10 Best Ways To Stay Focused While Studying

Best Ways To Stay Focused While Studying

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 best ways to stay focused while studying. Staying focused while you study is really a tough task. You are reading a chapter and then, woosh! All those thoughts about the upcoming movie, the new song that released last week, homework of other subjects, scolding of your teacher, invade your mind. Even if you’re trying to focus but your mobile phones distracts you with those unnecessary texts. Your friends and family members disturbs at an inappropriate moment. All these things affect your focus.

10 Best ways to stay focused while studying

As far as it concerned there are some very simple tips that you can follow to increase your concentration capability and you enhance your focus as well. Here are some simple ways that help you to stay focused while studying.

1. Minimize Your Distractions

Minimize Your Distractions

Do you usually check your mobile notification while studying? To check who liked your latest post on instagram or who tweets you. But all of these lower your concentration. It is better to refrain from using cell phones as you will be replying to the texts every minute, which is very distracting. The best way to concentrate without any hindrance is to minimize your distractions. No, I’m not asking you to give up all your social activities, but at least you should learn to say no when needed.

If you hand out with your friends daily, it is better to limit this. If your friends ask you for a movie when you know you must be studying, you should tell them that you’re busy. Ask them to go on some other day. You usually get secondary thoughts while you study.  Just take a deep breath till you achieve your focus again.

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2. Stick To Your Target

Stick To Your Target

Just think what you need to study today, maybe a chemistry chapter or solving 10 math problems. But you need to stick to your goal try every possible way to accomplish it. His may seem difficult for you in the start but once you are habitual of it, this may help you in not only studies but your other daily activities too. Just try to push yourself to complete the target. If not completed, rethink about all the strategies you follow and build your mind for working harder. Also, make targets that you can complete, not the one that are burden to you. You have to be realistic while setting your targets. Otherwise you might not be able to accomplish them and you shall lose your confidence.

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3. Have A Break

Have A Break

It can be really difficult for us to focus on one thing for a longer time span. Research say that taking short breaks in between can enhance your ability to concentrate on studies. It is better to do something you like or enjoy in between. That will make your break more restful and provide you better concentration. Also, doing this will help you to come back more focused. It would be better if you take a 15-20 minute break after a 45 minute study session. But you should ensure that your break should not exceed the time limit.

Taking a break actually refreshes your body and specially your mind. Your brain needs to be boost up after processing so much o information.  You can also jump or walk around in that particular time. According the research, such physical activities make you feel more energetic and simply help you to focus more in your work.

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4. Study In Your Best Hours

 Study In Your Best Hours

Everybody has their own optimal study hours in which mind works the best. Some of us are early risers and some are the night owls. It will be better if you schedule your study hours during your peak energy periods. This will help you to enhance your concentration and stay focused to get the best possible result. Studying early in the morning is beneficial for the early risers because it keeps them fresh help them to study without and second thought. And for the night owls, it is better to choose a particular time slot in the evening so that they can work more efficiently In that particular period of time.  Studying in such optimal hours helps you to stay alert and makes you more productive.

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5. Keep Practicing

Keep Practicing

This is quite understood that building a focus is not a cake walk. It requires practice and patience as well. You need to practice more and more in order to achieve it. Just make sure you follow all the ways and you will definitely achieve a better result.

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6. Do Not Cram

Do Not Cram

There is absolutely no surprise to know that most of the students cram the whole syllabus a night before exam. Cramming does not help you to memories things for a longer period of time. It is better to red and review the information in your books instead of just mugging up. Rereading the sentences enhance your long term memory. Also, try to connect what you’ve learned with your daily life and activities and try to test it n your daily life. By doing this, you will it better. I will help you to move information into long tern memory storage.

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7. Avoid Going Off Topic

Avoid Going Off Topic

It is really hard to concentrate on one particular topic for a long period of time and because of that we often find ourselves going off topic after a point of time. You often get bored of the topic that you are reading and might find some other interesting one which eventually distracts you. all you have to do is just THINK. Think whether the information you are reading is worth or is it going to help you in any way. If not, then quit reading that right in that movement and again try to concentrate on the topic you are supposed  to read.

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8. Prioritize


To reach your goals it is very important to know how to prioritize your things. You can eliminate the unimportant and unnecessary things and stay focused on the important and necessary. You can also keep a record of the things that are prior to you. you can eve maintain a diary or stick some sticky notes on the wall to remind you your goals and your priorities.

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9. Motivate Yourself

Motivate Yourself

Motivation is actually a key to success. You can motivate yourself by just doing some simple things.  Just recall how important you goals are for yourself or how badly you want to achieve something. This will keep you motivated and stay focused during studying. You can also give yourself a reward if you achieve something. Give yourself a candy if you score well in a test or achieve your daily task. But you need to be very honest with yourself or you can even asking somebody else to do this for you.

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10. Maintain A Time Table

Maintain A Time Table

When it comes to studying, it is very important to keep a routine that helps you find your flow and focus. You can prepare a weekly timetable for that. The timetable basically include the time of your study hours, your break time, the amount of time you want to devote to a particular subject, topics that you need to cover, etc. it can also include the time you bath or have meals. All you have to do is just stick to the time table. This will help stay organized and save time for your studies.

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Coming to the conclusion, as you can see there are ample amount of ways to stay focused while studying. Different ways and steps will work better for some than others. However, you can choose whichever suits you and your routine. Follow the steps and stay focused on your goals, and you will find yourself more confident about your studies.  Just practice them and try to indulge them in your daily routine. The best results are waiting for you. Cheers!

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