10 Best Ways To Study For a Test

10 Best Ways To Study For a Test

In this article we are going to talk about the 10best way to study for a test.This article demonstrates the best way to study for a test. Tests are the point where all your knowledge, skills, creativity, commands on words and thinking capacity is evaluated. To score excellent grades/marks, mugging up isn’t just enough. You have to be well-organised and your to-do list must be orientated. Many students have test anxiety which affects the revision. They turn out to be weak as soon as the paper shows up. For students who can relate this anxiety, just relax and keep away all the negative thought, be confident, get enough sleep and you will pass with shining colours.

10 Best ways to study for a test

Let’s inspect some of the best ways to study for a test:

1. Start studying before a week

Start studying before a week

The first and foremost thing you must do. Through this, you get a gauge about the amount of revision you need to do along with managing and distributing the time to each subjects equally. Self-study benefits more than extra coaching’s, you can estimate your capability of performing work. Plan your agenda accordingly and stick on it.

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2. Division of notes

Division of notes

After planning your agenda, divide the chapters/pages/files into smaller parts. This makes learning easier. Studying lengthy chapters makes you weary. This kills your interest and motive of study. By dividing in parts, you can revise faster without any boredom. Also, this helps you to focus on every single detail.

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3. Keep writing practice

Keep writing practise

Writing improves your speed while attempting the test. The best way to remember your notes is by writing those 2-3 times. By this you will be able to avoid spellings mistakes and write effortlessly. We are capable of remembering things which we write. Also, you can note down the duration which helps to keep a track of your speed.

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4. Use sticky-notes and highlighters

Use sticky-notes and highlighters

While reading deliberately, there are times when something important appears which is vital and tricky to remember, immediately mark it with a highlighter. It highlights the word/sentence/formula/phrase every time you go through that page, which diverts your focus on that particularly. To add, use sticky-notes whenever possible to note anything important or skip to the part /page which is to be done. By this, you don’t have to turn the pages of the book, again and again, to look for the matter.

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5. Solve the previous year’s papers

Solve the previous year’s papers

Solving papers lets you know how much you are prepared. Also helps you to keep track of your time. You can make out the pattern and the question asked repetitively. It builds up your confidence. Practicing and memorizing the answers generates self-assurance. Solving question papers is the finest way to know where you are standing and status of your preparations.

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6. Time management

Time management

You have to make sure that you complete your test within the time given. Managing time with speed is must so that you cover up everything without missing important points. While solving sample papers, set a timer to check your speed of attempting answers. This will develop a habit of writing fast and increase the speed, if you are slow.

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7. Group study

Group study

Group study helps when your fellow peers are driven more towards studies than time pass during tests. You can teach your friends by whom you will be double prepared and they will understand better. Clearing doubts, explaining tough topics, revising with peer group helps you to memorize everything and makes you fully confident. Attentive listening lends you the hand while writing test, as you recall the spoken information.

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8. Record your voice and hear in loop

Record your voice and hear in loop

Day before the test, if you find difficulty in learning the long, descriptive answers, dictate the answer and record it. Be clear while speaking, take pauses whenever required. When you lay down, plug in earphones and listen to your answer in loop. Your mind is relaxed at night and it helps in putting words into the mind. Listening in the loop makes the learning process easy, just like you learn lyrics of songs when you hear them multiple times, in the same way, you learn the answer.

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9. YouTube, Byju’s and Google

YouTube, Byju’s and Google

These social media assist you for better learning. You can search your doubt in Google and get in return numerous solutions with examples. For visual learning, you can use YouTube where they explain the phenomenon in details. Especially for fun learning, Byju’s application provides study materials according to each grade, videos by experts, conduct mock test rounds and much more to fall in love with learning. You can prefer these platforms to experience online learning and excellent performance.

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10. Wake up early in the morning

Wake up early in the morning

Keep recapitulation slot in the morning. Waking up early makes you feel fresh and energetic. Summarizing the key points in peace activates your learning capacity. Staying up late in the night with drowsy eyes and studying does not help anyway. You need a quiet atmosphere to study any nothing worthy than an early morning.

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