10 Disadvantages Of Working While Studying

Disadvantages Of Working While Studying

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Disadvantages of working while studying. We all know how important education is in today’s world, education is a must for everyone. We also know how expensive is to get good quality education, and if you study abroad, the expenses would be very high, you may not belong to a wealthy family and you might have thought of working somewhere as a part-time worker or a full-time worker, it’s good that you have decided to manage your expenses by your own, there are both advantages and as well as disadvantages In working while studying, some of the advantages are – you are not depend financially on your family, extra income and many more, not let’s discuss its disadvantages.

What are the disadvantages of working while studying?

As the disadvantages of it are way more opposite to its advantages, you might think before starting work with studying. You must keep many points in your mind before starting working with studying as this is something many students are already doing but they are also facing many disadvantages because of it.

1. Your Mind Won’t Focus Well On Studies

Your Mind Won't Focus Well On Studies

Even if you were extremely brilliant and were getting a rank every time in your school, still you have to understand all these points as these all can affect you well.

Our human mind is such a machine that can multitask at great levels, but when it comes to studies it is advised not to do multitasking or any other work, because it may disturb your studies. Books are not easy to read if you don’t find them interesting, it becomes difficult for students to focus on studies while working as our mind may still be thinking about work. The human brain is advised to study with a calm mind to grasp everything if you are reading something but your mind is not present at the moment, you are only wasting your time, studying may get highly affected by working together.

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2. You May Get Weak In Your Our Studies

You May Get Weak In Your Our Studies

You might be facing problems like – you don’t remember what you learn, you might be mixing up topics and many more, this all is because you are not giving enough time to studies. Your mind may not be focusing well on the studies because your mind is still working on the stuff related to your work.

Not remembering what you learn may lead you to bad results in your studies, this will also affect your mind for not getting good results. Working while studying may not be a choice but the only option for you but when you do so it will affect your work and studies both at the same time.

3. You May Not Have Enough Energy Left To Study

You May Not Have Enough Energy Left To Study

Working takes away your energy as it needs hard work, this may leave you with no energy and only tiredness and laziness when you start your studies, a lazy mind and tired body will never allow you to study with your full potential.

The study may not need physical hard work but it needs hard work from your mind if your mind is not cooperating with the body this may result in laziness and later on you may leave to learn. When we study our mind and our body should be equally balanced with energy for better results, it is advised to the student to sit at a silent place and with minimum resources by which the mind doesn’t get distracted by other things nearby you.

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4. You Won’t Remember What You Read

You Won't Remember What You Read

You might think that all these points are somehow interlinked between each other, it is because the main loss you will suffer from working while studying will be the loss in your results. Working while studying is not good for those students who are willing to create their future with the help of studies, as your work won’t let you study well and keep on disturbing you anyhow, your work will keep popping in your mind while studying. When your mind is not able to focus on one thing but you still force it to study at that time, it will be only reading things out, it won’t grasp things as it is busy focusing on different thoughts about your work as well.

5. Your Mind May Get Confused

Your Mind May Get Confused

Your mind may get confused by multiple tasks running at the same time in it and will get confused on what to focus well and on what to give only some attention, if your gets into this confusion then this may bring some problems with it, you would not be able to focus, you would not be able to remember what you try to learn it will become difficult for you to learn any topic.

A confused mind leads to bad results as it is not capable of focusing on one topic or subject at a moment, focusing well can help you to achieve success in any field. If you can focus well you lead to better results.

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6. You May Not Be Able To Balance Both

You May Not Be Able To Balance Both

Out of 100 working and studying students, only 10 students are capable of maintaining a balance between their studies and work. It’s not easy to maintain a balance between these two as both are different kinds of fields, in work you have to work as a professional and in studies you have to work as a student.

If you manage the balance between both of these, you might be very good at studies, and if you are unable to maintain a perfect balance between these two you need some space between both of them, each field of these requires hard work with different aspects, one needs physical hard work and another one need mental hard work.

7. Your Lifestyle May Get Affected

Your Lifestyle May Get Affected

Both of these require hard work, and if you somehow maintain a balance between both of them, then you will become busier than you were before because you are maintaining two different tasks at the same time, the tasks which require hard work.

Your lifestyle will directly get affected when you balance working in two such hardworking fields. This will leave no space for you, this will take up all your time, both of these fields will not give you enough time to manage your lifestyle. This may lead to different problems in your work life and student life as well.

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8. Your Relations With Family And Friends May Get Weak

Your Relations With Family And Friends May Get Weak

Staying busy all the time may spoil your personal and professional life, this will weaken your relations with your family members and your friends. You won’t be giving enough time required to your family, this may create misunderstandings between the family members and may lead to disturbance in the family, even your friends can get affected by your not giving them enough time which you used to give them before.

Your family and friends are both important to your life, they are always there by your side, so you should not disturb relations with them. You shall always take care of each person who stood by your side In your difficult time.

9. Your Health May Suffer

Your Health  May Suffer

Working and studying are both different things and these both can make your health suffer, working a lot can make you feel tired and weak, studying by sitting at a place for a long time will leave you inactive lifestyle, both have them have their benefits and loss on our health, you might get headaches after sitting and staring at your books for a long time when you work for a long time your body might react differently and body pains may get started.

Focusing only on your career and not keeping your body fit is the biggest mistake that every second person does, our health should also be kept maintained, our body might get many problems due to our inactive lifestyle.

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10. You May Get Depressed

You May Get Depressed

Working and studying all the time, not maintaining family and friends relations, not maintaining a healthy body can make you depressed. Depression can make you even madder than your workload and study load makes you, it will hit you harder than any other thing in your life.

Depression can make your relations even worse than before with your family, friends and your colleagues.

A depressed person can never become a successful person, as he is himself lost somewhere, no one can take him out from depression until he wants to come out of it.

Working while studying is not a bad decision. If you have this as the only option please go for it, but if you are just doing it to pass your time, don’t make this mistake, this will lead you to nowhere, working while studying is a very difficult task, only a calm person can do it.

A person who is unstable in his mind should avoid working while studying, it won’t lead him to the road of success, it will only take you sadness, zero results, depression, no relations with family or friends. It’s not that this is completely not your cup of tea, if you perform it well and plan everything well you can maintain a balance between both and live a good life. So, these were some disadvantages of working while studying. I hope you liked this article.

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