How To Impress A Girl By Chatting On Instagram?

How To Impress A Girl By Chatting On Instagram?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to impress a girl by chatting on Instagram? Social distancing and the Pandemic has brought with it a series of perpetual challenges. Not being able to physically go out to meet or on dates is a noticeable challenge. Valuable and meaningful connection is the true essence of life and this was seen as severed during this period. During peak lockdown, Norway even started a program where you could visit the country to meet your partner/ family. Unfortunately, not every country is Norway.

We were then locked inside our homes unable to travel, see our loved ones, unable to date and find our potential partners during probably the peak of our life stage.. The only route left to us was that of online dating. Online dating was popular even before the pandemic and had been practiced for years now because it is fast, easy, accessible and creates a massive reach. The downside to online dating is that we are not able to assess the true personality of a person from behind a phone screen and true nature and the chemistry is revealed only after we meet them.

Online dating is the new normal and we need to get accustomed to it to be able to thrive. While there are many tinder/ bumble/ hinge horror stories, this is our last resort and we should always be extra careful to be sure they are a real person and follow all the security protocols before starting to talk.

How to impress a girl by chatting on Instagram?

 After all the security factors are looked through, when we happen to meet someone we think can make the cut, keeping them talking is of utmost priority until we are able to meet them in person. These days people have a very short attention span as compared to previous generations. You have to keep yourself interesting so that the other person/ audience remains engaged with you. Now that we know the reasons to chat, Let’s see how we can go about it!

1. Do not send one word text

Do not send one word text

Before opening the chat, every person catches a glimpse of the message received through the notification bar. And if this message sounds boring or monotonous or interesting, no one will be interested to reply. /no one would be interested because it is the beginnings that tell the nature of the forthcoming conversation. This does not mean writing a long paragraph no one has the time and patience to read. Both extremes are bad, keep it short and sweet. Try asking an interesting question instead of a one word message such as, ‘hey’, ‘wyd’, ‘whats up’.. This increases the chances of getting a reply and having a meaningful conversation.

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2. Do not use a lot of Emojis

 Do not use a lot of Emojis

Emojis can be a good way of expression if you fail to express what you are feeling in words but do not abuse this feature. When it comes to emojis, less is more. Do not overdo it. Do not be generous with their use but be economic with their use. They can either make or break a deal. Do not vershower them because it can reflect that you feel too much. Which is neither a good or bad thing, it is just how a person is. The thing is that people get repulsed from too much too soon. It scares them away if the person gets too close and attached too soon because it raises so many questions.

3. Do not reply immediately

 Do not reply immediately

Do not reply immediately until it is an ongoing dialogue that is happening. Now that you have gotten the attention of the other person you have to maintain it. Reply ranging from 1 minute to an hour should be based on your discretion. It shouldn’t look like you do not have a life other than the other person and are only waiting all day long to hear from the other person. Keep your hobbies and do not disrupt your schedule only to talk to someone. This does the reverse of impressing.

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4. Do not lie

 Do not lie

While it is true that by making up lies and showing off you can make someone interested, it is also true that it is not permanent. The person will stop talking within a few days because it is easy to tell a lie but very difficult to maintain it. The truth slips out in some way or the other. The chances of getting caught are not only high but also certain. This can prove fatal to the conversation and not the best thing.

On the contrary, people like honest people and want to spend more time with them. Tell the truth always. It is attractive and also more engaging for the other person.

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5. Send memes

Send memes

Believe it or not, memes are the way to anyone’s heart. For the first few days, see what type of content the other person is into. Then every now and then try sending them memes that they are into. Maybe memes from a show they like to watch and it matches the view of the ongoing conversation. You can even tag them in memes or personally send those. This can be really effective because memes make everyone laugh.

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6. Mirror their text lexicon

Mirror their text lexicon

   This is an unconscious trick where you mirror the other person. Don’t make it obvious but try to match their lingo. Observe their tying pattern then incorporate it on your own after sometime. They will notice on an unconscious level. If they write heyy write heyy not hi. It is the little things that matter. This creates a sense of comfort and trust on an unconscious level which could potentially increase the engagement in the conversation.

7. Ask open ended questions

 Ask open ended questions

Keeping a conversation interesting goes a long way. For this, do not disclose and share your personal details until you are not comfortable. You do not know them enough yet so too much too soon is definitely not a desirable route. There are other more interesting ways of keeping a conversation going and the person engaged.

Ask open ended questions. These stimulate the mind and help get to know the person and creates an even level platform to talk on. Conversations will have diverse dimensions this way.

Ask them about their dreams and ambitions. People love talking about their dreams and aspirations and would love to tell you because they are passionate and committed towards it! This way both people remain interested and a good friendship can be built subsequently as time progresses and they get to know each other.

This way there will be plenty of things to talk about and no one will run out of things to say.

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8. Balance between small talk and real talk

Balance between small talk and real talk

Small talk is extremely effective to communicate gestures and intent. It could be a good morning text or maybe sharing a picture of your dog. It should be noted that small talk should not take place all the time because it tends to steer conversations in a shallow direction and eventually both will lose interest. Real conversations should also be done and a balance between these two is beneficial to sustain and maintain a conversation.

Finding topics both people are interested in and discussing them keeps both people engaged and steers boredom away.  

9. Talk in moderation

Talk in moderation

Avoiding using too many questions can maintain balance between questioning, letting the other person talk and answering. Do not overwhelm the other person with an enormous amount of questions followed by follow up questions as it may lead the person to lose interest and stop talking once and for all.

Know when to ask follow up questions and make sure you let the other person speak too.

From time to time, reflect on the ratio of conversation on both ends.  Balance is key! 

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10. Maintain a positive tone

Maintain a positive tone

Once in a while is completely acceptable but No one likes to talk to someone who is always whining, complaining. Because it drains out energy from both people. People are attracted and want to be friends with people who are uplifting and have a positive mindset. People who give off happy optimistic vibes are everyone’s favorite. They are desirable, likeable and have the ability to uplift others too. They can lift you up and fill your aura with energy while negative thinking people do the complete opposite. Always maintain a positive energy and watch how people are attracted to you!  

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