How to identify true love and fake love?

How to identify true love and fake love

Read this article to know how to identify true love and fake love? : True love and fake love, we are many times stuck between two words and that is true and fake. Either it’s about anything, if a person is so much enjoying by nature we term that person as jolly natured but at the same time we also think that “Is he truly a jolly person or just faking?.” We are always caught in these terms, either we notice or we just don’t.

In fact we also call many people fake and real. Why do we do so? It is because how so ever grown up we are, we will always choose to go with what’s real.

Having to get loved and to love someone is one of the greatest things you can achieve. Love can make you touch skies; it gives an immense pleasure to have that “special one” in our lives. Many of us already have and many are still in search of that precious personality that they can also admire about.

When it’s a discussion about love we always come across the term true love and fake love, and in fact these are the discussion can go so long that you will have make aware that already many hours have gone.

Many relationships just go well and we call them that yes they are true lovers and their love was true, and when it does not goes long due to some reasons then we often hear them saying that my partner’s love wasn’t real.

Today in this article we will help you come across the best ways to identify about true love and fake love. To be practical most of our points would be depended upon the feeling you get when they do something, because we know if anything is done with all love then you can easily sense that. True sense of what is real and fake can be determined by the inner you, but the only problem is you are not able to identify those signs.

How to identify true love and fake love?

Here are those top 10 ways to identify true love and fake love:

1. Building block of love is trust

Either it’s about getting your precise work done or it is about sharing your thoughts, trust is the building block of any kind of bond be it friendship or relationship. Everything starts and ends with how much you trust your partner and vice versa. Trust is something that takes a long to gain and it comes by the type of person you are. Everyone is not the one whom you can trust, so the question comes do you partner trusts you, and vice versa?  When your love is true then automatically both of them will trust each other, one of the most common questions, why do partners have their partner’s password to any social site that they use? There is doubt that your partner trusts you or not? Have this much trust that your partner automatically shares everything.   

2. Acceptance for the way you are

True love is all about loving the original form of your partner, the one whom you love should be at least that person in front of whom you can actually be the real person you are, your partner should not be the one for whom you fake yourself in order to be the person they want. A good partner always knows your imperfections and everything about you and even then they accept you for the person you are. The one who really loves you, would never ask you to be someone different, and will always accept with everything be it your past, your mistakes or anything. Your partner will always see the good that is within you and will always appreciate for the person you are.

3. Respecting each other

How beautiful it is to watch couples respecting each other, and that’s what makes others feel how good they look when they are together.

If you partner always questions your choices, your way of doing things, or disrespects your thoughts and beliefs then surely it’s not at all a good thing, because the one who love you are the ones who always respect you for everything. Even if you both are totally different persons there’s no doubt you should respect about what you partner feels, and it is in an unsaid manner. Respect is about taking their names with respect; it’s your action towards their action. And for this respect they won’t ever count things they did for you. 

Respecting each other is a part of being truly in love.

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4. Honest with each and everything

There are times when you are sharing each other’s secrets, telling everything. Being honest with each other is all about true love. They will always be true to whatever they ask. Your partner will never hide anything, even if you haven’t shared with anyone, because it’s a feeling that your partner must know everything about you, either it’s something good or something really bad. When both are true to each other, then is the time your partner will come to know about of what you are thinking and what the things that will actually liked by you.

If your partner always lies and you always find that out then you must give a thought about it. Because if your partner is not true to you then how can you even think about future, and the fact is if your partner is not real then you do actually not know your partner which can also lead to a bad outcome in future.

How to identify true love

5. Being kind

Your partner will always care in each and every situation, you will not have to ever ask them about how much they care, and that can be easily felt by their actions towards you. Your happiness will always be one of the important priorities. They will love you in such a manner that even if you try to think negative about your partner you’ll eventually fail.

They will always care you in a manner you have never thought about and will always make you feel that yes, you have someone who will surely be affected by you. They will always make you feel special, by those sweet small moments.

6. Feeling of always fulfilled

There will always be a feeling of being complete with that one person. It might also sound weird talking about feeling complete. And if it so, then what I think is, you never felt one. If you would have known what this term is, then you can understand what I am talking about.

They will always make you feel complete whenever they are with you and you will be eager that when will you return back to see them. Moments when they are not with you will make you feel “wish he/she was there here.”

Loving is all about completing each other.

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7. You will always enjoy

As we already talked about feeling of being complete, and when this is so you will always enjoy each others company.

How perfect it is to be joyous when you are together, when there is true love, you don’t get a chance to get deviated from that moment. True love is really involving that will make you forget the complete negativity you faced your whole day. It’s no less than a therapy of love when you are with your love.

You will always enjoy their actions. Even when you both are silent and just sitting together, you will never feel awkward or bored rather you will enjoy sitting with them and enjoying that silence of love.

8. Commitment

They will never cheat upon you. There can be different difficult situations but they will never cheat on you and will be loyal with their partner. And they will always stand on their words. They are the people who really define what commitment is.

They will come upon what they have said and will stand over their words.

How to identify fake love

9. Supportive

They are always supportive in each and every situation. Even if by chance it is your fault they had made you come into a bad situation then they will surely not keep poking you for your mistake, rather sit back and make you calm and support you come out of that.

They are the ones whom you are always going to find when you look back to see who is supporting, they will be with you for anything happens. They are the constants who will always be there in your highs and lows.

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10. Reason to stay

Your partner will always give you the reason to stay and will always give you beautiful memories. Whenever you will think about you and your partner at the end you will always give a smile.

You will always be proud of your relationship, and will always be the ready to save it in each and every situation.

We have tried our best to show you what true love and fake is about. I hope you enjoyed reading and if you are already into relationship then I guess you were able to relate it. It is all about how you feel about the other person’s action. If your love is true then the basic thing is, that you will always be comfortable with that person in whatever situation you are.

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