10 Best sites to find cheap houses for sale by owner

houses for sale near me

Houses for sale ads can help you in buying a house. There are some best sites that you can use to find cheap houses for sale by owner near you. Sellers often use some top sites to sell house online by posting some ads. Buyers reach to those ad posts to buy home. So, whether you are a house seller or a house buyer you can use the below mentioned sites to check houses to buy near near you as well as to sell your own house.

I personally used these website to find houses for sale near me by owner. So, it’s my personal experience that I am sharing with you here. While looking for homes for sale near me I surfed each of the website and had different experience. Some of the house for sale sites were displaying posts of cheap houses for sale near me while other websites were displaying post with higher prices.

Every human being wants a safe shelter over their head. Everyone wants a house which is their own and can find some peace there. In this modern era where 90% of the land space is covered by buildings and skyscrapers, it is very difficult to find a free space to build your dream home. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot achieve your dream. People nowadays are looking for ready made houses or real estate which matches their dreams. One may dream of a small house with a swimming pool nearby. A football lover might dream to have a house like Messi or Ronaldo where they will have a separate small football ground.

A book lover may search for a large floor where he can create a small library. One may also dream of a spiral staircase. While on the other hand, a mechanical engineer might dream of a large garage. The interests of the houses differ from person to person. A loving son will be looking for a large terrace so that he can grow a beautiful garden so that his mom and dad can have their morning tea sitting in the midst of greenery. A dance teacher, however, will be looking for a large hall so that she can teach a large number of students. But the question is where will you go for buying such houses.

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The mind of many people will think about the old conventional property dealer who has many contacts. But why should you allow a middle man to take your valuable money. Modern problems need modern solutions and thus we are present here to save your effort. Here in this article, we provide you the best websites to find your dream houses near your current location. The question is why you should use these online websites right? Through these websites, no third person is involved in the deal. You can directly talk with the seller or property owner and can set the deal. Thus, it requires a relatively lower price.

Top 10 websites to find houses for sale near you

The best sites to find cheap house for sale near you are listed below:

1. 99acres

It is a number 1 property portal. The reach of this site is around the globe. At very first you have to choose your location from a variety of locations. You can choose from a list of popular cities in India like Delhi / NCR, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and many more cities like Agra, Jaipur, etc. You can also search for a house in the other countries like Dubai, Spain, Australia. Not only houses for sale, you can also search for apartments for sale. If you are looking for a farmhouse to spend your vacations with your family then you can also get it over here. You can also get commercial houses too. The website users can also search by the type of property like whether it is apartment type or studio type.

homes for sale near me

You can also see or rather search by the construction status of a property. Users can also see many choices in the property gallery section and can easily match your dream with those. You can also see the featured new projects over here in any location. You can also see the 99acres exclusive listings to see the sizzling deals. There are two ways of searches one you can search by typing the location and the second and quite innovative method is by map search. By map search, you can locate the exact real-time location and can see the available deals.

After searching the location you can also see the quick links where you can get the hot projects and the hot areas. If your bank balance is troubling you from taking an action then they also have a facility of home loans and you can easily avail it. You can post your queries in the QnA section and can get many useful advice from experts through their articles and blogs. You can also try their newly installed price estimator tool by which you can see the estimated price of your dream home and can proceed accordingly.

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2. Magicbricks

It is another website which more like a superbrand. Here you can search for 1150+ houses to buy near you across 250+ cities. You have to just mention the location or a landmark or the project name and get to see from a wide range of listings. You can also search by your budget. If you are looking for rent then you can also get it over here. You can even post your ad for selling or renting a house that too completely free. You can explore the exclusive magicbricks properties by signing in over here. If you are confused about the location and want a suitable location that is near to the airport, railway station and schools and colleges are also accessible from there, then you can click on the ‘know where to buy’ tab and can explore the locality.

best site for houses for sale

By signing in over here you can get the top and the most popular property collections. Its variety of innovative tools creates a difference from the other sites. Its prop worth tool helps to find the average worth of your property. It also has rates and trends tool which allow the customers to see the what’s trending. Smart search tool narrows down your searching to your very specific dream home. It also helps you financially by providing home loans at the best interest rates. Its home loan calculator makes the work easier.

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If you are getting confused that whether buying a house will be perfect or rent is suitable for you then you have come to the right place. Its buy vs rent tool provides a comparative analysis of the same which will help you in the long run. You can also see the popular events that are going on around the country over here. You can also see the property related news over here. Users can also see the featured projects across the megacities of the country. You can also see what the users say about them in the review section.

3. Nobroker

As the name itself suggests it will not break your dream of getting your desired house. It is also one of its kind as it provides an agreement based contractual renting procedure. This makes it more reliable to most of the customers. Not only that after buying a house, you can earn a lot of money by just referring to the other customers about it.

cheap houses for sale near me

4. Houses for sale

This website has its own policies and its experts help the customers in their entire buying process from the start of their search till receiving the keys of the house. This site also allows the customers with some new features like 3D floor planning, virtual tour, and expert video reviews.

homes for sale by owner

5. Housing

This is another popular website. Its name only suggests its purposes. You can search inits featured listings to get some premium homes. This website also hosts many housing festivals. It also allows you to save your choices in the favorite section and also allows you to compare with other listings to get the best out of it.

homes for sale near me now

6. Nestaway

This is the website for the common people. If you are new to Mumbai and want a safe home for your daughter in some safe location, then this is the site for you. This site started its journey in 2015 with the sole aim to help those needy persons who will be looking for a nest in the large cities. It also allows you with low security deposits. Nestaway is also one of its own kind as it offers many festive season exciting offers to aid your buying process.

houses for sale by owner

7. Commonfloor

It consists of many great house listings and that too is verified. The only negative side of this website is that it is only available in some megacities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Gurgaon, Ahemdabad. So, if you are looking for a floor in Shimla or Agra then it is of no use for you. Slowly it is increasing its area and will cover the other cities very soon.

3 bedroom house for sale

8. Makaan

It is quite different from the other websites as it provides the seller rating feature. This feature allows the customers to rate their sellers after the completion of their deal. So, you can easily get and search for listings by the top best-rated sellers on Makaan. You can also download its mobile app as it is very user-friendly and also customize according to your searches. You can easily get the application from the play store.

2 bedroom house for sale

9. Proptiger

The website came to existence with the dream that finding houses for sale is just like finding happiness. Keeping its philosophy strong it has now 18000+ satisfied customers who have got their dream homes.

1 bedroom house for sale

10. Property Sulekha

This website not only allows you to search for your dream homes within the country land, but it also allows you to search for homes for sale in abroad too. You can also look for the best investment projects on the location of your choices.

houses to buy near me

Users can also see the latest price trends here. You can also see the upcoming residential and commercial projects in the location of your choice. Sulekha also has a good customer satisfaction reviews which are available in the review section.

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