10 Fun things to do with kids this weekend

fun things to do with kids this weekend

Here are some fun things to do with kids this weekend listed in the article. With working parents and school going kids, sometimes weekends are the only time you get for the entire family to be together. Weekends are what you look forward to after a whole week of seeing each other only at hurried breakfasts and tired dinners. So you want to make weekends as enjoyable as possible. You want to have fun. You want to create memories that your kids, and you, can recall and fondly smile at in thirty years.

Top 10 Fun things to do with kids this weekend

The list of fun things to do with kids this weekend is mentioned below:


Pick a collection of movies that you and the kids can enjoy. Maybe Disney movies like Lilo and Stitch or Moana or Frozen, or old favorites like Baby’s Day Out. Find three or four movies. Make some popcorn and huddle down in the couch with the whole family. Laugh and bond over the stories on screen. It’s not a healthy hobby for every weekend, but it’s great fun.

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Unless you live with your grandparents, chances are they only get to see their grandkids on holidays. So if the grandparents live fairly close, surprise them with a visit. You’ll make so many people happy at the same time. Your kids can spend the day being pampered and spoiled, the grandparents are elated to spend precious moments with the little ones, and you get to talk to your parents, find comfort in the familiar. You can also visit other relatives, aunties and uncles, or even your friends. Set up playdates with friends with kids.

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Why not use the weekend to bake an elaborate cake, or prepare a huge fancy meal? Gather up the whole family into the kitchen and make a day of it. Kids can take an interest in cooking quite fast. Give them small tasks and involve them in the process. Congratulate them on these small achievements. Once they’ve has a taste of preparing food, it’ll feel like magic and chances are they’ll get very interested. The family gets to do something together and if you don’t end up blowing up the kitchen, you have a delicious meal to eat by the end of it

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Cricket, football, tennis, whatever sport you and your kids are interested in. If it’s the first time, take them out in the yard, throw a ball around and teach them to play. After some time, maybe gather the families of the neighborhood and organize a match. Parents vs children maybe. Go easy on them of course. Or just let the children play. If your family is deeply supportive of a game or a team, try to pass it on to the children. Watch matches with them and son they’ll be cheering too. It’s a great way to bond.

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A beach day is a great way to spend a weekend. Spend he day relaxing in the sun, watching your children make sandcastles and collect shells. Dip your feet in the waves, play catch me with the ocean. Or go to the park, sit on a bench under the shade of a tree with an ice cream while your kids run around climbing and swinging and crawling. It’ll be a deeply satisfactory and relaxing day for all.

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It is said that all children are artists. Who know, drawing with them might bring out your inner creative side too. Grab some crayons or paint and paper and draw your heart out, all of you. Children don’t need much coercion in this. They are, most of them, very enthusiastic about colors. Watch their little creative geniuses at work.

Fun things to do with children this weekend


Be it clay modeling, or macaroni art, or origami or anything, crafts take children into the magic of creation. When you see how proud their little faces are at the things they make, your heart too will swell with joy. Make tacky jewelry, or bumpy looking coffee mugs. There are plenty of ideas about kid friendly crafts on the internet, check Pinterest if you’re in need. You’ll all be knee deep in glue and glitter and smiling and laughing by the end of the day.

Fun things to do with toddlers this weekend


Tech kids how fulfilling growing things can be. Show them how plants flourish when you take care of them. If you’re not into gardening already, you can start with the kids. Set aside a small patch of earth in the yard. Plant something that grows fast, whose progress you can measure easily. It’ll be a fun project and it’ll be so satisfying to see the results.

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Remember Monopoly and Snake and Ladder and Ludo? Not the mobile apps, the actual thing. Buy a board if you don’t have one. Gather around the coffee table with snacks and play to your heart’s content. It might sound boring, but you’ll see how fun it is once you feel the dice in your hands and the laughter rising. It can be enjoyed by all, the little ones and the parents.

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It is said that reading is a dead art, that kids of this generation have their noses buried in television and video games and don’t know how to enjoy a good book. Well, for one thing children imitate their parents. If they see parents reading they’ll want to read too. So set up a quiet reading weekend. Give them Nancy Drew or Harry Potter while you settle down with something heavier. If they’re smaller, read to them. Encourage them to ask about things they don’t understand. Let them be sucked into the world of magic and fantasy that books create and you can do the same. Books are a treasure, make sure your kids are not deprived of it.

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Whatever activity you choose to do, what matters the most is that you spend time together. It’s all for naught if you spend your whole day buried in your phone leaving your kids to do as they may. It is your company they need. And another important thing to notice is to not divide your kids. Play catch with your daughter, teach your son to cook. It’s obvious, but it needs to be said.

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