10 Best Ways to Improve My Mood

Best Ways To Improve My Mood

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 best ways to improve my mood. Psychology defines mood as a temporary state of mind that is solely provoked because of the immediate surroundings. These are mostly very temporary and are bound to change as soon as the person’s surroundings change. It is highly unlikely that the mood of a person can persist for long durations. These moods of a person are majorly predisposed based on his/her personality traits. For instance, if a person is very optimistic, it is very uncommon for that person to have a bad or sad mood. In general, people talk about either being in a good or a bad mood. Mood describes the state of mind of that person at that particular instance.

There are also some long term mood disturbances considered as mood disorders, like clinical depression, bipolar disorder and chronic stress. There can be a lot of other factors that can act as the deciding factors for the current mood of a person other than the immediate surroundings. For instance, things like lack of sleep, improper nutrition and unfriendly facial expressions like always frowning and being grumpy.

10 Best ways to improve my mood

It is very important for an individual to have a proper mood or simply, to be in a good mood because only with a good mood can the individual do his daily tasks and be ready to face any challenges that may come. Being happy and in a good mood helps an individual with his everyday life, helps him have a healthy metabolism. It is also true that a happy person tends to have an aura of happiness around them, and they tend to shower it upon those who hang out with them. The mood of a person, in general, reflects his happiness or sadness or the comfort or discomfort they feel at that particular moment. Hence, it is very important to have or to be in a good mood, but again it’s human to feel low or blue. It is important to be in a good mood not only for your mental health but also for your general health. Know that it is important to fight the depression and mood imbalance because the prize you get is worth fighting for.

Here are some very promising ways to improve your mood if you’re feeling sad or are starting to lose your calm. These are also excellent stress busters. Another advantage of this is it is all-natural remedies; you need not go to pharmacies, pop pills of any sort.

1. Spend time with friends and family

Spend time with friends and family

Being with happy and optimistic people always helps to brighten your mood and lifts your spirits up. It could be your family member, your friends or even your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Being around the people you love and those who love you will always help brighten your mood. Devote more time to them, because at the end of the day, it is them who will be there for you. Being with them will distract your brain and mind from the things making you this stressful. It is a proven cure for depression, take trips with your family or even a Sunday picnic will help you to recharge your batteries and rejuvenate your spirit. Knowing to have separate personal and professional lives and devoting equal times to both will help you have a happy vibes for sure.

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2. Music


Music is the best way to improve your mood, listening to nice and upbeat music always helps. Professional therapists suggest music to their patients with music therapy for better healing. The power in music is immense and helps a patient to calm his anxiety, ease pain and make them feel more relaxed. The treatment of clinically depressed patients with the help of music is called music therapy. Music is known to cure depression, restore lost speech, reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, helps the patients in rehabilitation and helps in improving the quality of life. Listening to music will help to keep your mind alert and your body active. It is almost impossible to find someone who isn’t connected to music, be it a song, a band or an entire genre of music.

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3. Have something to eat

Have something to eat

Eating is an excellent stress buster and will definitely help brighten your mood. Eating need not necessarily mean a full course meal; it could be as simple as chewing gum, eating chocolates or biscuits, etc. Eating will trigger your taste buds and divert your brain from the thing that was keeping you down or making you feel sad. Treating yourself with something to eat is the sure remedy to your occasional mood changes. Eating something tasty or spicy will help your mind to be completely distracted from your current mood. You can always come back to whatever was bothering you later. Also eating is an indirect way of taking a break and thus it gives your brain some time to think about the problem.

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4. Get some furry friends

Get some furry friends

Pets are excellent ways to improve your mood. Therapists suggest their patients suffering with depression to get pets. It could be a dog, cat, fishes or even birds. They sure help you get distracted and will definitely improve your mood. Many people have the habit of talking to their pets; they use their pets as personal therapists, open up to them and share all kinds of feeling with them. Many also have the habit of looking at photos and videos of dogs or cats for easing their mind. You can take your pets out on walks to the park, give them a bath and spend more time with them for relaxation and they will help you to put the mind at ease.

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5. Shopping


This may not work for all, but shopping can sure be an excellent way to improve your mood. Trying on new clothes, buying new accessories for yourself or for your house, buying new electronic gadgets are known to improve the mood of people. Many might have the habit of even dressing up of relaxing their brain, shopping is the best stress buster for them. Shopping need not necessarily mean spending thousands of rupees on it, buying a single item can also give them relief. Buying new clothes is proven to amp up your mood and will make you feel a lot better. Dressing up in colors like red will boost your confidence, wearing something green will make you happier and yellow will bring more positivity. These also help in having a good mood.

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6. Declutter


Having an organized lifestyle is always appreciated and will help you think better. Clean and organize your workplace, your desk, your cubicle or even your cabin. There are many people who love cleaning and they feel relaxed after cleaning. They feel they can think better and come up with better solutions to problems if they clean. Cleaning for just five or ten minutes will clear your mind if you think that helps you. There are people with cleaning OCD, who cannot think straight and will spoil their mood if their work station is not clean. Such people tend to have a better mood after cleaning.

7. Open up to somebody

Open up to somebody

Remember that keeping things that make you sad within yourself will not help you in any way. Always have somebody to vent to, it could be a friend, a family member, your therapist or even your pet. But the important thing is you should open up, venting will ease the burden or the problem you’re facing, it will get things off your chest will do a great good for you. With a light heart, you can face challenges more confidently and even in a better manner than you probably would have if you wouldn’t have shared.

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8. Have proper sleep

 Have proper sleep

Sleep is very important for the metabolism of your body, for the active functioning of your brain. Without a good night’s sleep, you will tend to get irritated very easily and get frustrated with everybody. An average adult’s body needs at least 7-8 hours of night sleep for healthy functioning. Maintain proper sleep schedules and stick on to the schedule very strictly. Sleep is known to cure depression and boost your mood over a period of time.

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9. Develop a new hobby

Develop a new hobby

Keeping the mind diverted is the best way to have a happier or a better mood. Develop a new hobby or start working on the present hobby of yours. If you are looking for a new hobby, you can always try painting, learning a new musical instrument or trying out a sport. These will help you to only gain a new skill but you will also find that your depression and bad mood is being cured. Try to devote some time towards it and work on it with all your heart, it will definitely help you get over whatever that has got you to a bad mood.

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10. Go out with close friends

Go out with close friends

The best way for fighting with a bad mood is to go out with your close buddies, engage in recreational activities, get massages, and play paintball or laser tag, or simply watch movies or TV shows together. It will make you forget about the worries and problems you have in your life and help you overcome it with the greatest of ease.

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