How to write a research paper ?

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How to write a research paper ?

Hello Reader, Welcome to our blog here I am going to tell you how to write a research paper fast to meet the submission deadline timely. In college and school students are often asked to write a research paper for performance evaluation.

A Research is a systematic activity to investigate information and reach to new conclusions and facts. To write a research paper for the first time is burdensome task. I have also written many research papers during my education and initially it was quite tough while writing research paper because one needs to follow a systematic pattern.

To write a research paper is tough for beginners

For beginners writing a research paper is tough because they don’t know how to write a research paper, what should be the research title, which data is required for reaching the conclusions of a research paper, what should be the hypothesis and which data collection, data analysis tools and methods to be used for writing a correct research paper that can help them to get good marks and grades.

We are here to help you in getting your research paper written in best manner

If you are also facing the same problems that I used to face when I was beginner than don’t worry here I am going to share my experience to help you know how to write a research paper in less time.

Kindly read this article till end so you can write a professional research paper that will get you good marks and makes good impression on teachers as well.

In schools and colleges a research paper indicates what students have learnt in the class and how the students have applied their leanings to reach a new conclusion on the study. So, it’s important for students to write a good research paper to make their teachers know that they have studied well in the classes and have applied their learning in the research.

Benefits of research paper

  1. It is a great source of information.
  2. To reinforce the learning.
  3. It can be used as reference.
  4. It can be used as basis of other research studies.

Research paper must be well enough

  1. A research paper must be well written.
  2. It must be well examined.
  3. Well prepared research paper are more attractive.

How to write a research paper ?

1. Determine the time period that you have to write a research paper: Divide the realistic time in different segments:

  • 5% of the time in determining the research’s thesis statement.
  • Another 5% of the time in writing down the research thesis statement.
  • Give 15% of time in writing arguments and counter arguments of research study.
  • Dedicate 25% of the time in research.
  • 40% of time can be used in actual writing of research paper.
  • Now the remaining 10% of the time can be used in polishing the research done.

This is only to give you an idea how to divide the time period remaining before submission deadline. So, you can write and submit the research paper timely.

2. Write the thesis statements: Thesis is something that we can call foundation of the research study. So, the foundation must be strong and for this thesis statements must be clear in mind. Don’t keep doubts in statements as it is easy to write about things which our heart believes that it is true.

3. Write down your thesis statement: Thesis statement must be specific, sure and clear. Vague thesis statements often guides to an incorrect research study. So, kindly write down the correct thesis statement that is true, realistic and clear.

4. Write the introduction of research study: Introduction of the research study explains why it needed to make thesis statements. It also explains the objective behind the research study. Introduction of research study must be interesting so it can attract readers mind to read the complete research study. An interesting introduction quickly grabs the attention of readers in the research paper.

5. Write an outline of your research: Think about your research and write the ideas into the statements. You should write ideas as fast as they occurs in your mind because sometimes we forget the ideas that came in our mind by thinking to write them later and it is the reason that some research papers are submitted after deadlines of submission. You can write various reasons and point of views that can help you in research. Don’t forget that we are just writing an outline of research paper. So, it must be written in straight points and not in the paragraphs.

6. Arrange topics in headings and subheadings of your in the research format given by your teacher.

7. Write your research in this step: It is the most time consuming part as to write a research needs proper dedication and it becomes hard to write research when you are not clear about how to write a research paper and which format to be followed. Thus here we can use our outlines to write a research paper fast. Outlines can guide you how to do a research. An outline saves a lot time as now you don’t need to read complete useless books. All you need is to read the important topics that can help you in completing the research. You can also review the past work done in your topic of research study for more guidance. Get the books related to your content and find out the topics related to your arguments made in the research. Go through those chapters that are related to your study and get the relevant information collected out of it that can help you in your research. Don’t waste time in reading the content that can’t be applied on your research.

8. Now it’s time to write. You can write freely now as it’s the time to get your ideas flown through your pen. Explain your each argument in depth and respond to your counter arguments with relevant information and facts related to your research.

9. Now you can write conclusion of your research study in a convincing way.

10. This is a polishing step in which you can edit your written research paper. Make sure that your ideas flow smoothly from one paragraph to another. You can check your research paper again and can make changes required by editing it.

This is the way to write to a research paper fast. I hope now you know how to write a research paper fast. This can help you in getting your research completed before submission time period.

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I wish that you also score good marks in your research study. By following the above mentioned steps you can write a research paper in a good manner. Well now it’s time to say goodbye. You can read our other blogs also for more study tips.

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