Best News Websites in India

best news websites in India

The best news websites in India are discussed here in this article. News is information about some recent events happening in the earth which is broadcasted to the citizens. Earlier and now also people get news through newspapers ,TV and radio.

In the present internet world with lots of thing changing around us , we have started preferring  websites rather than newspaper to get the latest news of the globe.

The news we get from these newspaper are of the same form as newspaper with some headline and then its  description with an image. The major difference between them is they keep us updated from minute to minute instead of getting news the next morning.

Another major advantage of this news websites is that they are easily accessible to common man.

Top 10 News Sites in India to read news online

Thus the importance of news is known by now , these are 10 best websites to read news online

1. NDTV news

This is one of the leading news channel of our country founded by Mr Prannoy Roy and Ms. Radhika Roy. NDTV stands for New Delhi Television. Due to its huge success , it has opened many subsidiaries like NDTV lifestyles , NDTV convergence etc. It is India’s no. 1 media channel.

To get news from the world ,  get NDTV app and stay up to date with your general knowledge.

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2. IBNLive

It is very popular online news resource as it provides user to interact with editor and reporters directly. Its headquarters is situated in Delhi.

It is supported by strong by a team of over 1000s professional, who give users with solid news from all over the India as well as world.

3. BBC news India

It is one of the the greatest news website of India and world too. Its Interface is so user-friendly that it enables customers to read the contents published easily on the websites.

best news sites in India

BBC News India is also available in different languages like Gujrati , Marathi ,Bengali and Hindi. Its app is compatible with both android and iOS.

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4. Indian News

This is news app which supplies us with e-News Paper. It provide  news of every genre- Bollywood ,politics ,sports etc. To be updated , download and be tuned to Indian News app.

It is also available for both  android and iOS.

5. India Today

This is an app of the news channel India Today founded in 1975.It has soon become one of the pioneers in Indian news Industry. This channel set benchmarks for new emerging journalists of India.

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6. Webdunia

This is a website built to provide news on Politics, International affairs, Bollywood gossips and sports. It is available in different languages such as Hindi, Gujrati , Marathi , Tamil , Malayam , Kannada and Telugu. This website is compatible with windows , iOS and Android.

news India

7. ZeeNews

This is an app which is formed by Zee News channel. This website gives you the update on breaking news on any current affairs. The information provided is of high quality relevant news covering different aspects.

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8. The Financial Express

Financial Express is a website with very frequent updates and posts. The type news are Business news headlines, Financial news , India Stock Market News, Live stocks and Economy news. It includes Market Analysis on mutual funds , commodities forex,personal finance, IPO , live BSE and NSE Stock prices. It’s headquarters is present at New Delhi.

9. News18

Read all the news of CNN News18 including India and world news of politics , cricket , business and entertainment in this site only. This site offer a newsfeed that brings into sharp focus the most political and cultural events that are shaping contemporary India. This app is available for android and iOS.

latest breaking news

10. InShorts

This is an app built which shows news about various event all around the world in short and brief way. It is designed in such form that a brief form is displayed with an image and a caption.

When you left swipe any news , the app shows the whole description of the information.

This is a very useful app and is very easy to use. By now as we have understood the importance and need of the news, you are free to choose any news app listed above and gain general knowledge.

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