How Do I Enjoy Life With No Money?

How Do I Enjoy Life With No Money?

In this article we are going to talk about the How do I enjoy life with no money? We all want the materialistic joys that life can offer that can buy you the happiness you want. It can be a louis Vuitton bag or a Lamborghini Veneno for the rich, a house for the middle class and an ice cream for a child. Therefore, the cost of happiness is different, even by spending money there is no surety that you will receive pleasure and happiness from them too. If enjoyment is to get happiness, then you don’t necessarily have to spend money.

How do I enjoy life with no money?

You don’t need money to live life to the fullest. It is the people, the experiences that gives you fulfillment in life. There are many ways and fun activities that you can do without them costing anything. Find out some of the exciting things you can do with little to no money below.

1. Go on Hikes

Go on Hikes

Who doesn’t love taking a stroll into the wilderness? The nature engulfs you with its priceless beauty. It is just the mountains and hill tops, trees and the chirpy birds all around you. If you love the picturesque backdrops offered by the mother earth, go on hikes. It cost you little to none. Hiking is also a great activity to build and foster teamwork between friends and family members. There are many people who hitch hike which again is easy on the pockets. Hiking is one of the best ways to distress yourself. The fresh air in the lovely woods will definitely uplift your mood and reset it to a positive mindset.

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2. Online Gaming

Online Gaming

How fun it is to play video games all day, with now worry over your pockets running dry. Gaming has no age limits honestly, anyone with a PC or a laptop at home can easily log in whenever they are bored. The gaming industry is constantly evolving, with VR, multi-player mode, augmented reality, mind blowing graphics and gesture controls. You would feel too involved with the game and never feel bored. There are many who even earn money through E- Sports, which is professional gaming. Gaming is also a wonderful technique to boost creativity, it helps in strategizing in life and stimulates the brain function in addition to stress relief. Multi players help you to maintain social connection and make new ones without actually spending money on get togethers and meetups. How cool is that.

3. Outdoor adventure with friends

Outdoor adventure with friends

As long as you are with your friends the time goes fast. Go on walks, a friendly basket ball match or even the age-old games such as hide and seek with your friends. Not only does these activities cost you nothing, they are also a healthier way to waste the extra time you have. An average person spends ages in front of PCs and other personal devices, it is of course going to affect your eyes, body posture appetite and even sleeping pattern. Having an outdoor break with your friends, who are facing similar situation is the best way to enjoy. You guys can save the money spend on daily trips to shopping malls, fast foods and trips for later use. Find an open ground near your home for playing base ball or cricket.

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4. Go window shopping

Go window shopping

I always want to be frugal with my money; the college tuition fees, daily commuting fares, the stacks of Photostats and reports that needs to be printed daily leaves only a bare minimum for food expenses and emergencies. Whenever I get the urge to splurge money, I walk to the nearby mall with no wallet and window shop. It is a good activity to get a fresh air, meet your friends, see what’s new in the market, latest brand endorsements and their promotion strategies. Window shopping really keeps you distracted and there’s so much more you can learn from it. The prices, the discounts offered, the type of people picking a certain brand each provides you with insights on life. 

5. Books are your friends

Books are your friends

There is simply nothing like a good book and hot coffee. Bibliophiles save a lot of money by doing what they love the most. Books give you emotional roller coaster, even more than movies with absolutely no cost. You can either join a library or even better download an E- Book for free online. There are innumerable websites which offer you books on all subjects, fiction or non-fiction with zero cost. You can also take book outdoors, on picnics by the stream to read. Your mind can be fully occupied through immersive reading. Books are your savior especially when you are not near your friends and family. Reading is an intellectual activity and the time spend on it can only be considered as productive.

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6. Beaches and sunsets

Beaches and sunsets

Beaches are the paradise for the thrifty lot. The best way to have a jolly good time without exhausting your money. The beautiful blue sea, the ocher sands and the red sun setting under the sea and the flying birds is the most breathtaking view ever. You don’t have to spend a dime but enjoy all the luxuries that the nature could offer you for free of cost. You can go swimming, bath in the warm sun, make sand castles, go fishing and have an amazing time. The sea waves crashing into the shore, the sound it produces is so therapeutic to the ears. The blissful morning with bright orange sun rising above the water line puts you in a peaceful state. You can collect sea shells, have freshly cooked fish for lunch, rest under the shade of trees with your loved ones.

7. Go Camping to the wild

Go Camping to the wild

Have you ever wanted to leave everything for a while and relax in the midst of nature? Camping is the best way to do that. Live at least for a few days like a vagabond, no materialistic desires, live as one with the mother earth. Camping without help of an agency cost you almost nothing. Once you set up your tent, all the food are foraged and not bought using money. You can drink the purest water with no chemicals from clean streams. Camping instills the qualities necessary to survive anywhere. It gives you a short-term experience of what a nomadic life style is all about. It increases your alertness in life. If you can survive in wilderness, you can thrive anywhere.

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8. Family time

Family time

With family around always, and their constant bickering and gossips can you really be bored? Each family have their own way of bonding, be it chatting, silly games or cooking together. part take in such activities with them. Play card games around the table, ball games, badminton and guessing games. It strengthens the relationship you have with them. Family time require you to spend nothing but still feel so happy and satisfied. Even doing chores can be made fun if done together with the entire family. You can all eat out in the backyard, barbeques and musical karaoke nights are perfect. Organize treasure hunts with the kids in the family. The more the bustling chaos the more memorable the time will be.

9. Explore local parks

 Explore local parks

Have you explored all the nearby hidden gems in your area? Chances are your neighborhood has a beautiful, fun hangout place that you have not yet discovered. Why do you need to spend large sums for a momentary pleasure when you could have the same near your house for far less? Find all the parks that you have nearby. Go to all of them and have a happy time strolling. The exercise that you have been putting off since day 2 of January, do that in your park. Go jogging together with your friends or siblings in the park. The physical activity keeps you in good shape without having to spend enormous amount as gym fees. Most parks nowadays also have open gym equipment which you can try out. Parks are also a good place to meet new and different people from all walks of life.

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10. Invest time in a new hobby

Invest time in a new hobby

Want to have a fruitful time without burning your pockets? Get a good hobby. Invest more time in hobbies that cost nothing; it can be learning new languages, making new recipes, take up gardening or even volunteering. These activities do not require your money as such, but still is as enjoyable as any other thing that consumes money. Hobbies keep you occupied and does not make you feel like hard work. You will enjoy each second spend on them. It also helps you to connect with like minded people of same hobbies. Hobbies not only improves your creativity; they are also helpful in diverting you from overspending and drugs and other negative stuffs.

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