10 Good Reasons To Quit Your Job Early

Good Reasons To Quit Your Job Early

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Good reasons to quit your job early. If you are thinking about quitting your job but do not know if you are doing it for a good reason, you should know that there are plenty of people who think the same way and end up sticking with a job they hate. Before you make the ultimate decision to hand in your resignation, it is important to make sure that you are thinking reasonably before deciding to quit your job. This is because you might be frustrated and ate your job and want to quit it, but not have a backup plan for your source of income. This kind of a situation will only leave you in trouble as you will be left with no job and no money.

Hence, it is important to make sure that the reason you are leaving your job is a good reason and that you do not impulsively make a choice and jeopardize your future plans. In order to stop yourself from doing that, it is important to rationalize and understand which reasons to quit your job after a short time are valid reasons and which reasons are not valid. This way, you get a better idea of your choices and can hence make a more informed decision. There can be a lot of reasons why someone would choose to leave their job after a short period of time.

They include: Getting offered a better job elsewhere, suffering from ailments that will not allow you to do your job well, utterly disliking your job, having to work in a difficult work environment, having to work through incompatible hours, wanting to engage in further studies, wanting a change in career path, moving to a new place, achieving a permanent position somewhere else, or if you are suffering from some issues in your family. All these and more are reasons for someone to quit their job early. Each of the reasons mentioned above have been explained in detail below.

10 Good reasons to quit your job early

Some of the good reasons to quit your job early are mentioned below in detail:

1. You got a better job

You got a better job

Let’s say you have applied to a lot of places for a job, and get selected for a job pretty quickly at a place you are interested in mildly. However, while you have started at the job, you get an offer from the dream company that you also applied to. It is obvious that you would want to take that dream job of yours over the job you are at right now. In such a circumstance, you would quit your job early. Here, it doesn’t matter what your work environment is at your current job. Since you have gotten your dream job, you will most likely go for it since it is the job that you truly wanted all along.

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2. Illness


This is most often the reason for quitting jobs especially the jobs involving physical labor. A lot of people have problems with their back, legs, or arms which do not allow them to partake in extreme physical activities such as lifting heavy objects. In such circumstances, it is normal for a person to feel like they will not be able to do their jobs due to their physical ailments. As a result, they will most likely quit their jobs. It is okay to do so, as it is important to prioritize your health. Further, it is also not important that you do not hurt yourself in any way through your job.

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3. You do not like your job

You do not like your job

If you apply for a job out of pure necessity and get selected for it, but you do not like the job at all, you can still try to make it work for some time by giving it a second chance. However, if it still does not work out for you, you will most probably leave that job, as you will realize that it is not for you and that you will never fit in with the job. It is okay for a person to be feeling that way and quit their job for the same reason. If the person does decide to stick with a job they do not like, it may lead to the development of some mental health issues for them, as they will be absolutely unhappy in their place of work.

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4. Having to work in a difficult work environment

Having to work in a difficult work environment

A difficult work environment makes it absolutely hard for a person to do a good job at their place of work. A difficult work environment at their place of work can be made by a number of things; hostile co-workers, a difficult boss, unsupportive co-workers etc. Any of these factors will contribute to creating a difficult work environment. Such a situation, if aggravated over long periods of time will lead to you hating your place of work. You might end up quitting your job due to this reason.  Further, staying on a job where you are not respected may just cause further mental health issues for you.

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5. Incompatible hours

Incompatible hours

If a job requires you to work long hours, throughout the week, and you feel that that is not something you will be capable of doing due to other responsibilities that you have to handle, that shows that you might have to quit the job. In such a situation, you will have to either find a way to create a balance between your responsibilities and the long demanding hours of your job, or you will have to leave that job you are at right now. Such a situation is generally out of your control and there is nothing you can do to make it better.

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6. Engaging in further studies

Engaging in further studies

If you are at a job and you feel like there is a lot more you can do by studying further rather than staying at this job, then you would most likely quit the job you are at currently to go ahead and pursue your further studies. Pursuing your further studies will help you broaden your horizons and make you capable of being involved in better jobs than the one you are at right now. Additionally, pursuing further studies can also be your personal choice. You may wish to pursue a career in academics rather than make your way through a job.

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7. Change of career path

Change of career path

After starting a job at the career you were studying for, you may realize that the work that your job demands does not match with your interests at all. In such a case, you may end up quitting your job. It is advisable to quit your job, in fact, if such a thing happens. This is because once you have understood that this job is not for you, you will not be happy working there. So, once you quit the job, you will be able to venture out and figure out exactly what it is you are interested in and what job suits you the best.

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8. Moving to a new place

Moving to a new place

There can be a lot of reasons that a person needs to leave their current place of living and move to another place. If the new place you are moving is far away and does not allow for you to commute to your place of work, then you must quit your job, as you have no other choice but to do so. However, if your company allows you to relocate to the place you are moving to, and find a well fitting job there, that is a good thing. Additionally, some companies may even be okay with you working through telecommunication means.

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9. You have achieved a permanent position somewhere else

You have achieved a permanent position somewhere else

If you have been working as a substitute, or as a temporary worker in any company, business or organization, you obviously view that job as an unstable source of income. Hence, if you are offered a permanent position somewhere else other than the place you are working at currently, you will most like take that job as you do not wish to remain at an unstable job for the rest of your life. A permanent job will provide, at the very least, some economic stability for you, which is a very important factor of a job. Hence, if given the choice, a person would obviously choose the permanent position over a temporary one.

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10. Family issues

Family issues

A person may have a lot of issues and responsibilities to look after, despite the job that they have. That means, at times there will be instances where they will not be able to accommodate their job and their personal life at the same time. In such circumstances, one might be forced to leave their job as it will hamper their family life. For instance, you might have a sick family member that you have to take care of at all times, but because of your job you will not be able to do so as you won’t have the time to look after them as you will be busy with your job. Such a situation may cause you to have to leave your job.

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