How To Impress A Girl By Chatting On Whatsapp?

How To Impress A Girl By Chatting On Whatsapp?

In this article we are going to talk about How To Impress A Girl By Chatting On Whatsapp? Worried how to make a good impression with the girl you love? Online platforms are really tricky to create a respectful image with the person you are conversing with. What if it is someone whom you love dearly? Conversing through text messages is really hard, probably it makes one difficult to find about the fleeting emotions of the other person. And when it comes to impressing someone who you are into and if it is a girl, the process becomes really challenging.

How to impress a girl by chatting on Whatsapp?

You must be really careful with your texts while chatting with someone, whomsoever it may be, to make your right move. Here are some interesting tips by which you can break the ice between the two and make the person fall head over heels.  

1. Be patient

Be patient

While having a text conversation, make sure that you must not put pressure on the other person with your over crowded messages. Give her enough time to get into you and know you. Don’t rush with your emotions and feelings by forcing them to communicate.

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2. Concern


For every relationship, concern is an important aspect. Before flooding with your feelings on the other person, try to know what she really thinks of you and expects from you as an individual.

3. Be a gentleman

Be a gentleman

Wandering through the fairy tale dreams, every girl wishes her charming prince to be a gentleman. Therefore be there when she needs you and try to make her feel good with your concerning words.

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4. Respect


Try to respect her space and time. Don’t be that clingy boyfriend who fills her chat box with your wandering messages without respecting or knowing what is going on inside her thoughts and surroundings.

5. Be careful with your words

Be careful with your words

Texting may create unequal balance in a relationship if you don’t know the right words at the right time. As it is once said, a word once uttered can never be taken back, similarly if your words go wrong it may create a dark image to your relationship. So before texting, be sure your words are not hurting and misinterpreted.

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6. Try to know her

Try to know her

Good relationship comes with better understanding. Therefore, try to know more about her, her likes and dislikes, her interests, her dreams etc. So ask her enough questions without a boring chat and try to make a good move.

7. Don’t sex-chat

Don’t sex-chat

If you are at the budding stage of your relationship, don’t create a bad impression by being a pervert. Like said before, she expects you to be a gentleman. So don’t try to flirt with her with your creepy text. Rather show her that you are not that stupid boy who is trying to manipulate you with some crazy and eerie text messages.

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8. Be a good listener

Be a good listener

Give an ear to her queries and concerns. Every girl wishes her partner to be a good listener. There may be a lot of things going through her mind, she may be fed up with her mood swings and all other things going around her. So pay attention to what she is saying and give a concerning reply to her to show that you care for her.

9. Be a friend to her

Be a friend to her

Before becoming her boyfriend, try to be that crazy friend whom she wishes to have. She can be your best friend before becoming your partner. This helps you to have a better understanding and strong connection with her. So be her friend in need so that she can be your Partner indeed.

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10. Compliment her

Compliment her

When she texts you acknowledging her victory or some other thing that you feel like really matters to her, give her a good compliment. Everyone wishes to hear those good words when you do something right and perfect. So encourage her with your heart warming congratulations and supportive gestures through the chat.

11. Little things matters

Little things matters

Pay attention to the little things she may say or care about. Little things matter a lot to girls more than a brand luxury activity. Let her know that you care, so try to remember those cute things that she cares a lot like wishing her on her birthday, encourage her to do something that she loves to do etc.

12. Family first

Family first

For every girl her family and friends is her pillar of strength. So try asking her about something that she loves so much about them. Give her a sincere assurance that you care about them too.

There are still a lot many ways to get an impression on a girl through these online platforms.

 Communication can be complicated but with the right words and better knowledge how to impart it makes you a courteous man. The above mentioned basic steps may help you to get a key understanding of how to be a knight in shining armor for your loved one. So be that attentive lovable guy who every girl wishes for. Though these virtual platforms may create complications for you to proceed with a loving relationship you earn for, it can never be a barrier for you if you are able to handle your words with sincerity and dignity.  Use your digital media platform helpful. Online platforms cannot be a barrier turning you down from that longing relationship that you wished, rather make use of it righteously without getting intrigued. Let your yearning thoughts and feelings come into action with your sweet words. Let her know you and find worthy in you through your fine comments.

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