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Advantages of Internet Banking

The advantages of internet banking are mentioned here in this article. We are estimated to be on our way towards a truly paperless future. The physical money will most likely disappear, to be completely replaced by online transactions. But that future is not here yet. Notes and coins are still relevant, so are brick and […]

Advantages of depositing money in the Bank

The advantages of depositing money in the Bank are discussed here in this article. A bank is cash related establishment that recognizes stores from the comprehensive network and makes credit. Propelling exercises can be performed either direct or in a roundabout way through capital markets. Because of their significance in the budgetary strength of a […]

Benefits of Health Insurance Policy

The benefits of health insurance are discussed here in this article. But before discussing the various benefits of health insurance, here is a short description of what an ideal health insurance implies. Health insurance, as the name suggests is a medical insurance policy offered when the policy holder is hospitalized in order to support the […]

What are the benefits of depositing money in Bank?

The benefits of depositing money in Bank are mentioned here in this article. Our lives have evolved from merely using paper notes and metal coins to QR codes and instant payments. All of this has changed due to digitization and increased popularity of banks. Banks are the organizations that allow citizens to store money and […]

Life Insurance : 10 Benefits of Life Insurance Policy

The benefits of life insurance are mentioned here in this article. Life is full of uncertainties and most of them come unannounced. Some of these events have a huge impact to your loved ones. To lessen the financial burden on your loved ones in your absence, various life insurance companies have emerged in past few […]

Credit Card : Advantages and Disadvantages of Credit Card

The advantages and disadvantages of having a credit card are discussed here in this article. Having a credit card can really be of help at times especially during emergency situations or if you wish to purchase your dream asset. Certain credit cards give many unique benefits to their customers and the most amazing part is […]

What is SIP and Why it is important?

Systematic investment Plan is a method of investment over mutual funds. Investing can be done either with a bigger amount of money or else onetime payment. In SIP you can invest a certain fixed amount in a mutual fund as per your choice monthly. You don’t need to worry about the rest as the money […]

What is life insurance and why it is important?

Life insurance is a contract between an insurer and insurance policy holder. In this contract, the insurer promises or take guarantee to pay a sum of money in exchange of premium upon the death of an insured person or after the prescribed period of time. These contracts are legal. Why life insurance is important? As […]

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