How to fall asleep when you can’t sleep?

How to fall asleep when you can't sleep

Do you know how to fall asleep when you can’t sleep? Well if not then read this article till end. In the present world, each one of us are going through some or other health issue. These health issues are generally mental health issues like Depression, anxiety, stress etc. Due to these issues, we can’t get fall asleep. Not only mental health issues contribute towards hindered sleep, many other factors also reduce our sleep. According to most of the researches, an average man needs to get 8 hours sleep to function properly. To get most efficient working of our body, this 8 hour sleep should be straight that is at a one go.

10 Best ways to fall asleep when you can’t sleep

The other factors because of which we can’t fall asleep are love. Some researches have showed that people who are in relationship tend to have less sleep as compared to singles. The people who use electronic devices too much also can’t get sleep. You may also not get sleep as you have taken a nap earlier. Some persons are insomniac which is they can’t get sleep whatever they try to get it. They should definitely contact the doctor and get some prescription. For others, some of the best ways to fall asleep when you can’t sleep are:

1. Take Walk

Medical researches have shown that taking walk may stimulate sleep. Some people don’t get sleep as their food isn’t initially digested which needs to be digested before getting a good sleep. By walking, the food will be digested and you will get tired which helps in getting a good sleep. Plus all the acupressure points present in the feet are pressed while walking barefoot which also stimulates sleep to a greater extent. This walk can be taken inside the home or it can be done in the garden.

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2. Play song

We all have tried this method atleast once in our life and surprisingly it works. Slow melodious song always help us to get a good sleep. The chances of getting sleep if it is a music instead of song. Try to put some slow music in a playlist and then relax. The result will be that you will get proper sleep which is necessary for every human being. Playing song in background also enhances the aura of the place providing you proper sleep.

3. Lowering the temperature

This is a very important aspect to get sleep. We have observed that our body’s temperature fall and temperature of hand and feet increases. Thus if the temperature of the room is high, we may face difficulty in sleeping as it is hindering the temperature of body to fall. The temperature of the AC must be set to 22 degree approximately to get a good sleep but individual preferences may vary. Increasing the fan speed may help to promote sleep.

4. Taking Shower

As earlier said that temperature of body decreases and temperature of hands and feet increases while sleeping. Taking shower reduces the temperature of body and promotes sleep. Taking bath with hot water or taking steam bath inhibits sleep and gives you sense of relaxation. All the joint pains will vanish and muscles of every part of the body will be relaxed. Taking bath with warm water speeds up temperature changes in body. As soon as the body decreases, this sends signal to brain to sleep.

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5. Breathing Exercise

Breathing exercise can help you to get a proper sleep when you can’t sleep. The breathing exercise helps our mind to become calm and get rid of negative thought processes which is hindering our sleep.  Calmness and relaxation are achieved by doing these breathing exercises. Some breathing exercise commonly include inhaling and exhaling air through our nostril and not use our mouth. Heavy breaths relaxes our mind by decreasing anxiety and stress.

6. Sleep in dark

Most of us have habit to sleep in dark and can’t or have difficulty in sleeping in light. This is because in presence of light, our body think that it is day and body clock doesn’t allow us to sleep in day unless we are too tired or feeling sleepy. In light, our body is in alert mode and can’t sleep in that position. Darkness promote the production of some hormone that enhances sleep. We have also observed that when we come from sunlight to dark, we feel sleepy and this is due to that hormone. 

7. Food Habits

Food habits majorly decide the sleep cycle of the body. If the intake of carbs in the food is high, this may affect your sleep and in a negative way. High carb may help you to get sleep faster but proper sleep will not be guaranteed. Researches have found that high-fat food will surely help in fast and deep sleep. Body starts digesting as soon as high-carb food gets inside. Therefore if you are interested in eating these sort of food, it will be better to eat it atleast 3 hours before sleep.

8. Avoid caffeine

All of us have heard that intaking caffeine increases alertness and reduce stress. Caffeine can be found in coffee as well as it can be found in softdrinks. Chocolate and energy drink also contain caffeine at some amount. Caffeine consumption before sleep can be disastrous. These effect may vary from person to person. Therefore it is recommended to avoid caffeine containing food items before sleep.

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9. Avoid Digital devices

Usage of Digital appliances like mobile, television, computer etc. before sleep is too harmful. Its put refrain to your eyes and avoid your mind to relax which has a significant effect in our sleep. It is highly advised to stop using these type of device atleast 2 hours before the sleep. Avoiding digital devices ensures quiet environment which will help you to fall asleep faster.

10. Try reading books

This can be easy way to relax your mind. This can be done before going to bed. This will promote large sleep durations. Make sure that you are not reading any digital book which will create refrain in your eyes. Electronic books emit a type of light which will effect your sleep pattern.

Other than reading books, we should try do meditation which will calm the brain. Sleeping position also effect our sleep.

These were some ways to fall asleep when you can’t sleep. Other then this ways, we can try taking some sleep-enhancing pills but by taking the prescription of doctor.

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