Best Freelance Websites

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Best Freelance Websites

Best Freelance Websites are helpful in getting freelance jobs. There are many top freelance sites but here we are going to talk about the 10 best freelancing sites that you can use to get freelance jobs now. Employers use these freelance sites to hire freelancer and whereas freelancer visits these sites to find freelance jobs online. These websites have made freelance job search easier.

Based on many such macro and micro factors and also my own personal experience the following are the top marketplaces to look for:

10 Best Freelance Websites for Freelance Jobs

1. Truelancer

This marketplace is perhaps the only platform which invests time in new freelancers in teaching them how the work is to be done. Other marketplaces will not accept you so willingly as a new freelancer. But here, they also take care of the quality of the work done. They would pay good but when it comes to quality they wouldn’t compromise. They are strict about the deadlines. This startup has really got some great freelancers.

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2. Upwork

Here also the payment is good. They are a bit hesitant about the newcomers though. Quality of the work done here is also good. Deadlines isn’t a very big issue here and not to forget they keep 20% margin from the payment. This is the highest in the freelance marketplace. Being the oldest freelance marketplace, upwork is perhaps the most famous freelancing platform.

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3. Freelancer

This platform is also huge. It has the maximum number of freelancers. Newcomers can try this as well. Here, you might get great clients but sometimes you might end up encountering fraud clients as well. And yes! if you are a client, just know that not all freelancers here are meant to be hired. I started freelancing career here.

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4. Fiverr

This is a UK based freelance marketplace. Here you can post gigs. As the name suggests, here the work starts with 5$. Generally. the projects are small as this is a gigs oriented site. If you’re looking forward to make gigs, there can be no better place for you. But if you’re looking forward to big projects, this isn’t your place.

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5. People per hour

This European freelancing marketplace has emerged as the most popular european freelancing platform. Here, you can also get good freelancers. Here you can post your project in the form of hourlies.

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6. iFreelance

If you offer services in accounting, administration, marketing, designing, programming, and writing or in any other related categories, you can join iFreelance to find prospects. Simply create your profile, advertising the services that you offer. Alternatively, you can bid on the projects that are suitable to your skills.

Joining iFreelance is not free. You must purchase one of its paid membership plans. Personally, I don’t think it is a drawback since it compensates by not deducting any fee from your earnings.

Best Freelance Websites - 6


7. Simply Hired

It is difficult to beat Simply Hired when it comes to the variety of freelancing jobs. From personal care to high tech, from administrative to construction, this is the marketplace for online and offline freelance jobs. The site lists jobs from 24 different countries. Besides job listing, the site includes other useful resources like company directory, success stories and career development tips.

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8. Craigslist

You are maybe surprised about why Craigslist is on this list actually. Most people see this platform as another tool for selling and buying things, but it indeed is a great source for freelance jobs as well. This site will allow you to easily browse through local offerings for jobs or you can search by major cities if you prefer working remotely.

Best Freelance Websites - 8

9. Touchtalent:

Touchtalent is a freelance work website that is made for the creatives who are looking for online work from the comfort of their home. They usually get clients for over 100 countries.

What you can do is create an account over there and share your creative material with other people. You will see the freelancers over there have shared stuff like creative bobbles, WhatsApp backgrounds, paintings, animation, movies, videos etc.

It also has android and ios apps, so that cuts down their response time from the freelancers’ end.

Best Freelance Websites - 9

10. WorknHire:

Worknhire is a place where you find freelance work specifically from Indian clients tailoring Indian needs. They have a lot of popular categories like Programming, copywriting, data entry and other simple stuff like a logo and graphic designing. They have an escrow system for payments so you know whatever work you do is same for payment’s sake and you’ll get your payments on time from the clients’ end.

Another cool thing about freelancing on this website is that you can figure out how to find people which are closer to your area, so in future, you might also get a chance to connect with them in an offline manner. It’s free for freelancers to use. It doesn’t have much competition as of now so honestly, it is a good place to work for freelancers as of today.

Best Freelance Websites - 10

These are the best websites to hire freelancers as they focus on quality rather than quantity. Same goes for the freelancers, because these websites have the best clients, freelancers get the best projects here at good rates.

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