How Can I Improve My English In 10 Days?

How Can I Improve My English In 10 Days?

In this article we are going to talk about the How can I improve my English in 10 days? In today’s world, we all try to become perfect, perfection leads us to a good career. All over the world, English is the most spoken language. English has become an international language and it can give you an extra edge in your career if you are fluent in English. Many people all over the world have this problem of not having fluency in the English Language, you should not be worried about that because many English speaking native people are also not good at it. Having great fluency in English is what you might dream of but it is not exactly what your career needs.

How can I improve my English in 10 days?

Having a fluent accent in a language may sound good but having good communication skills in a language is better than it. Even a native English speaker would not be able to communicate well without others basic communication skills. Following the 10 steps below will improve your knowledge, communication skills and fluency in the English Language.

1. Connect With English Speakers

Connect With English Speakers

~Do you know why you are not having good English communication skills?

The reason behind this is that you are not speaking English with other people. Having a connection with English speakers will sharpen your communication skills and make you realise your mistakes while having a conversation.

Having friends that have similar goals as yours, helps you to achieve that goal quickly. You have a community where you can share your thoughts and be inspired by other people’s thoughts. This will make you not feel alone in the journey and will keep you motivated to not give up on English.

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2. Learn From Your Mistakes

Learn From Your Mistakes

When a person has decided to grow in a particular field or a career, he/she might make some mistakes in their starting phase, one should try not to repeat the mistakes that were previously made by them. Mistakes make a person better than he/she was before, as there is an experience of what went wrong.

English speakers and learners usually make similar mistakes and most of them never come to know about it and when their desired results are not achieved by them, they give up on it and get depressed. English speakers are all over the world and almost 90 percent of them cannot speak English fluently but still, they achieve what they want, how? Because they have good communication skills in their respective fields.

3. Use English In Your Daily Life

Use English In Your Daily Life

Learning or getting fluent in a language is almost like learning a new culture, this journey will teach you different ways of communicating and using English in your work. You won’t learn this language overnight, it will take some time and will need some hard work as well.

When you use English in your daily life, to communicate with others, engaging in English content will help you understand different ways to communicate and understand English very well. Reading different articles and consuming other content in English will sharpen your skills and will take you a step further in achieving your goal.

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4. Don’t Worry About Mistakes

Don't Worry About Mistakes

Learning or improving your skills in something can have many results, mistakes will be made by you in the start but as your skills get better day by day you will start coming closer to your goal. If you give up when you make mistakes, you will probably end your growth in the field, you must not worry about your mistakes as it will only make you weak, instead start working on how to not make such mistakes in future.

When you start worrying about your mistakes and look at them as these mistakes will not let you grow will make you weaker than before, because now your mind is constantly thinking about the negative effects that this is going to make.

5. Become A Bookworm

Become A Bookworm

Reading books is the most convenient way to learn communication skills, different words and much more. Books make you confident in speaking because you have a habit of reading in your mind or aloud. Reading will increase your knowledge and will make you sharp.

Books are a form of communication with many people in this world. Reading a book will make you learn about the world from the author’s point of view. Learning from many peoples point of view will make you realise all the similar points that all are using. A bookworm is always fluent in English or the language the reader reads.

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6. Learn Phrases

Learn Phrases

English is not a language that demands great vocabulary, it’s not like vocabulary is not necessary at all, but forming sentences is way more important than what vocabulary is used. Constructing sentences needs a good knowledge of phrases. When perfect phrases are used in the conversation, the conversation looks more professional.

A professional-sounding person always gets an edge over other candidates, this will help you in cracking an interview for your favourite job, or a big multinational company. Phrases when used properly in your sentences can do magic for you with your career, this won’t disappoint you anywhere in your life.

7. Do Not Too Much Grammar

Do Not Too Much Grammar

Using grammar is good in your conversation, but using it on a very high level is not a good decision at all, you must have to use simple and sophisticated language in your conversation.

Even if you are learning grammar for the first time, just learn it for basic understanding. Do not go for deep grammar as it will make your future conversations tougher for the other person. When you use too much grammar in a conversation with someone that person thinks that you are trying to butter him, you must talk with him like you are talking with some of your colleague in the office and not your boss.

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8. Listen English

Listen English

The more you engage in something, the more you get easy on it. Consuming English content daily will make you learn different ways of communicating with others and showcase your ideas with them. This will help you to understand how in different ways people can communicate with you and how you can respond to them.

This habit will make your mind understand various accents and ways in which you can communicate with others. Your English will improve day by day when you put your best efforts into learning it. Technology is growing day by day and in many fields, learning English has become a piece of cake with the help of technology. One can learn English with the help of applications, websites and paid courses.

9. Practice Speaking In English

Practice Speaking In english

Practice makes a man perfect, you must be thinking about how you would practice speaking English when you are not able to speak it well. You can practice by talking with yourself or your small brother, or even your friends, practicing is not an issue if you are serious about learning English.

Practicing will make you realize what are your major mistakes and your good points in your conversation. This will build confidence inside you to have a conversation without any mistakes and have a conversation, you won’t hesitate to land into a conversation when you would be confident enough.

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10. Work More On Pronunciation

 Work More On Pronunciation

Knowing all of the above points and still not confident In your English?

It’s because you are pronouncing the words in a wrong manner, it won’t help you in improving your English unless you are working on your method of pronunciation.

You have to work on your pronunciation to improve your English and impress others with your English. The way you are pronouncing the words shows your knowledge of English, that is why you must work on the pronunciation. You must not underestimate its power on your impression and your personality. You must always properly pronounce the words while using them in a conversation.

English is just a language that is widely used in the world, it is highly demanded in the private and public sector throughout the world, every country has recognized English as one of its languages. There are a lot of career opportunities when you are fluent enough in the English Language.

It’s just a language, learning it is not a big deal unless you are a lazy person, you have to make efforts to learn this language because you won’t learn it when someone will spoon-feed you. English is the official language of many countries in the world.

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