How To Impress A Girl In The First Meeting For Marriage?

How To Impress A Girl In The First Meeting For Marriage?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to impress a Girl in the first meeting for marriage? If you are reading this article, you might be going to meet a girl for marriage. The girl who is going to become the love of your life, your life partner, your best friend, she’s going to stand by your side all the life, you guys are going to live together forever, but what if the girl you are going to meet rejects your marriage proposal. Don’t feel sad, I am mentioning some points that won’t let her reject you, if you follow all the steps she won’t even think for a minute to and accept your proposal if you take care of all the points mentioned below.

How to impress a Girl in the first meeting for marriage?

Marriage is a big step for the future and if you are ready for this big step, a big CONGRATULATIONS to you. First meeting with the girl with whom you might get married is a very sensitive thing in it. Things can be spoiled or can get the best by even one good point of yours. You must keep several things in mind before the meeting, believe me, she is as much tensed as you are, so stop being nervous and get easy. I will say that just follow your heart and apply the points and BOOM, she’s your wife. You will thank e when you get married. Let’s step into the points.

1. Be Confident

Be Confident

Confidence is something that girls like a lot, according to women psychology, they like more confident men. When you are confident enough in front of her, you automatically start behaving naturally as you are. Being natural will directly impress her.

A confident guy look’s masculine and mature, and girls like qualities and gets impressed. If you are feeling nervous do some breathing exercise, this might bring you back to normal, because if your expressions show that you are nervous, things may get in different tracks. The second point can make you feel confident if you do it well.

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2. Dress Well

Dress Well

This point will help you to complete your first point. “YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION IS YOUR LAST IMPRESSION”. Anyone in this beautiful world, you meet will first notice the way you are dressed, many people think that dressing well has no connection with confidence, they all are wrong, when you are dressed well enough, your confidence level will touch the skies.

Dressing well includes many things in it, it’s not just that you wear good clothes and you are done, it’s not that easy, your hairs must be properly combed, your shoes must be clean, you must smell good, you must not overdress, visit her in a formal or casual outfit, wear shoes according to your outfit, wear a watch.

Keep in mind that don’t overdress yourself, don’t wear too formal, you must wear not too formal nor too casual, stay between in somewhere.

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3. Be Honest

Be Honest

Being honest is what will help you not only in the first meeting but for the rest of your life. When you stay honest in your first meeting, she will notice all your good points and bad points, which she might not notice if you don’t stay honest, let her meet the person you are not the person you are not.

Honest persons are the one who speaks their heart and not minds and she might be your life partner so be honest with her.

If she asks you something you don’t like, tell her that, this will create a positive impression of yours in her mind.

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4. Be Polite

 Be Polite

Even if you are confident in front of her, dressed well for her and been honest with her, but if you are not polite with her and others, this will initially make a bad impression. Being polite with girls is what they like the most, ask her about her day, how is she planning for the future, ask her to decide the menu, these little things can create a big impression on her mind.

Be polite with other persons around you both. According to human psychology, people think that a polite person is also an honest person. Being polite will not only help you in your first meeting, but it will help you throughout your life, polite persons always leaves good memories and impressions on others.

The girl you are going to meet is going to search for good values in your personality, so be polite.

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5. Give Her Attention

Give Her Attention

Even if she turns 80 years old, she will want you to give her attention, attention is what we all humans seek, but ladies love to gain attention, they love being cared for, they love being pampered. They like attention and if you give her enough of it, believe me, she’s yours forever. The day you meet, notice even small things about her, her nail paint, her hairstyle it can be anything, just make her feel that you are giving her attention.

Give her enough attention by talking about her, compliment on how she looks, how pretty she has dressed up , how different she is, what you liked in her.

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6. Make Her Smile

Make Her Smile

According to women psychology , women likes men who can make them laugh, women likes men with humor, there is a difference between jokes and humor, if you pass on a childish joke, you are going to look like a kid, being a person who is going to marry soon, you must behave as an mature person and not as some small kid.

Making a women smile is not as tough as some men think, you just have to be unique and crack the line on exact time.

Making her smile will eventually make her comfortable with you and she will start liking you, because women’s gets impressed by men who makes them smile.

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7. Maintain Eye-Contact

Maintain Eye-Contact

This one is very important , because this will clearly say a lot about yourself. When a person maintains an eye contact with the person talking with states that the person is confident enough. Eye contact can make her fall in love with you in the very first meeting, as they state a lot about you. Maintain an eye contact and she will fall in love with you.

If she is not making an constant eye contact with you, she is definitely felling nervous so first you must make her comfortable with you.

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 8. Don’t Use Your Gadgets

 Don't Use Your Gadgets

This one is quite similar with the 5th point, giving her attention, but still if you use your phone while talking with her, this will make a bad impression of yours. This will eventually ruin every good point of yours. She might think that you are arrogant and will lead an bad impression of yours on her mind.

You don’t respect her conversation, is what she will think when you use your gadgets, and I hope you don’t want to make her feel that you don’t respect the conversation.

It may be a good option to keep you’d phone on DND or on silent mode to avoid distraction.

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9. Don’t Ask About Her Personal And Past Life

Don't Ask About Her Personal And Past Life

Asking a girl about her personal and past life is the easiest way to make her avoid you for the rest of the life. No one would be even comfortable meeting a new person that also an marriage meeting, in such an uncomfortable moment if you ask her about her personal and past life she will regret all her life why did she met you. So please avoid to ask such questions, instead you can ask her about her hobbies and movies she likes, this will create an positive vibe between you guys.

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