How To Ask A Woman To Be Your Girlfriend?

How To Ask A Woman To Be Your Girlfriend?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to ask a woman to be your girlfriend? Impressing a woman cannot be a difficult task if you have that confidence in your eyes and most importantly if you have confidence in your way of communication. It is not difficult to impress a woman if you are a genuine and true person. So before approaching a woman,  learn the skill of being true and genuine to yourself first and that is probably going to help you a lot. Anyways all these are the prerequisites and here I present my favorite:

How to ask a woman to be your girlfriend?

The best ways to ask a woman to be your girlfriend are mentioned below in detail:

1. Be independent

Be independent

This is common sense that if you are wise enough to take this decision of making a girlfriend then you must understand the fact that you should be financially independent as well. If you are dependent on your parents for any financial needs and sensible enough to make the right decisions then it is one of the signs that you are a gentleman.

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2. Improve your communication

Improve your communication

Communication is very important and I am not talking about English only because you should understand the art of communication that connects you with people. If you want to impress a woman then you should be able to make a connection with her for understanding her. If you improve your communication then automatically your confidence will be boosted.

3. Groom yourself

Groom yourself

Irrespective of how you look, start taking grooming lessons by today itself.  Every girl likes a clean, hygienic, and well-mannered guy and you are not the exception. Nowadays there are many channels on youtube from where you can take pieces of advice on grooming.

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4. Try to meet and talk to her more often

 Try to meet and talk to her more often

If the girl you are approaching is already your friend then there are many ways to spend time with her but if you are approaching a girl whom you don’t know then your first step would be to initiate the conversation with her. You can find many reasons like if she works in your office then you can initiate a conversation with her related to your work. Once you create a good bond or become good friends then you are on the right path.

5. Stay connected

Stay connected

You cannot directly ask someone to be your girlfriend so if it is a kind of long-distance relationship or if you have met the girl through some dating app then try to stay connected with phone calls and texts otherwise always try to hold the conversation even when you meet her.

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6. Be creative while you speak to her

Be creative while you speak to her

Sometimes you have to be a little flirty and even sometimes you have to be a little funny. All these are the necessary steps of building a healthy conversation because most girls love talking to funny guys and also girls love the guys who are sometimes flirty. Praising them is also one of the keys, girls love when they receive compliments from guys.

7. Plan a date

Plan a date

Now when you have created a good bond with her then it is the right time for you to make her feel special by doing these small things like taking her on a date and gifting her smalls things. Your goal should be to make her feel special.

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8. Appreciate her and make her feel comfortable with your presence

Appreciate her and make her feel comfortable with your presence

A girl should feel protected and comfortable around you and that takes time to create such a bond. Any relationship starts with friendship first that is why before approaching her to be your girlfriend, you must understand that she should be your best friend first even if you are connecting with her through any dating app. Appreciating her for her achievements and encouraging her for doing great things makes her understand that she matters to you a lot.

9. Be patient and wait for the right time

Be independent

There is no need to be in a hurry for expressing your feelings because that should be done memorably. Always look for the right time to tell her what do you feel about her.

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10. Find out the right occasion to express your feelings to her

Find out the right occasion to express your feelings to her

Now by considering all the points above, here comes the point at which you are ready to ask her what your heart desires. Till this point, If you have become her close friend and then you should know the special days for her including her birthday as well. If it is not possible to plan anything on any special date then also no worries. You can either plan a romantic date in a restaurant or somewhere on the beach or find out any particular place that she loves.

You can put some romantic notes on her table by inviting her to the place with a rose and you can even try some musical instruments probably she would love that. Then you can finally ask her, “Will you be my girlfriend?” or “Will you hold my hand for the rest of my life?” and there are many such romantic cheesy lines you can either practice or search on the web.

 So these are my favorite tips that you need to follow to find that perfect girl of your dreams that particularly your heart desires.

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