allows you to determine the amount of brightness. Avoid flashlights. Even during night-time, flashlights should be avoided. Dark shots and phone’s flash may contrast making the lighting invasive and uneven. Nevertheless, flashes can be used at daytime as it helps in minimizing the effect of shadow surrounding the subject.

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3. Avoid Zooming

Avoid Zooming

Built-in zoom of a camera is called “digital zoom”.  Zooming the camera lens to capture photos should be avoided at all cost. It may not provide the desired effect as it blurs the photo. If the user needs to focus on one specific aspect it would be more appropriate to move closer to the object or to crop the image later while editing. The mobile phone cameras are different and inferior to a DSLR and so zooming may not produce the expected result and may reduce clarity of the image.

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4. Lens


We use mobile phones for multiple purposes and so it will have to be handled roughly. This may lead to clogging of dust on the camera lens which reduce the quality of the image. Before using clean the lens with a soft tissue or towel which will remove the dust from the lens. Also, while on beach or such sandy areas, clean the lens occasionally. Today external lens like fish-eye and wide-angle lenses are available in the market which can be attached to the camera lens of the phone bringing a different quality to the photos.

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5. Being Natural

Being Natural

Try to take candid photos rather than posed once. Posed photos are unique. Nevertheless, candid ones can capture the visual in a better way as it can absorb the emotions and ambiance to a higher degree.  Posed photos create a sense of artificiality which does not happen otherwise. Being natural is not just about candid alone. Using natural surroundings will be helpful in creating a serene mood to the photo. Observe the source of light and background attractions. Make use of the beauty of nature to click a photo.

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6. Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds

Rule of thirds in photography is a composition type which divides the image evenly into thirds horizontally and vertically and the subject is placed at the intersection points of the vertical and horizontal lines. Using this grid format can prevent some common mistakes in photography. It creates a balanced composition and seem to be more comforting to the eyes. Symmetry is another method often employed by photographers. It creates a sense of rhythm and proportion. Such images can be divided into two parts and both are mirror image of the other. Focusing on the repetitive patterns while capturing elevates the appearance pf the image. Repetition can be brought by the reiteration of some patterns or through the repeated appearance of similar objects.

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7. Perspective is Important

Perspective is Important

The perspective of the camera lens is crucial. The right camera angle can make the image unique and intriguing. Reflect on the aspect to which focus should be given. Concentrate on it and decide an angle through which it can be reflected completely. Attempts to take photos in exceptional angles such as a moving plane from directly below provide a different perspective to common visuals. Usually people take photo from chest height. Try low angles by crouching or kneeling or by even climbing a tree to capture the best shot. Reflections are another way of creating a unique image. Reflections in water, sunglasses, mirrors and windows etc can be made use of. Following the leading lines is another method. It can be both natural and artificial. Circular staircases, way through the woods and highways are some common leads found. It concentrates the viewers eyes to certain depth of the frame.

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8. Do not hesitate to Edit

Do not hesitate to Edit

One may feel that editing would destroy the authenticity of the photo. It is not so. Editing improves the quality of the photo. Special effects can be included. Editing is a skill. It requires practice or else the image may get ruined. Editing a photo also helps the person to cover up faults that entered the image. There are various editing apps available which can be made use of. It is particularly important when practicing photography as a profession. Some common editing apps are Adobe Lightroom Mobile, Snapseed and VSCO which can produce the desired effect.

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9. Tripod can be Useful: A steady angle is essential while clicking a photo sometimes

Tripod can be Useful: A steady angle is essential while clicking a photo. Sometimes

While shooting in the low light areas a small camera shake can make the photo blurry. This is because, in such conditions, camera uses a lower shutter speed, letting the light in a longer period. Tripod comes handy in these circumstances. They are lightweight and small. It is available at desired shapes and sizes. In case a tripod is absent one can make the camera steady by holding it with both hands, keep the phone on a steady surface such as a wall, positioning the elbows to keep them steady are few things to be done to prevent shaking in the absence of a tripod.

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10. Purpose Over product

Purpose Over product

The final and the most important point to be kept in mind is the purpose behind photography. Whether it be a camera or a mobile phone, what drives the photographer is the urge to capture moments and making it memorable. Passion is the driving force behind any good photo. Some general points to be kept in mind are:

  • Moment is important, not the photo. Never miss the opportunity to enjoy such simple moments.
  • Simplicity is what matters. Focus on things considered least important. This tempts viewers to admire beauty in the unique and the unexpected.
  • Appreciate your skill: Photography is a passion. Make those times of photographing a fun and enjoyment.  
  • Think outside the box. It will make your photos unique and interesting which is sure to interest the viewers. Composition together with the subject creates a remarkable photo. Photos that makes people laugh or think stays longer. 
  • Avoid taking a single photo. Take multiple ones so that it would be easy to select the best one from those. It should be employed especially when taking candid. The right moment may turn out unexpectedly.
  • Always keep the mobile camera ready to be used. One cannot predict the chances of having the right image. In order to avoid missing valuable visuals, it would be wiser to keep the camera mode on especially while traveling. It is also advisable to keep the phone in airplane mode during such circumstances.
  • Try to be cautious while indulging in photographing especially while on a busy street and in heights.

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Photography is an art. It can be mastered by anyone with a strong will and a heart to work. Internalizing these tips alone does not produce a good photographer but continuous practice does. These tips help a person improve his skill and help him create masterpieces using the smart phone.

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