10 Best Websites to Buy Second Hand Books Online

Best Websites to Buy Second Hand Books Online

In this article we are going to discuss about the best website to buy second hand books online at lowest prices. Buying a second hand book has always been a good idea. Sometimes you want to read a book but do not get to buy it because of it high prices. In that case, buying a second hand book is a best option as you can buy it at much cheaper rates.

Online bookstores are helpful as they provide us the book of your choice at one place. You do not have to step out of your house and search the book. also, you can directly contact the seller and negotiate with the deal and payment method.

So, here we are to provide you some top websites where you can buy your desired book in very minimal price. The top websites are listed below.

Top 10 Websites to buy second hand books online

Here are the popular websites where you can buy second hand books easily.

1. Amazon


Amazon, being the largest online retailing platform, not only sells apparels and accessories but also second hand books for their buyers. You can find large range of books here. Also, it has section- local finds, where you can buy a second hand book of your choice. They have a large range of variety of books including fiction books, school textbooks, children’s book, exam central, textbook, editor’s corner, and kindle eBooks. They also provide you book combos where they have a curated set of book collection exclusively bundled for you. Apart from this, they also provide you the facility of 100% cashback if you do not like the book you ordered.

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2. Kitaabi

Kitaabi is one of the trending website to buy and sell books online. It has large variety of books of every genre available for you. You will find second hand books, used books, new books at cheaper rates. It also gives you a wide variety of different genres. You will find fictional, nom fictional, academic related and featured book here. You get free delivery through this website. Also, they have cash on delivery option too.

3. Aduera

Aduera is a great platform to buy and sell your second hand books. This site includes the books of every genre. But if you are a student, then this is the best platform for you to buy second hand books. They provide textbooks in a very cheap rate. Also, you can request a book through this website if you are unable to find a book of your choice. Not only buy and sell, but you also have got to donate a book option in this website. You can directly contact the seller and decide the payment details. You also get cash on delivery option here.

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4. My Pustak

My Pustak is an online platform to buy and donate books. They collect the books from the donators and give them to the needy people at their doorstep. They usually charge the shipping and handling charge from the buyer. You will find large variety of books here. The books are delivered on your doorstep. This is the best website for the people who cannot afford to buy the books because of several constraints such as money, geographical location, etc.

5. Pustak kosh

Pustak kosh is one the first book rental company. You may find various categories of books in this website. This website is beneficial for the graduate an undergraduate students. Pustak kosh provides you the books with any price to be paid. The only amounts you pay are the delivery and rental charges. They will provide you the book on your doorstep.

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6. Biblio freaks

The mission of biblio freaks is to save paper, save trees and save the world by making books reusable once read by one. The category of books they provide are academic, general, reference, fiction, non-fiction etc. they deliver the book to the reader’s door steps. They provide you the book at the best price and good quality. They also provide some amazing offers like novels at Rs 99 or buy one get one fee. You also get free shipping on order above Rs 499 and above.

7. Alibris

Alibris is the international platform to buy second hand books. You can even get all the hard-to-find books here. Alibris also has the section of books offered for sale from independent sellers around the globe. You will find, out-of-prints, new and used books here. They have all the rare, collectable and textbooks on their website. It also guarantees that the purchase will arrive on time, without any damage, in the absolute condition describes on the website or you can return it with full refund. They provide you a fast customer service with full guarantee of your purchase.

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8. Bookchor

They provide various categories like literature, fiction, crime and thriller, romance, classics, science fiction, fantasy, young adult, children, non-fiction and textbooks. They have an online app where you can login to unlock various shopping option. They also have a sell a book option. The layout of the website is quite interesting with various digital illustrations. They offer a 15 day replacement policy. You can also request for a replacement if you are not satisfied with the book within 15 days of delivery. They also have a new arrival option where you can find all the new books that have been published.

9. Second hand books

This website provides you novels, comics, children books, general management books and self help book. Here, the books are on first come first serve basis. They usually do not have multiple copies of a single book s you need to be very quick with your purchase. All the books are 100% genuine and legitimate. They guarantee that your purchase will be dispatched within two days and will arrive at your doorstep with the stated date. They also follow ‘go green’ initiative and hence their books will be packed in a recycled paper and will reflect a ‘green’ touch.

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10. Better world book

Better world book is the best platform for book lovers to buy books online. The best thing about this website is that it delivers your purchase o your doorstep with any delivery charges. It has free shipping worldwide and they also pay for carbon offsets to minimize the eco-footprints of all those books travelling around the globe. The categories you will find here are e-books, popular fiction and nonfiction. They deliver their books around the globe.

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