Best Story Writing Tips For Beginners

Best Story Writing Tips For Beginners

In this article we are going to talk about the Best Story Writing Tips for Beginners. Stories are the powerful swords through which we can express our emotions, feelings and our thoughts. The stories should have the power of attracting the soul of those who are listening or reading. These stories must be powerful to revolutionize the mind of readers. So, the writer or narrator must concentrate on attracting the hearts of the readers. The narrator or writer should be very careful while writing the story. He must be aware of choosing words, concepts and themes. Each word of the story should be attentively architectured.  Writers can create a revolution for the people through their words. Because of this, there is a  popular saying called ” Pen is mightier than sword”. When handling the sword, every soldier should be aware of their surroundings. Here, the sword meant that the powerful weapon called a pen.

Writing a story is an art. Everyone cannot be an artist in that. It needs various skills to be an artist in story writing. The good story writer always follow some qualities and techniques while writing the story. To become a good story writer, practice is much needed. Practice and some useful tips will help one to become a good story writer.

10 Best Story Writing Tips For Beginners

The best story writing tips for beginners are mentioned below in detail:

1. Be passionate

Be passionate

Passion is the important thing that makes a smaller stone into a rock. Everything that is started with a passion will create big success at the end. When writing the story, the passion plays a major role. Start writing a story with passion.  Passion helps to involve ourselves whole-heartedly in writing stories. The result of the first story may or may not be a boom. But Passion makes the writer to fight with words until he gets success. It gives strength to the words and makes to feel them involved in the story. It will create massive success in the story.

To start up the career as a story writer, some tips and tricks will help. Here, let us list some tips for writing a good story.

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2. Have an example of some good writers’ stories

Have an example of some good writers' stories

Before starting to write, the writers should read as many stories written by good professional writers. It will give some ideas to the writers on how to write stories. Have some ideas in the format of writing stories from other’s stories. It will help the writers to think from the readers perspective. The writer can overcome the difficulties in their story that he is facing in reading other’s stories. It will be also useful in selecting the gist of the story. The reading will give some ideas and helps the writers to analyze the mistakes that should not be done while writing the stories.

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3. Select an attractive title

Select an attractive title

When the stories are considered to be a human body, then the title should be considered as the head. The title gathers more attention than its content. Equal importance should be given in choosing the title as much given in writing a story. The major part of writing a story is selecting the appropriate title for our story. The title has the power of attracting the readers than its content.

Many stories sank in the sea due to the inability of its title. The major mistake that every beginner will do is choosing the worst title without considering the human minds. The title should not be too lengthy as well as not too short. The chosen title must be related to the concept of the story. The writer should not give a chance to the readers to predict the entire story by its title. The crispy and crunchy titles will give way to the success of the story.

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4. Be clear with gist

Be clear with gist

Before starting to write stories, the writer should be very clear in the gist of the story. The ambiguous mind of the concept will have a lack of healthy content. The confusion and doubts about the theme should be cleared as before. Always prefer new concepts to the usual ones. The writer should be very conscious of choosing the concept. It may be crime, horror, humorous and so on. It may be completely narrative or may insists the real happenings around the world. When writing the narrative stories, be sure to involve some social happenings into the story. It will help the readers to develop their current idea about the world.  The story with good gist will help in haunting the hearts of the readers. Once the writer cleared his/ her ambiguity about the concept, he may move to write the story.

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5. Sketch the characters and plot carefully

Sketch the characters and plot carefully

The main challenge in writing the story starts in choosing the characters and in deciding the plot. The plot should be framed with their characters that withstands their concept. The characters chosen should have some qualities either may be positive or negative. The writer should apply the thoughts whatever he have when sketching the plot. There should not be several characters that make the reader to hesitate the story. The number of characters involved in the story should be limited. Always have paper and pencil while sketching the plot.  Give more attention to choose the names of the characters. The plot of the story must be sketched within a limited period. The writer should be aware of various issues and controversies that will arise in real-time when he is sketching the plot.

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6. Have a flow in your story

 Have a flow in your story

Once started to write the story, the writer should maintain the flow till the end of the story. The readers will expect some flow in their readings. The readers should not get confused when reading our story. The story should be able to explain itself. There must be a continuity in the story. The several discontinuities in the story will distract the mind of the readers. To avoid those distractions, maintenance of continuation in the story will be a better solution.

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7. Be imaginative

Be imaginative

The writer should be good at imagination. The story with regular concepts will give tired feeling to the story readers. The story should be able to quench the thirst of the readers’ expectation. The stories are the tool that helps to expose all our imaginations to the world. It is not enough that the writer should be clear about the gist. But also, it is needed that the writer must be more imaginative. The imaginary concepts will be hugely welcomed by the professional readers. But, the level of imagination should be appropriate with the real world.

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8. Use catchy phrases and words

Use catchy phrases and words

Words are powerful weapons. So, the writer should be conscious of choosing the correct words for the story. The words chosen should not have more than one meaning. It should not create any controversies in the society. It should not point to any real-world characters. The words should talk more than the content. It is suggested to choose catchy phrases that will stay for a long time in the readers’ minds. The words should be arranged properly. Always ensure that your story does not have any grammatical, linguistic errors.

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9. Have some twists and turns in the story

Have some twists and turns in the story

A good story should avoid vagueness in its concept. It should avoid lack of distinctness in the story. It is suggested to have some twists and turns in the story. This is the generation in which the readers give preference to the thrill and twisted stories. By considering the readers’ nature, give some twists in the story. The unexpected happenings in the story will give enthusiasm to the readers to continue reading. It will trigger their interest in reading our story. But the twists and turn should not go beyond. The writer should be aware of where to show the twists and where to reveal the suspense. It is good to have twists in the story. But the presence of more unexpected events in the story should be avoided.

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10. Use one sit logic

Use one sit logic

The task of writing stories should be completed at one sit. The writing of the story may have multiple attempts. But it should be completed within one sit. The breakings in the writing will dilute the concept of the story. The writer may be distracted in concept due to physical and psychological effects. The story may be interrupted because of some unavoidable circumstances. Many professional writers suggest to use the one sit logic. It will help the writers to continue his thoughts. It provides a way to build the story imaginatively. Elaborate the concept as much needed. The story writing task should not take more than a day.  Once the writing task gets over, the writer should make sure that his story is free from errors. It should be error-free in concept, linguistically, and grammar.

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Writing a good story is a skill. Everyone might not get this skill. The tips for writing a good story may help for the beginners. But to be a professional writer, practice is the most needed one. The writers should start from writing small stories. From experience, the writer will come to a solution in understanding the readers’ minds. It will help the writer to steal the heart of the readers. The writers should have the imagination skill in sculpting the good story. These will help them to shine in their field.

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