How To Be A Good Manager?

How To Be A Good Manager?

In this article we are going to talk about the how to be a good manager? A manager is the one whose job is to bring in more money for the company he is working for. This is the thought that comes to one’s mind when one hears the word manager. But this is not the only thing that makes a manager successful. There are various aspects involved in being a good manager. There are various skills you have to incorporate in yourself like management and communication skills to be a good manager. In this article we will be going through some points that can help one become a good manager.

10 Best Ways to be a good manager

Some ways to be a good manager are listed below in detail:

1. Be updated

Be updated

Being a manager is like being an all-rounder. You should be acknowledged with all the recent changes happening in the corporate world. You should be aware with all the recent trends. This will help you in having an upper hand when dealing with your rival company managers. Being updated will make you eligible to advice your employees better when they need your assistance and support. Also being updated will open up your mind to new things, provides you with solid points when talking on general and current affairs. Also being updated gives you the capability to look at things with different perspectives.

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2. Know your employees

Know your employees

It is always beneficial to know the people you are working with. To be a good manager one should always know his employees personally as well as personally. Knowing them will make it easy for you to work with them. Try knowing their personal goals and aspirations. Get to know their personal interests and hobbies. These things will surely help you some or the other day.

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3. Communicate


Always communicate with your employees and try talking to them. Include them in your plans and confide into them. Let them know what your strategies are going to be and what have you planned for the future regarding some deals going around related to the company you are working for. Tell them that how important and powerful communication is. It brings out new topics and ideas when communicating with each other.

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4. Listen to your employees

Listen to your employees

Always listen to your employees. Listen to their ideas. Listen to their problems and issues. At times they may come up with irrelevant and stupid ideas too. Listen to them also and explain it to them subtly that the plan or idea they are proposing won’t be quite feasible or compatible with the company policies and terms. Also do not forget to appreciate their efforts. Because even though their ideas were not useful they have taken efforts to prepare a plan and they were investing their time for the company.

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5. Be a leader

Be a leader

Although many people confuse between the two terms, they are quite different. Being a leader cannot be taught in some school or college just like they teach you to be a manager. Leader is a post given by the people and the employees you work with. Provide your team or employees with goals and directions. Show them how to achieve something that they desire. By doing so, you will start gaining your team’s respect.

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6. Motivate


As you speak and communicate with your employees and you get to know their aims and desires. Try to motivate them and help them achieve their goals. Try providing them with things that will help them achieve their goal. Often the plans made by you and your team may fail and not achieve the desired effect. This may lead to dejection and feeling of failure among your team. At such times you as a manager and a leader must work to uplift the lost determination of your team. Motivate them to work harder and tell them that things do not go as planned always.

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7. Learn and adapt

Learn and adapt

They say every person teaches us something or the other. When you are working with your employees you also get to learn a lot of things. Always try to find the good in your team members and adapt those good qualities. Not only your employees but from all the people you come in contact with in the corporate world is filled with tones of skills and qualities that can surely make you a winner and assist you to stand out from all the others.

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8. Don’t forget to be humane

Don’t forget to be humane

We see so many people around us complaining about their bosses and seniors. They tell us how their bosses lack pity and empathy. So I advice you readers not to be that kind of manager. Always show empathy towards your employees. Listen to their problems and think about them. Show empathy if they really have problems. Give them one or two days off from work if they are working really hard for the last month.

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9. Be ethical     

Be ethical

In this corporate world many businesses are carried out using illegal means. Managers and higher chairs accept carry out such malpractices to earn quick profit and climb the hierarchical ladder. You must see to it that you do not follow their footsteps. There may be times when you will be offered bribes, but you must not forget that it is illegal. You must make sure that your behavior is ethical. Avoid getting involved into office politics. Do not make some professional decisions personal. If someone is performing better than you, being jealous is obvious, but try turning this jealousy into motivation and not into negativity. Lead your team by example. Try to be an ideal manager. Avoid doing things that are unethical and immoral.

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10. Be friends with your team

Be friends with your team

Do not be a boss round the clock. Making your employees your friends is okay. Talk to them as a friend once in a while. If you pull up a deal together, then go out and celebrate with them. Tell them individually how good and hard working they are. Show them that you do notice their efforts. Win their trust by telling them your funny and embarrassing moments. Create funny and happy moments with them just as friends do.

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These were some routes that can lead you to becoming a good manager. As written in the introduction paragraph you must be all at once. You should be a boss to achieve targets on time, you must be a motivator to motivate your team, you should be a friend in whom they can trust and confide in. And on top of all, you must be humane and ethical so that it will encourage your team to follow your footsteps and look up to you as a role model.

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