Best Online Grocery Shopping Sites in India

best online grocery shopping sites

The best online grocery shopping sites in India are mentioned here in this article. Grocery is one of the most boring task in the world but also one of the important work that needs to be done in any household. Grocery is the needed material in any house as these are required to go forward with all the eating habits.

Buying and walking into markets or stores can be tiresome and boring. Also there might be families where both the parents are working and are indulged in office work and so they don’t really get time to go out and buy the grocery in between the busy schedule. Or there might be times when you have odd working hours and you may not get time. These all reasons may hamper your grocery shopping process and so there is always a solution to problems like these which is in form of online shopping.

Yes, online shopping nowadays not just mean the wardrobe or essentials shopping but the grocery as well. We have now provisions to buy and purchase our ration online and just sit back, relax and buy these material online through some websites. You just have to look and select for the material that is needed and then can buy them with no worries of the transportation and the delivery being done at your door.

The added benefits of shopping grocery online is the sale and the advantageous deals that it offers so that the material cost less and sounds cheap for the individual. For instance there is Independence Day sale, Diwali sale, Holi sale and many more which benefits and kind of encourages individuals to buy online rather than commuting to the stores and involving in a tedious task of going and wastage of time.

Top 10 Online Grocery Shopping Sites in India

Here is a handbook and list of best online grocery shopping websites in India that you can shop from:

1. Big Basket

Big Basket is India’s one of the leading supermarket and the website which sells all the grocery items ranging from fresh fruits, vegetables, dals, spices, eggs, meat, beverages, personal care products, household items, grocery staples.

You can trust this website for fresh and perfect items of dals, spices, rice, dairy products, gourmet items and many more which might be used in our daily lives for survival or taste. They are always on time with their deliveries time and delivery package and deliver all the items safely sometimes even in a day on a special demand and are always on time.

They provide you with quality and many discounts or deals that may occur on those items. They might provide you some cashback and some percentage off according to the deal applied and thus it can be a suitable website to shop grocery online which will never disappoint you in terms of services or the variety of items available.

It promotes organic farming with least preservatives or added chemicals.

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2. Grofers

Grofers is also in next line to Big Basket and offers almost all grocery items and is a good website to start purchasing the required items. It is hot favorite of the individuals and the most trending website of the country due to its uniqueness and the service it provides.

The uniqueness lies in the fact that they connect their customers to the local stores and shops nearby their area where they can themselves choose the kind of item that they need, be it veggies, fruits, personal care items, eggs, meat, spices, electronics, grocery items, baked cookies, snacks, pet care, cosmetics, flowers and many more added items besides just the grocery items. It is a full on complete store with the service provision of connecting us with the local stores which makes it more popular in the country and is used by a lot of individual in the country.

You can select and choose the day for their arrival and it is always on time which shows its perfect services that it provides. This website covers a large number of areas and states including Agra, Maharashtra, Chennai, Hyderabad, Indore, Lucknow and various other states which is all widespread in the country.

3. Nature’s Basket

Godrej presents a new opportunity for grocery shopping and provides you with a variety of materials like groceries, fresh veggies, fruits and several other required items. They say that food brings everyone together and they work with the same motive. With instant services and provision of the ordered items is the best quality that any website can provide. It also accessorized the items and presents you a book with all the recipes and cooking aids that anyone might need it in kitchen. It is one of the best online grocery items and is known for its fresh and imported grocery items including cookies and groceries. It started in 2005 and due to its wide range of items available, the company has expanded its business in terms of physical stores and the online business that they started.

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4. ZopNow

It goes with the theme Fast, Fresh, Easy and goes by this motto. It offers you large number of discounts and coupons are available. Many deals are always active on this website with many cashbacks on the amount of items purchased. It provides you with free delivery of all the grocery items present within just 3 hours of placing the order online.

5. Amazon Pantry

Amazon Pantry is available for use only for prime members where it provides all the grocery items including veggies and fruits and various other dals in a single packaged box with all the safety measures directly transported directly to the doorstep. Amazon already deals with the dresses, apparels, electronics, and other utility stuff. Pantry is one of the world wide used website for ordering the grocery items. It has become one of the biggest E-commerce market in the world which launched its pantry sector for increasing the business. The features it provides are easy to purchase mode, easy transaction services, and safe delivery modes and have large number of variety to offer to the customers.

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6. Reliance Fresh

Reliance expanded into the grocery section as well when all of its stores took a huge hit and all of them worked fine including the clothing, electronics, utilities and more. They expanded to have 6000+ options to shop from including fresh veggies, fruits, beverages, sauces, eggs, juices, dals, spices, baked items, packaged food, pulses, dairy products and daily use material. They widened their horizons and opened a e commercial website to allow people to shop online instead of jostling around in sun and getting tired of standing and roaming around to get the items of their use. It is one of the biggest website from where people shop plus it is one of the most trusted brands in the country and thus its services work fine and are always on time.

top online grocery shopping websites

7. Spencer

Spencer’s retail shop already holds a chain of retail market and is earning huge in states like Kolkata and NCR and then it expanded to take order online as well. Providing huge number of options as equal to 15000+ items including home décor, electronics, and baked items, it is one of the trusted website of the household’s and the families. With flexible time slot and same day delivery, spencer remain the trusted and used website by the families.

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8. Naturally yours

Organic food is easily available here, instead they are known for selling organic food only. It has processed snacks to offer too but they are too healthy and thus fine to purchase. You can easily place a bulk order at this website with no issues. Apart from the grocery items, you can find perfectly packaged seeds, snacks, beverages and other organic materials as well. For instance organic cosmetics, organic supplements, organic Ayurveda, organic clothing and more. It carefully takes care of material being organic and takes in notice all of items before putting it up for sale.

It is a health freak website which even provides its customers as policy of 30 days replacement and is purely organic to go for. It is one of the biggest market and website where people shop online and can trust the variety of items that it offers. If you want your items to be all organic, this is the best website you can shop from. This directly comes from the farmer’s reap and thus you it is cheap and very healthy to go for.

best website for online grocery shopping

9. Morestore

The hypermarket subsidiary of Aditya Birla group has a whole long chain of supermarket stores working providing fresh and new grocery material ensuring families have a great time with the best quality of the food. From the supermarkets they shifted to online shopping website of the same which works at a high rate than the supermarkets physically. With the most reasonable prices they provide a wide variety of food items and several other household utilities like furniture, electronics as well. Morestore thrives and works to give its customer definitely more amount of varieties and quantities ever. It is one of the best website to shop online all the grocery and household utilities.

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10. Green Cart

Green Cart woks for the customers living in Mumbai and is somewhat like the Reliance Fresh which offers all the grocery items available. One of the highest working website in Mumbai, it has only 2 delivery slot and the order stays free up to Rs 400 and they don’t accept any order below this and has easy modes of transactions like every other website.

It is one of the trusted sources and websites to buy from and its services keeps the customers content and happy.

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