10 Best Websites To Buy Shoes Online at lowest prices

Best Websites To Buy Shoes Online at lowest prices

In this article we are going to discuss about the best websites to buy shoes online at low prices with discounts. Shoes are a very diverse subject to give a common definition. The definition of them goes with the purpose of the usage and so does the name of the shoe. Any sort of shoe worn for sporting activities or any other physical activity is called sneakers.  The primary purpose of designing the sneaker was for sporting activities but is now used for casual use as well. There are other categories of shoes like slip-ons, espadrilles, boat shoes, oxfords, brogues, derby, etc. Now classic slip-ons are basically a sneaker without a lace and are used for more casual occasions like when you visit the beach.

Espadrilles are just like slip-ons but they have a much flatter sole and can be used occasionally. Oxfords, brogues and derby are used for a similar official purpose and very few can differentiate between them. Derbys are when the lace part of the shoe has open flaps or lids. They are called oxfords when the flaps are stitched to the body of the shoe and they are called brogues when the stitching around the lace has some design to it. There are many shoe manufacturers across the globe from Italy, to the USA and from Australia till the UK. Sneakers are the most sold variety of shoes all across the globe.

The advantage that this model has is that it can be worn by people of various age groups, young kids, adults or even old people. They can be worn for multipurpose also. It can be worn for schools and colleges; it can be worn by athletes for various sporting activities like running and gymming. Despite being the most preferred variety of shoes, the rates of many companies are not that appetizing. Sneakers enthusiasts find it very difficult to keep updating their collection for good. There some high-end sneakers that can cost up to 4 lakh INR also. The cost of the sneakers is always based on the makers and designers.

There are some high-end sneakers like Balenciaga, Jimmy Choo and even Gucci. These are not brands that can be affordable by a common man as they will have a clean sweep at your bank balance. Although there are brands like Vans, Converse, Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc which have pretty decent sneakers and can be affordable too. Experts suggest many sneakers under a hundred dollars that you can add to your collection which will make it look incredibly cool and worth a few head tilts too.

10 Best Websites to buy shoes online at low prices with discounts

Well, here are some websites which are the authorized distributors and will help you get a decent discount also.

1. Amazon

Buy Men's Shoes Online

Amazon needs no description as almost all of us are very well aware of it and most of us are also regular customers to it. Amazon has a wide variety of goods and various brands to choose from. They are a very user-friendly website and will never fail to meet your expectations. When you go to Amazon, there are not only limited to selling shoes. Name a product and you will get it there. Every good sold across the world is available on Amazon and they offer you jaw-dropping discounts for them. They never cease to meet your expectations or needs. When it comes to shoes, you can find brands from Adidas till under Armor, Sketchers till Bata.

They have it all under one umbrella. You can sort according to many preferences you are offered there. Amazon has this unique and very attractive policy called the prime subscription with over 90 million users worldwide. The prime users have many additional advantages like guaranteed one or two-day delivery, access to the discounted rates hours before it opens up to the regular users. They also have a 30-day return policy which will help you to exchange the shoes if you are not fully content with the fit, colour, feel or even if you have changed your mind. They have a no questions asked return policy which makes shopping there even better. Amazon also gives nice offers and discounts for festivals and holiday sessions which will make shopping for yourself and your loved ones difficult.

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2. DSW

Buy Women's Shoes online

DSW stands for Designer Shoe Warehouse which is a USA based designer and branded shoe retailer. They have over 500 stores all across the US and have an online shop as well where you can just log in and shop for your favourite shoes. An advantage that shopping on DSW gives for its customers is that you can get free delivery as there is no minimum limit set for it. They are also giving an extended return policy for the shoes that are bought through one of their shops.  DSW is not limited to just shoe retailers; they sell clothing and even accessories for both men and women. They also have a separate section for children.

DSW also has a very regular and up to date stock. They have stock clearance sales for the customers to shop their heart’s content within their budget. They give you preferences and categories so that you can shop within your likes alone. You can separate according to brand, colour, activity, gender, etc. The only disadvantage of shopping through this is that you cannot order by mail and you have to do it through their website or by going down to their store personally.

3. Overstock

Buy formal shoes online

Overstock despite being known for its home goods, offers a wide variety of collections for men’s shoes. They can be sorted according to the price list. They have free deliveries for shopping above 50 dollars and have other saving options for shopping below it. A major crowd puller for overstock is that the offers and stock keeps on changing on a daily basis and hence this makes shopping very fun. You can also set reminders and they will notify you when your favourite model or brand is in stock again. The prices you find on Overstock differ very much from the prices that you may find on the official sites or when you walk down personally to the store. They have a free 30-day return policy and a discounted refund upon extending 30 days.

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4. Footlocker

Buy sports shoes online

Footlocker is personally the best site to buy shoes from online especially the shoes for sporting purposes. It helps you find the best shoes for all sporting activities like running, football, badminton, basketball, etc. Although the casual shoe collection for dresses and suits may not be top-notch, you will definitely like what you see here. You have the option of free deliveries on orders above 75 dollars. There are regular discounts that are available for the customers. For additional and mind-blowing discounts and coupons, you will be required to sign up for their newsletter. They will give you the coupons and discounts delivered directly to your inbox which you can use whenever you want.

5. Superkicks

Men's Boots

Superkicks is a sneaker house that has the best and handpicked sneakers. They have a very good collection of the top brands from all across the world and will give your feet the comfort it deserves. Superkicks have the walk-in stores in major cities. They have the online delivery option and are a very successfully running and probably one of a kind sneaker store. Superkicks offer a 15-day return policy and they have very accurate size charts which will help you find your fit easily.

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6. Flipkart

Buy Sneakers Shoes Online

Another one to infinite start-up, which was initially started off for novels and storybooks now has been set up in the market as a worthy competitor for Amazon itself. Flipkart was recently bought by the million-dollar company Walmart and is now Flipkart Walmart. Flipkart is just like the desi version of Amazon and has all the products one may possibly need including groceries. They have a very friendly and an easy to use interface with a lot of options available for the customer to choose from. Flipkart gives its users a lot of deals and discount offers so that they can buy the products easily. They have flash sales and impulse sales going on which will tempt the customer to purchase goods. For sneakers and shoes, Flipkart offers a 30-day return policy and they have the option of zero questions asked.

7. Ajio

Loafers Shoes

Ajio is a start-up which is another company known for only the retail of clothing products. They have many coupons that they give to their regular customers and they make sure they are not disappointed. The UI is pretty friendly and they have proper tags and keywords for everything. They have a wide range of shoes from various companies. They help you to sort them according to the discounts available and thus is a major advantage.

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8. Myntra

Running Shoes

Myntra is an online shopping portal with its HQ in Bangalore. Myntra has a lot of variations and options to choose from, right from clothing till home decor and decorations, from electronics till shoes and sneakers. You can choose your favourite brand for any commodity and you can make a very practical purchase. Myntra has very regular clearance sales and discounted prices which will satisfy the customer for all of their needs. The UI is very friendly and is a very colourful application to browse on.

9. Snapdeal

Buy nike shoes online

Snapdeal is a Delhi based online shopping website that has very diverse products available for them.  Snapdeal has over 100000 varieties of shoes from various brands of shoes available. Although Snapdeal is mainly known for its electronics, they have decent varieties of sneakers available for the customer.

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10. Jabong

Buy hiking shoes online

Jabong is a fashion and lifestyle based online portal which has a decent variety of footwear available for both men and woman. Jabong has a lot of sales going on and they sort the available options based on the brand, gender and also by percentage of discount. Jabong is the authorized redistributor of many international companies for footwear and will offer you the best option that is available for you. These are the best places for buying footwear online with the best discounts. There is also the additional option of visiting the official companies’ site and buying the desired models.

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