How to become a Supreme Court Lawyer in India?

how to become a lawyer

You can read this article to know how to become a supreme court lawyer in India. Becoming a lawyer is one thing and becoming a good lawyer is another. Well, the foremost thing to do is to complete your 10+2 education and then enter into the field of college. It does not matters what stream you had in your 12th standard be it Science, Humanities or Commerce. No one is going to ask you about the kind of stream you had they will just consider your 10th and 12th standard marks that too just a part of formality. Almost all applications of Legal Entrance Exams for law colleges are released in March End.

Once you get your law degree you are through with having the title of advocate, but to be a Supreme Court Lawyer it requires a bit more experience as well. Following are brief steps that you can follow to be a supreme court lawyer in India.

10 Steps to become a Supreme Court Lawyer in India

To know how to become a supreme court lawyer in India. Kindly read the following steps:

1. Getting into College

After completing your higher education in school you have two options to have a career in law. One method is an integrated 5-year law course which is right after your completion of 12th class. The other method is the traditional way in which you first get a bachelors degree from any university which is of 3-4 years and then apply into LLB- 3 years course.

Integrated 5 year law course allows you to get into law college saving your 1 year out as compared to the traditional law course which in total comes out to be 6-7 years of your college life.

2. Appearing in Law Examination

After deciding out which way you want to go for to get into college either the 5-year course or the bachelor’s degree + 3 years law you fill in the form of the entrance exams held to get into law colleges. The few of the entrance exams are, AILET, CLAT, LSAT, DU law entrance test etc. They all are made with the syllabus of 11th & 12th and the current affairs of India. If you have zero knowledge about it then you can join certain coaching classes that might help you crack these entrance exams.

3. Get your LLB Degree

To be a lawyer be in it in any court you must have a law degree, this is one most important criteria held by the Bar Council Of India. Be it you 5 year integrated law degree or a 3 years LLB degree, once you are through with the education of LLB get you degree from any recognized university by the BCI so that your law degree is held valid.

4. Enrol yourself under the BCI or SBC

 Once you have got your degree you need to enrol yourself as an advocate in any State Bar Council or Bar Council of India. This enrolment allows you to practice in any high court or a subordinate court with the help of your recently received degree from any recognized university by the BCI. All these enrolment guidelines are mentioned in the Indian Advocate Act, 1961. With this you can begin up with your practice in all other courts but except the Supreme Court.

5. Work under a Senior Advocate

After getting through with the enrolment you need to practice under a senior advocate of either High Court or any other Subordinate Court. Working under him will help you gain experience and practice out what you have learned in the books during your college years. This is only meant to just make you understand that what you read in the books and the practical ability of it is two both different things.

6. Enrol in AIB

This is the first ladder of getting into access to the Supreme Court of India, the Highest authority of the state. To get into this first you need to register yourself for the All India Bar Examination help by the Bar Council of India. Once register the process doesn’t end you need to in fact clear the examination as well and once you are through the clearance of it you can proudly call yourself an advocate because you are formerly registered under the Bar Council of India.

7. Get 5 Year Experience

After this, you need to have experience of a further 5 years to be a part of the Supreme Court Lawyer. Being in the chamber of Supreme Court is all about experience and a lawyer who wishes to reach heights can do this only by experience and practice. You can even work under a senior advocate of Supreme Court who will make you understand how the Supreme Court proceedings are helped as they are much different from what you will see in the High Court or any other Subordinate courts. Getting 5 years’ Experience is a must mentioned in the Bar Council of India.

8. Enrol for AOR Exam

Advocate on record is one exam held by the Supreme Court of India for all those advocates who seek to practice in the highest authority of the judicial system. This exam is done to test your knowledge and skills in the law field and then after passing the exam only you can be a member of the Supreme Court Bar Association.

9. Eligibility Criteria for AOR exam

To appear in the Advocate On Record examinations help by the SC you must fulfil the following:

To get in the queue of becoming an SC Lawyer, you must have a 5 Year experience as a practising lawyer (Advocate) in any of the High Court or Subordinate Court.

While practising you must-have has an experience of at least one year under a supreme court lawyer who is already enrolled in the advocate on record of the supreme court of India.  

10. Get your chamber registered

Once you have got through the Advocate On Record Exam of the Supreme Court you are all ready to practice in the Supreme Court and the Judge should also be able to recognise you through the records. You need to get your chamber registered which should be within the radius of 10 miles from the Supreme Court of India. You must have a Law clerk in your registered office. When done with all these formalities you can file petitions, Pleadings and all other legal related matters in the Highest Authority of Supreme Court of India.

Once you are the lawyer under the SC, you get the highest of all respect from everyone. Law is one profession which gives inner respect itself when others hear about you being a lawyer. And being a lawyer of the SC is one of different level respect that you will get from people around it. But always remember not to misuse the power that has been granted to you under the name of being an advocate as it brings out shame on the other and people will not believe in the lawyers at all. One is responsible for their respect, you either gain it to absolute heights or lose it to a level that no one imagines. Good luck with preparing your journey towards the Advocate of a Supreme Court.

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